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  1. Besides the 2 greens being close, it still looks excellent! Keep going.
  2. That's right. Try some YouTube videos explaining weathering using oils or chalk.
  3. Weathering with paints tones should be fine first, and then sealed. Then you can do your oil / pigment weathering
  4. Don't forget you can post shade after the main coat to to add variation. Looks nice to me, (but when does that big ol' girl not look good)
  5. That looks exactly how I would do it mate, keep going!
  6. Correct, but you can just overspray the one colour slightly, and then get your more accurate demarcationd with the second colour
  7. Airfix typically have great customer service.
  8. Drill them all and poke some filler in later once you've made your mind up.
  9. The fit is much better but the subject isn't as special
  10. Looking good so far! And can't wait to see where you end up with that GR4 too!
  11. Don't give up! Learn from your mistakes and get cracking on the next one! Pick up some cheap kits that are widely known as easy builds and keep trying. It's sometimes daunting to see the modelling skill on forums but none of those people obtained their skill overnight!
  12. Well then to answer your question, it would entail acquiring the RAF specific sprue from the GR1 kit! Flightpath did a resin conversion a while back too!
  13. Everything you're missing is contained in the RAF specific sprue that currently lives in the GR1 kit.
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