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  1. Wow, really nice work on the "four-fan trash can!" I'm not sure on how the RAF works their ramps, but the USAF ones usually only bring theirs down to horizontal and support it with a "milk stool," which is just a wooden support. Once we get a 130 (that's not a home-station J) here on base, I'll try to snag you some pics
  2. More little work has been done, this time on the flaps while I wait on the intakes/spine (the left Chicago yesterday morning, so I'm expecting an email sometime next week.) Main work was on installing the flap tracks, and during install of the right outboard one, we had a man down. The carpet monster has struck again, but I still had the other one, so that went into the first assembly. During the fruitless search for the track, I found some on my shavings from cutting out the main bays, so I thought "make my own track!" And, after much cutting/sanding, I'm happy with my work. Based on my knowledge of KC-135 flap tracks, I would hazard that this one may even be better than the ones supplied, but I will leave that to y'all to decide. (The pic with the inner and outer are stock tracks, the one with only the outer is my creation.) As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  3. Touch up are done from wheel and tire shop. All that's left for them is to just grime 'em up when I do my gloss coat. These took a couple of days of bouncing what I did off of a coworker who was a fighter C/C (although he worked Strike Eagles, he confirmed that the brake assemblies are NEARLY identical, only difference being the middle upper puck would be on the bottom on a mudhen.) Now just down to waiting on my intakes! As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  4. When I get mine, I'll be sure to bother, er, confer with you for insight
  5. How have I missed this in my scrollings? You are doing a justice to one of my absolute favorite jets out there (my original plan was to work them, then fly them, but they were retired before I joined the USAF.) Any tips for someone else looking into this big bird?
  6. Main gear work continues, with actuators being put into place. Made a recoverable error during assembly, and attached the linkages prior to paint, but on the other hand, I was able to get them to the correct orientation before heading to the paint barn. Whilst those were setting and drying, I worked on the wheel & tire assemblies, and Squadron has done a top-notch job (if I haven't already said that.) They are now bored out to proper axle depth, and mostly painted, with only the inner sidewalls, touch ups and brake assemblies needing work (if anyone has a suggestion for the coloring of carbon brakes, much appreciated !) Now just to wait on DMold's intakes and spine, then the rear fuselage can be sealed up and the body can be assembled! As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  7. I'm starting to get back in to the swing of things, and work continues on the mains. I was able to trim out all the overfill areas from the struts to match the kit parts, primed in black with white overcoat. It would seem I found an error in at least my molding of the mains from SAC: the mounting point for the rear hinge on the lower strut should be off center and line up with the outside edge opposite of where the wheel would mount, but mine is in line with the lower strut. After a bit of "coercing" I was able to realign the mount, and whilst not perfect, everything is relatively in line again. Now just on to the tie down anchors and other fiddly bits, then they should be ready to be installed onto the main bays. I also lucked out and was able to snag Squadron's True Details wheel set, and can already tell its leaps and bounds from the kit offering. As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  8. I pick anything that prevents me from building a Thunderchicken (F-16 to the uninitiated.) But seriously, I like anything late Cold War (80's) to present day, and all, if available, in 1/32
  9. Is it? So much for the reference pics I've seen. No worries, easy dry brush fix. Thanks for the heads up, and glad you're enjoying it!
  10. Wow, don't check in for a bit and all I missed! Lawn Dart is coming along nicely. Looks like I'll need to pick up a jar of Alclad varnish as well for the bug!
  11. Luckily, had a dead day today at work, so I brought the other main in along with my scalpels. I was able to bore out the trunnion gaps, and the upper knuckle. Since I had a good amount of time on my hands, I was able to spend quality time on it, and shape the gaps the way I wanted them. Tonight will be reshaping the knuckle gap on the right main to match the left I did today. As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  12. Point taken, and that's how I'll be proceeding. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. I was already planning on trimming the pin, letting most if not all of the weight sit on the actual trunions, while using the pin just as a guide and barely entering the guide hole (unless you would also advise against that)
  14. Sorry for the delay, but between holidays, waiting on parts, and work schedule, not much has been done on the poor bug. I do have on small update though. Thanks to the suggestion of @FIGHTS ON, I have gotten SAC's white metal main gears (would've preferred G Factor's as they have the nose strut as well, but they no longer seem to exist.) When I got the gear, it seems that due to the manufacturing process, the empty spots at the knuckles and the strut mounting points are filled in. Since I don't own a Dremel, and wouldn't feel comfy drilling out something that small anyway, most of my time has been spent boring out the empty areas. Here you can see the progress made on one strut vs original. As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
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