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  1. Following with interest... I have fond memories of the Beverley that stood outside the RAF Museum at Hendon for a few years, which was (in an unforgivable act of vandalism) scrapped in the early eighties. I always thought the Transport Command colours of sand/brown were particularly attractive on the big beasts.
  2. As a small child I was taken to the local railway station to watch Churchill's funeral train steam through - my memories are very vague but I do recall sitting atop a bridge parapet (being firmly held by my dad) and all the crowds of people trying to get a glimpse of it. At around the same time, my grandparents gave me a soft plastic toy Lightning - it seemed huge to me but in hindsight it was probably roughly 1/48 - which probably contributed to my fondness for the type. I made my very first Airfix kit - a 1/144 Vickers VC10 - at the age of 6 or 7 with the aid of my grandfather, which obviously sowed the seeds of my love of modelling. Watching a Lightning take off is an enduring memory from more than one airshow - wheels up and then rotating to vertical... ah happy days... Looking forward to following this one, Edward. Nige
  3. Superbly restrained weathering on both aircraft - just enough to add that indefinable breath of life and transform beautifully built models into convincing replicas of the real thing
  4. Blimey - looking lovely (not that we had any doubt that they would). Does this mean that they might be completed by Christmas???!
  5. If I'd produced anything as good as that little lot, I think I'd be getting quite noisy about it...
  6. Nice! I love the JP as an aircraft anyway and that’s a great finish. The Meteor also looks fantastic in those colours.
  7. Very nice,David. I am reminded that I have the old Airfix kit somewhere in my stash and I might even have the C-Scale conversion bits as well… hmmm… maybe once I’ve finished the nine other kits in various states of completion I’ll dig it out…
  8. Those cockpits look suitably busy and, behind the (presumably quite thick) canopies, they'll look great!
  9. And what a great book that was... I can remember reading it in my teens (sci-fi was my mind-altering substance of choice back then).
  10. Lovely job. It always amazed me how similar this was to the Shuttle, especially when you consider when the film was made…
  11. I’ve seen more than one build where they’ve been left on. I just wonder how many of those builders actually watched the series and so would be familiar with the correct outline of the Interceptor? Although it’s not as if there isn’t plenty of reference material out there…
  12. Nice work. I shall enjoy having a read of the WIP thread, especially as I have both models in my stash and could do with a few pointers as and when I get around to completing them…
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