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  1. I showed this picture to the guys at the LHS here in Athens and they assured me that I am still very much an amateur. They actually laughed at me, in a good natured way, of course.
  2. Would the Vampire be allowed? I also have a post-war Camel in US Navy markings on my to-do list...
  3. Why not? Put a dent in the stash...
  4. Sounds excellent. I'll be there if allowed!
  5. Sounds perfect. Add me for a couple...
  6. Good! I am getting ready. I've already asked Enzo if a calendar exists. Looney is what I am.
  7. I'm hoping that I get back to the bench soon. I am off island for the next five days, as of tomorrow, for work and then the following week I make the final move from my little flat to the house. Busy busy...In a week-and-a-half I am hoping to be living there, sleeping there and modelling there...thankfully these GB threads don't end until November! Please forgive the delay! --John
  8. I can't resist. It's very stable. It's my mind that needs support... What was in the bins are now safely in their cabinets...no damage to speak of. --John
  9. Almost ready to rig. First, this is where I was, bench-wise... And this is the new space. If I were to turn around, you would all be witness to the depths of my madness... --John
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