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  1. Just wondered if you have got further with this build? I have done the kit and found it a real challenge but got there in the end!!
  2. Most impressed with your build here. Have just made the same kit and I can vouch for fitment issues - particularly around the front radiator, the gearbox and the rear suspension. I also could not get the front suspension to "hold" the front uprights so that the wheels could be steerable. and so I had to glue them straight in the end. Too many very fiddly parts for my taste and an over-complicated suspension/hub build up in particular like many Hasegawa 1/24 Auto kits. However I did appreciate the plug wiring, injection piping and reasonably convincing trumpet covers as well. The latter is often left out of DFVs in this scale. I also used Gold Leaf after market decals from Autosport Models in Hereford as well as Zero paints. I got the impression that it was all a bit over-engineered and a scaled down 1/12 Tamiya kit rather than a properly crafted/measured 1/20 kit. However my abiding thought on completing the kit was how on earth did Colin Chapman et al convince themselves that the supports for those high rear wings would EVER be strong enough to last an entire race? As Mr Clarkson might have told them - "What could possibly go wrong"....
  3. If you get a moment could you expand on how you used oils on the exhausts? They look really realistic. I am about to commence a 1/12.Porsche 917 and as I have never soldered before, I would also be interested in any hints or tips you might have in that area. Your build looks SO methodical and logical - really impressive. Thank you.
  4. I am increasingly impressed with these Revell DTM kits. I must say I tend to build them curbside and at least it has basic seatbelt detail which is fine really. I have had my issues with the wheel hubs but I dont care that much if the wheels don't turn - as long as they steer! I have the Priaulx decals and it ought to make a nice companion to the Kristensen Audi and the Merc. Thanks for the review, Regards Hugo
  5. Thanks for this review. It so annoys me that Revell (and Tamiya for that matter) don't include seat belts in their car kits. Still I look forward to building the Martini version one day. Thanks again Hugo
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