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  1. Hi all ,yes its finished now , I will get some pics on here asap.Certainly would not want to do another one .
  2. Charlie

    Xtracolour Hemp

    Hi all, has any one else found this ,I have been using Xtracolour RAF Hemp,and its coverage seems to be poor,even after thorough stirring,it has also been thinned for airbrushing .It almost seems transluscent.Many thanks
  3. As promised here are the pics%5B/URL%5D%5BURL=http://s680.photobucket.com/user/chazza_album/media/IMG_0024.jpg.html'> Here is the progress so far ,I will be glad to see this one done .
  4. Hi guys ,sorry the postings dried up .Due to personal problems I had to put the project on hold. But now its back being worked on ,pics will be posted shortly.
  5. Hi many thanks guys ,I will give it a try .
  6. Hi all ,can anyone recommend a good replacement for Kleer, I am about to run out, it also has to be safe for dipping canopies. Many thanks .
  7. Having touched one quite recently ,I can confirm its certainly metal ,and quite tough metal at that.
  8. Hi all I dont suppose anyone would have a spare canopy for B-2 ,as I managed drop mine and then step on it ,while trying to hold the painted B-2 and pick up the canopy itself. Any reasonable costs refunded. Many thanks.
  9. Hi guys many thanks for looking I will try to improve my photography,i know it was not great. Best wishes Charlie
  10. Hi all I wonder if anyone can help. I seem to remember you could get resin parts to correct the nose ,which is clearly wrong profile ,and I also need the top of the fin ,which is part 208 in the kit, can this be obtained as a resin part or has someone broken up a F-4 for spares that they would sell or swop, also are there any other parts available to correct errors. Many thanks ,happy Xmas and New Year to you all.
  11. The MIG parts I ordered from their website its the Pacific Sherman kit I think . It fitted the Italerei one just as well . I know its not strictly accurate but it captured the look,I thought .
  12. Hi all I could not resist the MIG Conversion kit for the Pacific Sherman. Not having a Dragon one I used a Italerei kit, The resin parts still fit quite well and the only other part I used was Aber gun barrel. Lifecolour paints and MIG powders and washes were used. I have posted a few pics to show how it all turned out. Iam begginning to wonder if I have not been to heavy with the weathering. Sorry guys just realized I posted in the wrong part of the forum. It should be in completed builds.
  13. Charlie

    Advice needed

    Hi all, I removed the decals and they came off very easily ,like if they never adhered in the first place.Unfortunately in pieces so I will invest ina aftermarket set. Should I stick with Micro sol set,or is there a better product. Many thanks Best wishes Charlie
  14. Charlie

    Advice needed

    Hi sorry guys it should say Trumpeter 1/32 Wildcat late ,not Tamiya.The decals are already applied ,the worst ones are the fuselage stars,I have tons of wrinkles and creases ,should I try to remove the decals and try the Future method? I cant see me gettng anywhere with this as it is. I did notice as the decals were coming off the backing paper ,they were very stiff and non conformal to the surface. Many thanks guys .
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