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  1. That rocker cover! My son has one which we bought him for his Mini a few years ago from a guy in (Norfolk?) who machined them. It's an absolute gem and instead of putting it on the car, it's now on his mantelpiece! Anyway I'm late to the party but it's always great to see a proper Mini being built, whether full-size or in kit form.
  2. Very interesting: I wonder how long it would be before someone says the kit "isn't accurate" because it doesn't agree with xxx plans? In the meantime I hope this proves to be a top-seller; it's an interesting subject and another one that I wouldn't necessarily have considered buying before now.
  3. Great job and another thumbs-up for the movie. When it first came out on DVD (or was it video?), there was a special edition with Iron Giant figure, so we had to buy three: one each for the kids and one for me
  4. Exquisite! That is a stunning model of a very old and clunky kit!
  5. Funny you say about Ferrari; I was pondering this just now. They have made some absolute stunners without doubt: 375MM, 333SP, F40, LaFerrari and even the "It's not a Ferrari" 246 Dino and also the "full-fat Ferrari" 308 Dino and 458 road cars. But they also have a long history of 'meh' cars which haven't aged well- 365 GTC4; 328, 360; Enzo; F50 etc. The reason why it just came to mind? I was looking at photos of the new 296 GTB and also pondering some of the current batch (Portofino, SF90) and it occurred that these too looked bound for immediate 'meh' territory. Make no mistake - I'm sure that they all perform impeccably, but in terms of looks they seem dated already.
  6. 'A "major conflict" is one which involved more than 4 countries, which caused more than 5 millions casualties, lasted more than 3 years' - so I think it's gotta be Covid-related. Possibly the 'Thank You NHS' - liveried European Aviation A340. In 1/32 scale, obvs.
  7. Bravo Lukgraph! Having just got the 1/48 Dragonfly (it's exquisite), I can't wait for this. Martinsyde Elephant next?
  8. Come on in; you'll like it! I have a Starter 904, MFH 917K, Alpha Models Singer 911 and probably something else I've forgotten. And I wouldn't consider myself THAT much of a Porsche fan...
  9. Yes buckles and belt material are supplied but what you see is all you get. I'm OK with it
  10. It's beautiful! Quality is superlative, loads of detail despite being a fairly pure shape and fit is great too. There are a few options too (three headlight types!) and I'd recommend it without reservation. Well worth the money. I just wish USCP would make more full kits.
  11. This is USCP's 1/24 Porsche 550 Spyder, built pretty much OOB. The only change I made was to modify the front end to 'early' standard by deleting the under-nose vents and adding the small intake. It is indeed, as James Dean might have said, a little beauty...
  12. ...all of which make it a great subject for a kit in my book! Shame it's not resin, but I'll see what the finished product looks like. Good news though
  13. It's a clunker because it's a monstrosity. I'm sure it drives very well and will take your family up Mount Everest if you want it. But it's as ugly as sin. I do like the Cygnet mind, even though it's not really an Aston.
  14. Ah. Now you have me there. Somehow I'd blotted that from my memory. OK well most. And even the DB7 Zagato/AR1 is OK by me.
  15. Sabrejet


    Pioneered on the Thunderjet:
  16. Sabrejet


    There is a documentary (The World's Shortest Runway?) that shows the first testing using a 'Iron Bird' off the trailer and then in a dummy alert barn. Lots of failed launches, which must have been 'interesting'.
  17. I can't recall seeing anything in published format but you might try the Brooklands museum? IIRC the drawings held at Filton went there. There are a few fuselage Station diagrams available (Maint Planning, Structural Repair etc), but aside from dimensioning, they can't be used for accurate outlines.
  18. The problem with that story (oft-repeated by folks who use the term 'research' in the way we'd use the term 'my mate reckons') is that the #1 XP-86 was damaged at the start of its first flight and flew subsequent sorties with the gear locked down. The effects of flight #1 resulted in (among other things) the scissor-action nose gear door of the F-86A/D/E/F/K/L and meant that Welch could not have exceeded Mach 1 even if he'd been stupid enough to do so. And incidentally, Al Conover was flying the XP-86 for NAA at this time but strangely gets barely a mention. So the whole "Welch/sound barrier" topic has no foundation in anything other than a conspiracy theory. But unfortunately, despite both NAA and USAF contemporary documentation being very specific on the circumstances of the XP-86 eventually exceeding Mach 1 (in early 1948), it is still not enough it seems. It would appear to be far more difficult to disprove a statement with no fact behind it than one with extensively documented proof. Tis a strange world we live in.
  19. Looks lovely: I have the 1/48 version inbound...:)
  20. Not sure; matt black? I recall them being black overall with yellow tips but I have to admit I didn't pay too much attention!
  21. Black strip along the leading edge was black neoprene; usually covered with translucent sacrificial tape.
  22. I wondered that too: many classic car owners get their vehicles scanned for restoration/recording. Scanning doesn't necessarily relate to modelling outputs. But it might
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