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  1. Great work! When I met Italeri Me410 on catalog, I was attracted by its "late version" colour scheme. However, later I learnt no 81/82 paints that period. From Osprey Combat Aircraft series we can get same photo @Crimea River posted. It explained that the camo was 74/75 with dense mottles. I stand with Osprey too.
  2. Zvezda must have checked lots of reference on details. When the kit first appeared on market some modellers pointed out wheel wells should be round, but some F-2s used parts for E variants, so there's no mistake. Upper wing panel lines... maybe I ignored this character on F-2.. I bought this kit just for early type clear parts----as KSL replied, F-4 flown by Horst Carganico.
  3. I'd like to start a 1/48th Zvezda Bf109F. When I built Hasegawa G variants before, the instruction indicated modellers to scribe a panel line on upper wing as below: For F variants, this panel line is not required. However, Zvezda's "F" has this line. I checked my reference, there is not such a detail on Kagero Topdrawing and Aero Details for "F", but on Valiant Wings publishing, both "F" and "G" share this line. So, should I fill and sand? I tried to check hhotos of actual aircrafts but could not confirm it. Is it a modification on later variants (G~K) ?
  4. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03875-me262-a-1-a-2--1189057 So, you are building this one, right?
  5. I built a earlier Serie several years ago. The decal was excellent, but I don't understand why Italeri had huge rivets on the moulds.
  6. Released under Dragon Label: 5009---A-1, standard single seat version; 5010---B-6, 5009 with a bubbled rader operator canopy, second cockpit, radar antennas, nose wheel and bulged canopy for B series; 5015---A-12, in recent references should be A-10, 5009 with a second instructor seat; 5033---B-4, 5009 with extend wing tips, I wonder why nose wheel and bulged canopy for B series not provided; 9006---B-2, 5009 with nose wheel and bulged canopy for B series, MK103 fairings and muzzle brakes, under wing bomb racks and two SC250 bombs.
  7. It's hard to tell diffrences between RLM70 and 72, espcially from B/W photos. Spinner and cowling look like same colour on an Ar 196, also we all know they vary on colour chart. Comment K/M indicates it as"RLM 70 with even more black", which make me confused. IMHO 72 was a bit lighter(or grayer) to 70. Casey's reply regards RLM70 and 72 "black" and "black gray", where is "green"...
  8. Sorry to hear that. Hope get normal soon. I have several modelling partners in SH to, although I live in a small city near capital,quite far from SH. They received food and necessary material from GOV, but quality varies. Some got quite many carrots, yes, many. Some got SPAMs(affordable, but a little expensive for average incoming people) You may have chance to meet them at New Year Model Competition, if would be holded later. In fact quite a lot kits are trapped on ship....out of port. You'll get them after lockdown lifted. My city has got blocked several times this year too...but on model forum we'd better talk modelling instead of someone or something else. I click in this topic for my 1/48th Ar 96A, bought on 2014, canopy is still OK. Should I build it ASAP? For "tan" vacu canopies, once some modellers at a Japanese hobby shop providing second-handed kits, spotted a resin kit which price was below 1,000 yen. However the vacu canopy tint like beer. The owner, an Japanese grandma, told that neutral detergent is the solution....never heard before... trial failed of course.
  9. So are you still at Shanghai? It might be a hard time...
  10. Trying to scratch build some parts with downloaded instruction may be the best solution...
  11. A TBM-3 kit with resin radar pod, ASW operator compartment, as you said, resin “clear” parts for a new back canopy. When it was first released in 2009, the price is 5,800 yen(about 45USD or over 300RMB in PRC), which equals to their 1/72 He111Z kit! Meanwhile TBF/TBM kits were 1,500 or 1,800 yen, but released much earlier. Avenger Mk.4 with metal parts(maybe RN type arrest hook) is 2,600 yen. I bought a second hand one in 2014 or 15 for 35USD, however as you mentioned I saw the "frosted shower compartment door", even turned to tan tone a bit. In the instruction, you can paint gloss clear to make it crystal...I believe experienced modellers would replace with vacu parts. So, when Sword announced their post war TBMs, I put my HAS kit on bargain, finally it "exchanged" both -3S2 and 3W2......not 5 times price in PRC, twice is enough for me. By the way, HASE also announced a Seaking AEW.2 based on SH-3D kit around 2009/10, with a huge amount resin parts and 9,800(or over 10,000) yen price on poster and website, fortunately to modellers, they changed their mind before release, with new metal molds instead, no need to tackle with poor fit or wrapped resin parts as 1/48th Bf109G-2 or 1/72nd DH Mosquito Mk.18!
  12. So I'd like to build other kits on my stash...
  13. Treat it as a low-pressure injected kit is OK? Or Mach 2 also use limited-run moulds. Nice work. Decal is easy to replace, but clear parts..
  14. Just heard of some Mach 2 kits re-releasing. I've learnt poor quality of this brand, but there are some impressive topics, at least to me. From online pics we can see crude details and "fogged" transparent parts, except these, any big issues at Mach 2 kits? If I build one, what "warning" should I concern with? Thanks in advance. I'd like to get Ar 232 and Bv 142 kits, although Airmodel is much cheaper, I have no idea how to deal with such large vacu parts....
  15. I read a kit-bashing article on Hyperscale before, the author said MONO/HAS kits had same width, so it maybe easier..
  16. Flyhawk used to produce photo etched parts for ship models. Their early plastic ship kits are nice-detailed with precise parts , at a reasonable price (at least in PRC). SBD-3 is their first attempt on 1/72nd scale aircraft, IMHO much improvement to Hasegawa kit, as detailed cockpit, separete dive brakes, positionable canopy parts... Also a price around $12 in PRC---- we have to cost a little more on a Hase kit. A TBD? Maybe later. During online chat someone even suggested FH release a Blackburn Firebrand! Perhaps just a joke haha..
  17. I planned to kitbash a Monogram AD-5 to Hase A-1H, as an article on hyperscale. Your WIP is great reference! Thanks. 1.5mm width is 1mm on 72nd scale, I may ignore it...just try to get them together... However the belly armour still need to be removed, I know it(they) will be lot of work, so starting this project after I finish everything on stash? A question on AD-5, I usually see (most) AD-5Q or -5W carrying such a bulk pod under one wing pylon, as matchbox provided in light gray sprue, what is it? Quote your post's pic, parts at bottom right:
  18. Referring to your reply it may be from pak 38 or sd.kfz 234/2. About 4 years ago I got a second-hand Italeri Me410 with CMK 5cm gun converting set, with an alumium gun barrel. However I prefer to build a night bomber version, so I'd like to try fitting CMK gun to a Hasegawa or Revell kit. Someone got MPM Me262 kits several months ago, but....Me262 was one of MPM's earlier attempts, so...
  19. Armour kit...5cm gun with muzzle brake... maybe Sd.kfz 234/2?
  20. Best camo of this type I've ever seen...I tried such one on a 1/48 Hs 129B, however it did not come as I expected
  21. Airbrush for 13 pounds...so which brand? It's quite cheap even in PRC,
  22. First of all, difference of windscreen, cause armoured glass fitted in the frame... A vacu part maybe suitable. Tailwheel had 2 versions, earlier G had the smaller one. Also propellers need to be modified. However, G-6 cowl gun chutes are hard to backdate to G-2. Panel lines on access such as fuel altered too..
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