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  1. I built a Hobbyboss kit in 2011/12 with decals provided in the kit:
  2. Thanks a lot, J-W. The "white B" looks same to Italei second marking scheme, however windows painted over are different, also something wrong with decal: mission marks on rudder with different dimensions.
  3. For Ju88, once I read somewhere, they painted zestroyers (C-6 of V/KG40) 70/71, torpedo bombers (A-17?) 72/73. But no more evidence...
  4. When I build Italeri Ju52 minesweeper, I confused with the colours on upper side. Did they remain RLM 70/71 common with transports, or take RLM 72/73 as maritime aircraft? Italeri instruction said FS34079\FS34092, seemed alike 72/73, but how could we trust Italeri instruction...it referred RLM65 as "Light ghost gray", with incorrect splinter schemes... Here is a floatplane version, should this one use RLM 72/73 as other floats?
  5. Here is my Fw190A-5/U14, converted from a DML G-3 version. I replaced gun chute and panel from eduard, but as you see, cross section is not 100% same. Sorry I don't know why it's so small.....https://i.postimg.cc/5ysdSJtQ/20200721090934.jpg
  6. I built severval DML Fw190..cause it was the cheapest WW2 aircraft kit...when released by Shanghai Dragon in China, it cost 42RMB( 5-6 USD). There ARE some issues at main gear, as Crimea River's work, we usually attach the strut as his starboard one. It truly leans forward and to centerline, so I ignored this, only found it quite hard to link properly. Another common mistake is attaching the leg "vertical" to ground, maybe there should be a front view in instruction. On original Tri-master kit, all landing gear parts were white metal. I haven't built Tri-master kit yet, so no commen
  7. It appeard on 1996 catalog, then never released....like their M728
  8. Lines for observer, but I cannot remember.. Searched a photo, with numbers 50, 100, 500, 1000 (I asuume not 7000, cause it cannot be so high....) There truly have few Hs126 with bomb racks...only in Spain?
  9. "Sad" react not to your post, but this MiG-9..PLAAF fighters in 50s mostly have bare metal finishing, or silver paint coated. Never overall light blue. Some sources indicated camo on MiG-9 or -15, but no photo evidence...
  10. Mr. Mao is an expert on Russian jets, especially Flanker series. He is popular in Chinese modellers. Hobby shops most turn to e-shops, cause there is less cost.. Mr. Mao is an expert on Russian jets, especially Flanker series. He is popular in Chinese modellers. Hobby shops most turn to e-shops, cause there is less cost..
  11. If you have" Luftwaffe hit-and-run raiders" by Chris Goss, you'll see 3 photos and a coloured profile on Page 36/37. there is a small bulge below after fuselage(not mentioned on profile), same position as the black arrow to lift up the tail. So this would probably be the" recognition light fitted in the central fuselage just forward the tailplanes " in your post. When we turn to A-5/U8 "white 6" (also captured), there was a bulge at same place (Page 41), so I believe it was the light. another, Green recognition light fitted in the undersurface of the starboard wing: Middl
  12. Nice photos, Ken. So did you visit hobby shops in Beijing?
  13. Yes, PLAAF used P-51 and Il-10, but NOT long as Tu-2 or C-47/Li-2. Some WW2 version with radial engines served until 1982. By the way , Yak-9 equiped by North Korean, not Chinese. I never read this type mentioned , Yak-11 trainers in service instead.
  14. Maybe some mistaken. They should be Yak-9D (or other late versions) used by North Korea. Russian pilots also mistook AD-4 as a P-47! Tu-2 used for long time in China, but there was truly no Pe-2. Water-cooled engines....too difficult to ground crews by that period....trust me....they learned from Japs..
  15. PLAAF used Tu-2, never a Pe-2. And there would not be a "3" in such a shape. No one dared to paint it.
  16. Sorry for not closed to the topic, Edurad 1/48 Bf110 fit IS poor at these 2 position, but on their 1/72 kits, quite better.
  17. CA and SHB are different, I read some reference of inaccuracies of CA's older mould, while SHB is another. But why there are two sets of fuselage? I only have serie 0, so the other is for serie 1? I'll check my canopy parts.
  18. In fact, the reason is Custom, not something else. ANYTHING with rising suns won't be permitted to export. In 2011, I found this in an F4F kit, so I contact one of my friend there. Quite a lot Chinese modellers buildJapanesewarship models, even get some ships, such as Akagi, sold out... No doubt we admire aces of Allies, both to Nazi and Japs, I collected several USN aces decals, Marion Carl, David McCampbell, Rex Barber, Kepford.... However, AXIS( or so called fascist) symbols have been banned in e-shops since last year. If you use tmall, you would see an A
  19. What's talking about? I cannot even link to this url above in China.........
  20. Thank you very much, but it may be too far... and I don't know whether the mail remains, at such a severe situation. I'll contact local friends to a solution.. Thank you for your reference. I compared my kit, found windscreen are also different, so I'll cut that one left
  21. I got a CA Re 2001 at a such low price...with TAN canopies. Today I attempted to cut it, I don't no whether I have not deal with vacu canopies for so long time, or the kit stored so long time.... It cracked under my scissors. although I keep a spare one without fault, it got tan. There is an Re 2005 on my stash, two canopy sets included. But I don't know are they identical? I searched my reference and internet, found nothing about this part.. Thank you for your advice. Edit: Re2000/2002 used same fuselage, but Re 2005 is a new design, so would th
  22. Post it at afv field or move your thread to there....you'll get more answers...
  23. Sorry I am not familiar with Wellington.... However on same plane, two sides are different:
  24. My friend is building an Italeri (MPM rebox) Wellington MK.Ic. Confused with different exhaust types of left and right. On left engine is this: However there was a "Porcupine" or Hedgehog exhaust. When referring to resin conversion parts, two types both provided. The long exhaust already had flame damper effect, so what's for Porcupine one? Apparently it's hard to produce.... Further more, when I search photos, I find on MK.IV with R-1830 engine, the left outer exhaust is still a long tube, but the others...different. Perhaps some special reasons?
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