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  1. Im very impressed by the attention to detail, especially when it comes to shaping the contour’s of the aircraft.
  2. Sorry to hear of the decal issue’s, though I think the Swedish AF option is actually a good call. It shows the varied use of a rare aircraft.
  3. Being in Russia I wonder if that is a heat exchanger for the oil ? Possibly a cockpit heater ? Fluid circulates around the engines hot oil and then enters a cabin radiator for heating. Reminds me of my school buses, they had a similar feature on the floor boards. The liquid was heated by the engine/radiator and would flow along the outer edges of the floor boards. Always had to reach down just to warm my hands up.
  4. Welcome along with two aircraft that definitely qualify and definitely deserve to be built.
  5. Could you make a sandwhich of plastic strip - _ - to fill the gap then smooth it out with putty ? Maybe do two one on top and the other on the bottom. Otherwise your cowling may appear 🥚shaped from the front ?
  6. At the time I was driving a Ford Ranger mid-size pick-up and also had a Chevy Camaro. Currently my insurance on a 14 yr old Jeep liberty is about $1500 a yr. Its about $750 every 6 months. You want good insurance rates in the states your credit better be immaculate. They tie your credit rating to your insurance. They claim they don't but Ive compared quotes from others with similar Jeeps. They are sometimes higher or lower and it all depends on two things. Driving record and credit. Sadly Im looking to buy/lease a new car soon and am worried that may kill the new car idea. Yes that does effect it as well. Im in a suburban area near Chicago. Carjacking's have gone through the roof since the pandemic.
  7. Years ago I had an accident and my insurance company (widely known in the states) dropped me afterwards. I found out 4 months later. I called to drop my 2nd car from the policy. I was told I had been dropped so asked why ? The operator’s answer was because of the accident. I then asked why did you keep taking my $225 a month ? Answer was we dont know why ? I then responded because you figured you could steal my $ and tell me if I had another accident I wasn't covered. Response was and I quote “Insurance companies are not in the business of profit, we are here to protect you”. I laughed and answered the heck you are. Insurance companies are in business to take money”. “You hope you never need to make a pay out, and if the time comes you nickel & dime it down as Much as you can”. I never did get that $900 back. However to this day I tell everyone I can this story. So as to deter customers from considering them as a choice.
  8. I agree but if this is what it takes to get a great kit of the subject I think the wait is worth it.
  9. Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂
  10. Hello Velobella … from the city of Chicago USA. I’m mostly a military aircraft builder but do other types for a change. Your builds look good, just remember with weathering less is more. Dennis
  11. Check for photo’s of F4U-2’s from VF(N)75, VF(N)101, and VMF(N)532 you might find what you’re looking for in those units. Is this the #201 you are looking for ? https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Corsair/F4U-1/pages/Vought-F4U-2-Corsair-VMF(N)-532-Shirley-June-201-at-Roi-Island-Marshall-Islands-1944-01.html
  12. You can definitely see the P-47 bones in the design.
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