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  1. That would be excellent BeeKay. I would be most interested in your interpretation of this figure. Cheers, CfB
  2. Hi Paul, Personally, I generally stick to 72 because I can fit more on the shelves in my cabinets, but I occasionally do a 48 of something unusual like the "Spirit of St Louis". I love the paint job on the Heinkel! Cheers, CfB
  3. Hi Clem, Welcome aboard - I am new here too - seems like an invasion from WA this week. I look forward to seeing your projects develop - I am only too happy to help where i can. Cheers, CfB
  4. I'm back again, This little fella is coming along a lot quicker than I had thought it would (yay) - the vanilla version anyway. I have taken a photo without the flash and he has come up a lot better. I have painted his shirt in Tamiya XF-49 Khaki (acrylic) and his pants in Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow (enamel). Again, the local hobby store didn't have it in acrylic. My plan is to get him all vanilla'd up before adding any of the individual touches such as washes etc. Is this the way to go? This is my first real figure so I am flying a little blind
  5. Hi all, I have done some initial work on the little guy's boots, but the photo came out a bit dark. The colours used here are Tamiya XF-49 Khaki (acrylic) and XF-64 Red Brown (enamel). I usually like to work with acrylics but the local hobby shop didn't have XF-64 in acrylic . Again, all brush painted. Cheers, CfB
  6. Hi all, I picked up this little guy and a couple of his mates at the WASMEX swap meet in April for $5 each. I thought I would broaden my horizons a bit and tackle figure modelling (most definitely not mine - LOL). Unfortunately, this little fella was already built, so this has turned into a bit of a figure painting exercise. None the matter though, that's what I would be seeking feedback on anyway. So at this stage, all I have done is given the skin parts three coats of Italeri Flat Skin Tone Base - Light (FS31575). My intention is to paint him by brush.
  7. Hey there Reconciler - never miss a WASMEX!!
  8. Thanks for the welcome all. I will start posting my tank crewman and the 1/700 HMAS Vampire I am working on when I organise an online photo account. Cheers, CfB
  9. Hi everyone out there, It is a pleasure to join this forum. I have been watching for a while and decided to chuck my hat into the ring. I picked up the hobby again about three years ago after a 25 year hiatus and am relearning some of the long forgotten skills, as well as developing new ones. I generally model 72 scale aircraft (RAAF where I can), but my last project was a 35 scale Tamiya Panzer II Africa Korps, and I have just stated a Tamiya 16 scale tank crewman to broaden my horizons. The German thing is a pure coincidence. I will post my progress with
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