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  1. Thanks Tim I am keeping an eye on the same kit and and and Airfix 1/350th one on Ebay at the moment so fingers crossed The colour looks spot on as to me as modern RN ships do have a slight bluey tinge to the grey and good work on the radar dome those aerials must be microscopic in 1/700th
  2. Great looking HMS Dragon and the sea base looks very effective What colour did you use for the hull? And how did you find the kit as I have a fancy for building a Type 45 but I am undecided on 1/700th or 1/350th
  3. Stunning work both with the build, painting and weathering Looking forward to see it in the RFI section
  4. Haha I was right it was Wilma Deering making a brief appearance in you Eagle build thread Great work by the way I always loved the design of this ship so really looking forward to seeing more progress on this
  5. What more can I say Really looking forward to seeing this stunning work completed
  6. Thanks for the explanation on weathering the decks I have some scrap pieces that I will use your method to practice on Great to see more progress and looking forward to see the finished result
  7. Great work The shading/weathering on the turrets and blast bags are very effective A third request on how you are weathering the decks, I have an upcoming project and already have the painted the decks but look a little too clean so any tips would be appreciated
  8. Stunning work Next to the Nostromo of one of my favourite ship designs Looking forward to more progress Oh by the way would Wilma's 2nd name be Deering by any chance ???
  9. Hi Guys Need some help!!! I got this kit off Ebay and although I appreciate it is a little basic and lacks detail compared to Trumpeter kits, for £10 I was very happy As at this price it was perfect for my first ship build before moving onto something more complex (maybe a Trumpeter Arleigh Burke or a Type 23) All was going surprising well until I came to apply the decals, they are absolutely awful and apart from just about managing to get the hull numbers on the rest disintegrated But as I think I have done quite a decent job
  10. Wow Very nice the shading on the hull looks really effective I have the USS Momsen on my bench at the moment and if I can get mine to look even 1/2 as good as yours I would be very happy
  11. Oh very nice work the Falcon 3d parts look amazing Along with the Nostromo one of my favourite spaceship designs Great work
  12. Amazing work and I cannot wait to see the final reveal You have really captured the look of the movie
  13. Brewup

    Ajax (Scout SV)

    Thanks Das Abteilung Very interesting about the CR2 and the issue with ammo storage and the smoothbore gun So unless there is a major re-design and of course the prohibitive cost with that, I guess the only option is that the CR2 will have to continue with a rifled main gun for the foreseeable future albeit with other upgrades. Unless of course you can drop an Abrams or Leopard turret straight in so anyone for a Challbrams or Challeopard With regards the Ajax it will be interesting to see what defensive aids will be available with project I
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