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  1. Thanks Chooka - as I mentioned above, it's likely to be slow. But hopefully steady.
  2. Hi TonyT, The no paint on aircraft is (as far as I'm aware) a CASA thing. I really doubt that I'd be able to argue it at the counter. But I could bring up limited supplies if need be via Australia Post (we are close enough to a regional town to get regular mail). I'd be limited to brush work, but that isn't the worst thing. I think that the tank idea sounds the best - and if I leave the gun off, they should be easy-ish to transport. Hi Reconcilor, I'm a chemist on the Wheatstone LNG project. I actually retrained as a Metallurgist a few years ago after many years of chemistry, but graduated just as the sector was crashing. Luckily, I found work as a water treatment chemist at Wheatstone, so I'm hoping that the resource sector will improve enough that I can jump into metallurgy at some stage in the intermediate future. And if it doesn't - while I do have a stash of models. Limiting the nights in the wet mess isn't too hard for me as I'm not a big drinker. I think that I'll try to find a suitable model and give it a go. I'm considering the 1/48 Aoshima Triton Submarine as it's small, compact, simple and interesting.
  3. Hi, I'm pretty sure that we can have sharps (at least there is enough fishing and cooking gear around camp so that if they are banned, it's clearly not being enforced). Having done over two years of 4 and 1, I'd kill for an even time roster.
  4. In principle, it would be possible to model while away - I do get a bit of spare time plus the rooms have large desks and good lighting. In practice, I gave it a go and really struggled. We can't bring paints on the aircraft so that provides a limiting step (particularly with aircraft with a cockpit that needs painting early) and if you're missing a tool then you've got a problem. I suppose that the ideal model would be small (should easily fit into a tupperware container for easy transport), sturdy (to survive the transport home), require minimum tools and require intermediate painting.
  5. FIFO is correct. I do four weeks on and one week off...
  6. Hi, I'm a new modeler (currently working on my first two models more or less simultaneously). Because of my job, I only spend a short time at home each month which really limits my modelling time. As a result, my stash is growing far faster than my building... Right now, I just want to improve my techniques (which are currently pretty poor) before starting on some more interesting kits. Currently, I've been building WWII planes, but I'm interesting in starting various Space related kits (I wish the Dragon Apollo 17 kit was still available), sci-fi (I have a Remora on order and a Nautilus in the cupboard) and things with an interesting history (such as Bronco's Chinese dreadnoughts). Owing to my slow pace, I can see this taking years...
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