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  1. Intruder503

    2017 Props, Jets & Rotors Model Show

    Thanks for sharing those, Ryan!
  2. Intruder503

    Academy 1/48 MH-53 Sea Dragon

    Just read the whole thread thus far. Cracking work Red Dot! Your work is amazing!
  3. Intruder503

    Airfix 'Starter Kit' Spitfire Mk. I 1/72

    Very nice. You should take those "failed" builds and do a couple what if kit bashes. Create something that doesn't exist...yet
  4. Intruder503

    1/32 A-6E Intruder from VA-115

    Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much bench time lately. And even when I do, I'm just doing boring detail stuff like eradicating the kit's detail in the main gear wells so I can do my own and blending seams here and there. Not really pic worthy I'm afraid.
  5. Intruder503

    A-6E TRAM Intruder

    It looks like you had to use a lot of filler on the nose. Is it that badly shaped? Nice progress!
  6. Intruder503

    Loaded for Bear... or not?

    I'm for the everyday look. But of course depends on the modeller, A/C, time, etc.
  7. Intruder503

    Is this the true value of a 1/72 Hasegawa Jaguar??

    Good thing it's free shipping. Imagine what it would cost to post that thing seeing as it must be made of gold!!
  8. Intruder503


    I'm so glad you posted the warning as my children are around!! Brilliant idea!
  9. Intruder503

    Revell 1/96 Thermopylae

    I built that kit as a teenager and I can say mine looked NOTHING like that! Superb job!!
  10. Intruder503

    1/32 AFV F-16D, Block 52

    Brilliant display!! It's the context that really sets subjects apart!
  11. Intruder503

    Original Mosquito blueprints found

    Holy Mosquito, Batman!! And to think those almost got binned!!
  12. Intruder503


    This site has some interesting pics. Not much on the required mods tho.