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  1. Ah, that's why you're on a time constraint. When you build yours, will you be doing the same livery?
  2. Moving along nicely! Looks like a straightforward build in spite of the fiddly bits
  3. Coming along nicely! Definitely much faster than my progress
  4. Excellent work so far! She's really shaping up nicely!
  5. I do too, I thank the general for introducing me to him. As far as the gearbox, IIRC that is the generator, but I know F108's
  6. Excellent start to the thunderchicken! While not nearly my favourite jet, it's definitely my scale, and I know I will one day need to grit my teeth and build one up myself. You definitely got a follow out of me! Quick question as you said you'll be doing a tiger meet bird, are you going to attempt the Have-Glass paint scheme?
  7. They show large for me as well, but only mine for some reason (may be due to taking them on my phone or something with flickr, I'm not sure.) As for the livery, I'll be doing a VFA-22 line jet, don't get me wrong, I like the schemes of CAG/CO birds, but I want something that'll have gotten down 'n dirty
  8. Big milestone for the bug: the forward fuselage is together! After much deliberating/dry fitting, I figured the time was right to press forward with the next big step. Luckily, the cuts I made in the bottom of the pit worked out perfectly fine, and it went together with relative ease. I say relative because the bottom area where the antennae sit didn't want to play nice, and ended up making a very noticeable gap on the port side. As I didn't want to start sanding the gear bay and risk losing detail that is scarily close to the edge, out came the trusty knife and I basically whittled away the antenna plate till it got to a fit that I am happy with. Now just a bit of filler and it will be nice and flush. Here you can see I also folded back the turtle deck's mesh cover on advice of @Pappy, I will need to hit it with some more black to get rid of the brass showing through, but it should be right now As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  9. @Pappygot it, thanks again for the heads-up! @Timski1glad you're enjoying it so far! Modern US military jets may not be as flashy as their foreign counterparts or civvy birds, but they definitely have their charm to them.
  10. @Pappy Thanks for the heads-up, luckily I'm still at the point where I can make those alterations as necessary. When you say "lower left" do you mean port aft?
  11. Another update, while I'm waiting to order a few more bits, I figured I'd do my first attempt at adding additional detail that is otherwise missing from the model, in this case adding hydro lines to the nose gear. There is a prominent line on the forward side of the nose strut, and isn't modeled on the strut itself. So I took some of my 26GA wire and fashioned up a line. I probably should've went with something a bit thinner, like 28GA or even 30GA, but it definitely fits and looks the part. The nice thing about this wire is that it initially is a bright and shiny steel, but with a bit of manhandling it loses its luster and dulls to the correct sheen for hydro lines! The next step will be to add the AOA indexer, steering box, fashion up some braided electrical wire from thread, and add the follow-on actuator, then I can call the nose gear complete! As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  12. What do you mean you wanted the horizontal stabs poseable? Everyone knows they remain perfectly straight/level at all times, even with no hydro pressure applied to them (kidding of course.) Nice fix to make them positionable!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow modellers! Work is nearly complete on the gear bays (just down to painting the end caps on the nose well accumulator.) Next step will be to close up the forward fuselage and add the rest of the "bits" to the gear themselves. Hopefully GT Resin comes through and casts a new set of intakes soon (I've emailed them personally and they said they will be restocking SprueBros, so fingers crossed!) As always. thanks for stopping by the hangar!
  14. Shame to hear about the ill-fits you experienced with your resin, guess I lucked out with dealing with bigger scale. I'm honestly surprised they haven't at least marked what needs to be cut and where for using multiples of their offerings for the same model. As far as the 1/48 goes, I believe you're right as well, since the 1/32 VMFA-232 bug has been out for a few months, maybe to test the waters on an A+.
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