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  1. After days of researching where to make the hole for the mast (I was trying to line it up with what I thought was a divet inside the fuselage), I still ended up putting the mast in the wrong spot. I noticed when I was looking over my top coat, I realized if the canopy was opened, it would hit the mast. SO, I had to remove it, seal up the hole and then glue it down further back. This time I did not drill a hole, just cut off the nubbin on the bottom of the mast. That set my progress back, plus all the hours I work. My company can't keep people hired, so I volunteer for overtime. I had the day off today, and finished up the top coat. I took off most of the salt off, but some of the finer granules won't come off. I was wondering if water may do the trick? I crushed up the salt to try to get different sizes, but it still looks a little too uniform to me. I will have to blend in some painted chips so break it up. Overall, I was never a big fan of chipping. Especially my chipping. But I will hold off on final judgement until this build is complete. Here she is today:
  2. Ahh yes, thank you. I made the correct decision then!
  3. The underside is airbrushed. Since white is such a light color and no one sees the underside much, I decided to do all the weathering at a later time. In my corsair book, I saw most most have a straight line where the white and blue meet. But I decided to paint that little section at the front of the wing blue because it does fold up along with the rest of the wing. And here is the progress on the upper surfaces. The light blue is masked off and only the darker upper surface blue is visible. Though barely visible, I added some shades of blue and brown on access panels, and for the first time ever - I am trying the 'salt trick'. I finally took at guess at where to make the hole for the mast, that is why it has no paint yet. I mixed all my own colors using MRP. The upper surfaces will be a bit darker when complete. I've been working like a mad man at work that is why progress here is slow. But I have this Sunday off so I intend to spend time on this bugger.
  4. Crane

    1/72 Tamiya Corsair Mast

    So if you look at the fuselage halves, there is no dimple in the plastic circled in red?
  5. Hi Folks, I posted this in my build, sorry if duplicate, but I have the weekend off and want to work on the corsair. I did not create the hole for the mast (missed it in the directions). And there is no mark visible for me to know where to start. Can someone help out and give me an accurate measurement in millimeters from the panel line outlined in red to the center of the mast so I know where to start drilling?
  6. Even though it doesn't look like much, this is a major update. With a tiny amount of pressure, the red acryl putty I used to fill a gap between the fuselage and starboard wing cracked. It was a very fine crack, couldn't even see it once the pressure was off, but I was not going to put any more time into the build because I did not want to continue with an issue that may show up after completion. So I tried every glue I have and nothing would bond the acryl putty to itself. My last effort was to email the makers of Starbond and ask for help. I had to email back and forth a few times to explain what I was trying to accomplish, and they were unfamiliar with the acryl putty I used, but in their last email to me they said it would work. I wasn't too confident but I decided to take a risk and purchased a bottle. It worked! Once the joint between the fuselage and wing was solid, I decided to continue the build. I do have another issue though. I did not create the hole for the antenna (missed it in the directions). And there is no mark visible for me to know where to start. Can someone help out and give me an accurate measurement in millimeters from the panel line outlined in red to the center of the antenna?
  7. ahh yes. thank you for pointing that out
  8. I was going to post pictures, but they were so plentiful that I decided not to. In that case, I should have been more clear and stated that it was pictures of models that I thought were incorrect. And after reading the replies here, I am sure they are incorrect. I just noticed something else, in this picture https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/spitfire/spitfire-and-corsair-at-hms-fledging/ the walk way line is not painted between the spar reinforcements. Thank yous!
  9. I have found an old thread here on the forums discussing the walk way lines. From what I understand in post #8, you should find mirror images of the walk way lines on Spits with 2 radiators. I see this pattern on MK V Spits all the time in online searches. From what I understand, they are incorrect? (the MK Vs only have 1 radiator)?
  10. I have finished the fuselage roundels and corrected the size of the red area of the upper wing roundels. My new motto is - mask correctly, paint once!
  11. Settled on mixes for markings. I had to darken the red color of the fin flash because it was over white paint, so I added a half-drop of my blue mix. I think the center red circles on the wings may be a bit too large, but I am not fretting over it. The underside roundels are also finished. 6 down, 2 to go!
  12. I have used those exact mixtures in my last build. They work well. I am just trying something a little different this time.
  13. What's the hold up? - I have decided to paint the markings on and have mixed about 20 different shades of blue. I am not happy with any of them. Another skill I'm lacking in. I ordered MRP Oxford Blue, hopeful it will be a better starting point. I have read some threads here about 'roundel blue'. It has helped, but I am on a mission to mix my own.
  14. Hey! I finally finished my lend lease Spitfire - 


  15. Thank you guys. I'm not happy with my silver chipping abilities, so in my case I feel that the effect takes away from the model instead of adding to it. And I agree it is a bit weird, but the colors stopped being a distraction the more I worked on it. I have been looking into picking up another MK IX and going all out with a white and black over dark green scheme.
  16. Another 'wif' assembled in the middle of other builds. I was inspired by an artist's picture of a lend-lease Spitfire which I mistakenly thought had a top coat of white and Russian green (black paint on top of green paint). Halfway through the top coat, I sort of changed my mind and tried to darken the grey. The decals were gifted to me by a fellow builder here Reini78 - thank you once again!
  17. Hot off the press - I had to decide how much of the undertones to allow to show through the dark earth color. I wanted it to look on par with the highlights showing through the middle stone. I referenced some photos I took, but it still wasn't easy. After I peeled off the first piece of mask, I wasn't too happy. The dark shades on the panel lines in the middle stone did not follow through into the dark earth color. But I think I can work around that. A little test I conducted before painting I thought I would share. Concerned about MC Leveling Thinner melting the sticky tac, I placed two small pieces in to a jar with the thinner. After a few weeks - both types of tac are holding up just fine!
  18. If I'm really happy with the paint job, I will paint all the markings.
  19. Final coat of clear. Yay! Sharp lines on the canopy compliments of Eduard masks. The plastic (especially on the upper wing surfaces) has a nice texture to it - not sure if Eduard did that on purpose. There is still a lot of work to do - lights, yellow tips on the prop., some weathering. I am on the fence about adding the aerial wire (the masts seem a lot thinner than the Academy kit) and repainting the cannons.
  20. Test fit ALL parts. I took the landing gear for granted and had an issue with the detail inside the red box. I'm still not sure what caused the issue, but the landing did not sit flush inside the bay. It is an easy work around, but this should have been done before paint and glue.
  21. Small update - a light smattering of a lighter shade of my dark earth mix. Looks ugly right now, hoping it will work out!
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