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  1. Andy, your work is truly amazing and jaw dropping. Thank you for sharing! I continually refer back to your builds for inspiration and guidance. I'm still waiting and hoping to see a Millennium Falcon pop up from you! (*hint*hint*) Please keep them coming!
  2. Andy, I admire the weathering you did on the mid section. There are three things I struggle with: washes, line accents, and chipping. I like how your chipping appears to have crisp, sharp lines. Also, your rust color weathering blends in so perfectly and subtly with such a small area. Also, I will check out those channels for their videos. Thank you! Alex
  3. Hey Andy, Do you have any good tips on how to weather? Or know of a link to that has good tips. I feel like this is the one thing I struggle most with. I have tried weathering with acrylics and oils, both without much success. I haven't tried enamels, and would like to. Thanks for the help in advance, Alex
  4. Great, thank you for the advice. I have quite a few of star wars bandai kits sitting in the cabinet and the AT-ST is what I'll be doing next. I haven't been doing these model kits for very long so I am still trying to find my footing, but the techniques you use in yours are very fascinating to me! Again, thank you very much. - Alex
  5. Andy, I absolutely love your walker. It is just phenomenal. I would love it if you could give me a few weathering tips. More specifically how you did the mid section on the walker as well as the muddy look on the feet. Thanks in advance!
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