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  1. I'd say yes. They were initially done by Haynes and then taken over for the final couple. I think I have all of them so far and they are awesome.
  2. Saw the Mazdas through the years, including that Le Mans win in '91. The 787B is one of my favourite cars.
  3. Nice job! I built the Heller kit years ago and was never happy with it. I saw these race in period and they sounded amazing: not quite as amazing as the Mazdas, but still very distinctive.
  4. That Bullpup fit is pure fiction, but based on the fit used on FJ-4B Furys.
  5. @k5054nz - the airframe you show is one of a number of ex-Imperial Ethiopian AF F-86Fs that passed through South Africa many moons ago and were restored by Avspecs in Ardmore. As such it's an F-86F-25 with F-40 mods. So go for the Airfix F-40 kit and use aftermarket decals (there is a Korean Aces sheet in 1/48 which covers this machine). As Tony has said, this aircraft doesn't feature the TACAN cooling intake on the right, aft fuselage or the aerial fins on the nose or beneath the aft fuselage that are seen on most F-40s.
  6. Paul. various previous posts explain how to get a narrow-chord, slatted wing from backdating the new boxing. No-one's suggested using the new kit OOB to make an RAF Sabre.
  7. Exactly. I've done this with the Airfix F.4 kit already and it's not challenging. Bear in mind also that the 'extended' part will be on the F-40 sprue, so you won't need to touch the main wing panels.
  8. You'll get a new 'wing' sprue, with slatted upper surface; slats, straight pitot probe; F-86F instrument panel; extended wingtip/aileron parts and flush fuselage panel inserts. The 'Norway' ejection seat, revised canopy rail etc are already on the Sabre 4 sprues.
  9. Many thanks all for your lovely comments. Airfix's 1/48 Sabre has come inf for some stick of late but it can be made into a nice rendition of the superlative F-86. I have another one in the stash which I'll ponder on. I'll let you know if anything comes of it. And I really can't recommend those Dek L's (DEKL'S?) reverse-printed decals highly enough: they aren't as flimsy as I'd thought they'd be, and despite being a continuous carrier-film type, they snuggle down well and the trimmed carrier film is nigh-on impossible to see under a coat of clear.
  10. To clarify wings: This version = F-86F-40; this version Airfix wing + Airfix Sabre 4 wingtips = Sabre 6; this version Airfix wing + Airfix Sabre 4 wingtips, minus 6-3 insert = Sabre 4 (early) etc. You'll need to do some minor fettling to the wingtip but it isn't difficult.
  11. Sabre 6 wing would be easy: early narrow-chord wing would need the 6-3 insert removing but not impossible. You'd then have to use the parts included on the sprues to make your Sabre 4 (early) except that the wingtips/ailerons won't be included in this version of the kit.
  12. Nope: only two, two-seat Sabres ever built. This is #2. I suspect you're thinking of the Fuji T-1.
  13. I started this a while ago as a WIP but lack of motivation put it on hold for a bit. This is the #2 TF-86F as it appeared at the time of its first flight (it later gained an F-40 wing). Basic kit is Airfix's 1/48 Sabre 4, with extended forward fuselage (using a second kit), wings backdated to narrow-chord, slatted; wing moved forward (a TF-86F mod to re-establish CG); gun ports filled; seats by Pavla (front one modified to feature the folding headrest in its folded position); canopy from an old Maintrack F-100F conversion set (canopy is identical!); scratch-built speed brake bays; modified fin extension; 'F-86F'-type raised fuselage top vent/intake panel and the additional aft ventral strake. Decals are from Dek L's awesome reverse-printed sheet. Photography by Laurel & Hardy but there it is.
  14. Another gem in the making: your work is inspirational!
  15. Despite what may have been said, KFS do have a number of kits still available as of today - including full kits/vehicles.
  16. Me too: I have lost count of the Starter 962s I've built (I always replace their resin headlight assemblies though). Sadly I have only built one Horbra 962 (Brun Hydro Aluminium sprint car) and I wish I'd bought more at the time. They are lovely kits
  17. Yes a few: my main gripe was that there are a lot of parts on the very thin sheet of PE which aren't shown in the instructions. In the main these are backing pieces for lights and indicators and would work better than my usual "paint the back clear red/orange etc and overpaint with silver/chrome" method. I worked it out in the end. Also I attached the PE side panels (the body side where the exhaust protrudes) before painting; this part sandwiches a very thin PE turbo support arm and makes it difficult to fit the painted bodywork when the time comes. The instructions do tell you to add the side panels after installing the main bodywork, which is a better option in terms of ease of fitting, but I like to get the main body parts painted as an assembly rather than add parts afterwards and risk unsightly joins. So that one is a personal choice really. You will think that the windscreen aperture is too small but it's an illusion caused by the recess being quite wide: it all begins to look right as soon as you paint the recess black and add the screen. Oh and seatbelts! It needs a decent aftermarket set. That bit is plain annoying. Overall it's not as delicate as an equivalent MFH kit, and the instructions are not so precise either, but it is workable, and you do get a lot of kit for your money, even though it's not exactly cheap.
  18. Testors 344 is the only reboxed Fujimi F-86F: it's the short-span, 6-3 wing version.
  19. Well the weather did clear up a bit, so I took a few more. I find that natural light gives a better idea of reflection etc.
  20. Firstly apologies for the photos - I like to take images in natural daylight but it's raining here and blowing a gale and doesn't look much like clearing up anytime soon... Anyway this is Studio 27's Porsche 956 Short-Tail kit in 1/43 scale, the 1984 DRM (Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft) version in the colours of the late, great Stefan Bellof. I was lucky to see him race twice prior to his untimely passing in 1985. Anyway it's largely OOB, with just some extra hoses and wiring.
  21. That pretty much covers it. Merry Christmas
  22. Nice one: many thanks for the clarification
  23. I'd say 'no'. Although Norwegian F-86Fs were delivered with the 6-3 wing, all appear to have been modified with the F-40 extended wingtips and leading-edge slats before entering service. And avoid the Airfix kit! I'd go with @72modeler and get the Fujimi kit every time
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