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  1. Sums up this thread. Incredibly interesting, inspirational, intimidating, intricate, innovative, incessant, infinite...
  2. That is a fine looking model of a Demon. But as Steve says, the actual aircraft ain't the prettiest...
  3. Annoying, isn't it? . But absolutely fascinating to follow, albeit a bit hard to get this particular head around some of the more technical bits. One could say the same for a certain thread with a pair of Hawks...
  4. Even more stunninger… ing… um. Unbelievable detail.
  5. That’s very kind of you to offer, Andre, but I’m going to let the Phantom sit on my shelf for a while whilst my reserves of enthusiasm replenish themselves… I may return to it in the distant future - or I may make a start on one of the much better Phantom kits I have in the stash. Cheers, Nige
  6. I very much doubt that anyone can definitively prove that no Pfalz D.IIIa ever carried the scheme . And it certainly looks pretty...
  7. Very nicely finished Angelo . I always liked the fish-like look of the Lunar Module.
  8. Thanks Tony. I’m loving your Sea Vixen, by the way - now that’s PROPER modelling…
  9. The best viewing angle for the majority of my models… Unlike these beautiful creations which deserve to be seen in glorious close up just so we can appreciate the art and expertise of a master.
  10. That carpet monster is a bast&46, isn’t it?!
  11. This is looking really good - the kit is certainly a lot nicer than the old Rareplanes vacform which I made back in the 80s.
  12. Completely forgot I'd promised @Uncle Monty to upload a couple of pics of the stormtrooper blaster (the E-11, based on the Stirling submachine gun) which I'd made. Top is the original Hasbro toy (which I managed to find on eBahgum for less than £20), and underneath is the completed conversion, using resin parts from DoopyDoos (for about £20): With the resin bits added, the gun has a fair bit of weight and feels far more authentic than the original light plasticky toy. With a half-decent paintjob I think it looks pretty good.
  13. I have a limited amount of shelf space to display completed models (Mrs G is quite firm on that point, even though I showed her some rather nifty display cabinets the last time we were in IKEA…) so when I finished my Phantom I had to shuffle other items around and an ancient Airfix Hunter is now in a box in the loft.
  14. James - is this still in progress or did it get relegated to a shelf/bin…
  15. Having been back from holiday for about a week, I've spent a few evenings in the workshop and have finally finished the Phantom. By 'finished', I mean I've had enough and I'm not doing anything more to it. Photos below, and I'll bung a few in the GB gallery when it reopens for business. I am still disappointed about the translucency of the old Matchbox decals, but don't intend (at the moment) to strip them and source alternatives. I did use a couple of old Frog roundels on the upper wings - only to find that the white was slightly out of register and showed as a thin crescent halo; I therefore had to tidy them up with a fine brush and some EDSG. My grand plan for the yellow dotted lines around the canopies was to use some very thin yellow decal stripes (from an old Microscale sheet) and then overpaint with dashes of EDSG but they a) refused to be parted from the backing sheet, and b) disintegrated when I tried to part them from the backing sheet . So it was back to the method I used when I was younger, more optimistic, and had decent eyesight - use yellow paint and a very fine brush. Looks okay from about 2 feet away...
  16. I’ve got a Matchbox Meatbox in the stash just begging me to give it a go - having seen a couple pop up in the recent Matchbox GB I’ve been inspired to dig it out. I may even have a Modeldecal Meteor special somewhere… Better put my name down, then. Nige
  17. Nice work, Pete. Very alien and they wouldn’t look out of place in any sci-fi setting .
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