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  1. Thanks for all replies, as usual you produced fantastic information and very helpful. If and when I discover the vehicle type I let you know, for those who are interested the picture is a close up detail shot of a 3D model that is to be used in the WW2 battlefield simulator Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front, for fans of WW2 armour they make extremely realistic tactical battle sims, as the quality of this model clearly suggests.
  2. That's great, it makes sense, I found an article that says the green lights are only visible between 20 - 25 metres away, which I suppose would assist with maintaining spacing in convoys. Any idea about the vehicle it is attached to? It looks to me like something Pz III based.
  3. I think it's a night driving tail light assembly on a WW2 German AFV, but can anyone help me be more specific please? Especially with vehicle type, but more info about the tail light assembly would be very welcome
  4. Which kit is this from? https://imgur.com/a/9Oj2H
  5. It sounds like your wife has a fatal blend of two traits, an eye for a bargain and an inability to resist a bargain haha, I'm alright though, I can walk away without spending. Women are hardwired to hoard, it goes back to our ancestors having to live hand to mouth, never knowing where the next meal was coming from, especially with the men folk quite often failing to even return from a dangerous hunting trip.
  6. Yeah, perhaps. Have looked at it, all my builds are intended to replicate specific vehicles, the reason I'm leaning towards the AFV club is it's closer in terms of detailing to the actual tank I'm hoping to replicate.
  7. This list represents only the models I have so far decided to build, I have no intention of buying scores of kits just to play 'my stash is bigger than yours', firstly because prices fluctuate, some of these kits (and others I have yet decided to build) may come down in price, I will only ever have one build on the go at a time, therefore I will only ever need to have one or two kits in my possession at a time, a WIP and the next project. However I will buy kits when I find them for a good price, it is possible that I might buy kits not on the list if I see them for a good price, but my aim is to buy and build rather than foolishly collect only to take up space and gather dust in order to win some imaginary contest.
  8. After a couple of weeks researching, forum lurking and waiting for Tamiya extra thin cement to arrive from Japan, I'm finally ready to begin my first build since I was a kid and my first build blog ever. I chose this kit because according to many who know more than me, if you want to build a Churchill in 1/35 then you get an AFV Club kit. Bought everything I'll need for the build, will buy paints, airbrush etc later. Apologies for the fuzzy photos, I'm using a cheapo webcam, but will definitely invest in a better camera when funds allow. Also a big to everyone who offered help and advice regarding tools and other kit and especially for the tips relating to the assembly of the running gear. Step 1: Instructions PDF on screen, cutting mat in place, tools and other bits within reach, make a cuppa. Step 2: Drilled out the rivet holes, lightly sanded the panels, wiped clean with damp cloth and glued the aftermarket brass rivets into place, made another brew. Step 3: The suspension, easier than it looked, done both sides and just waiting for them to curekettle on. Thanks for looking, will update further progress as and when...
  9. I just bought a 'Fancii' headset and I have no hesitation in recommending it. It's very light and comfortable but feels solid and durable, you have a choice of traditional spectacle type arms or elasticated head band (which means you can use it with your regular glasses if you wear them), the 5 lenses included work very well depending on what you want to magnify, the adjustable LED lights also work well to illuminate the object and minimize shadows, all in all very happy with it and for me £20 is a fair price. It currently has 61 positive reviews on Amazon, 55 of them 5 star and the rest 4 star, zero negative reviews which must say something. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fancii-Illuminated-Hands-Magnifier-Visor/dp/B01AL2YAQ6/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1496925830&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=fancii+led+light+helping+hands+magnifier+station
  10. Thank you for replying, that helps a lot, ingenious technique, attention to detail like this is very inspiring.
  11. It sounds to me like you've upset a sociopath, probably unintentionally, as sociopaths can feel aggrieved at the smallest perceived slight, they are also very good at rallying weak gullible people around them, unfortunately due to a complete absence of conscience there is no way to reason with them, if a sociopath becomes fixated with you then you're stuck with them, unless of course you can identify them, prove their malign behaviour and get a court to enforce an injunction against them. There are ways of tracking these people down, often they will confide in favourite acolytes, those acolytes are rarely sociopaths themselves and often feel genuine disgust when they finally get a peek behind the mask, and masks always slip eventually, maybe one of his ex 'followers' will volunteer some information that might help towards getting this individual/s off your back, 'white hat' hackers are also very good at tracing those behind DDOS attacks, but they don't come cheap and you need to know where to find one.
  12. That's great, thank you for sharing this, looks like a lot of work but you've definitely saved me time and effort figuring this out for myself, it's exactly why I joined this forum
  13. Thanks again I decided to opt for the Tamiya Jeep, mainly because there are several .30 Cal MG's available for it and I won't be needing trailer or men, other than that I pretty much followed your advice. For the Sherman I'll wait on Asuka until I decide, and I'll probably leave the CGMC until last, seeing as no one makes the variant I'm after, I imagine getting that one right will involve a fair amount of after market purchases and probably some scratch building, will do some research over the coming months as to which kit to base it on. Now at least I have a shopping list, just need to turn that into a stash and then turn the stash into a collection of completed models
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