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  1. Small update that may help others. Do not apply too much pressure on the area in yellow. The 'hinges' (circled in red) will break. The build process is almost complete, so I have been practicing with the new bottle of MRP Sea Blue. And it is a good thing I am doing so. The top left tail piece has 2 light coats over white. The right side has one heavy coat over bare grey plastic. The inside of the fuselage has one heavy coat over white. The tonal variation is immense - more so than with any other paint I have used. I am considering a lighter blue paint as a first coat. That will be my next test.
  2. Nice! I really like the early 109s - they have more character. I'm too chicken to attempt a paint scheme like that. But if I ever do,, I will use your build as a guide.
  3. Hey! I just got my decals in. I ordered the wrong scale - 1/72. But they look like the same size as yours>?? Are yours 1/48?
  4. Awesome build! Very happy to see a great example, I am working on one. Ordered my AML decals a few days ago, but may take 3 weeks to get here.
  5. Loosely based on a few Hellcat pictures I printed out and taped to my wall for guidance. Yes, one of them was from Bunker Hill. Navi lights are all paint with thick coating of clear on top.
  6. Ahhh done. No complaints with a kit I purchased for under $10. It's about my skill level. I'm working on my 3rd Hellcat from Eduard, and it's going to take some time! All paints are MRP except for Tamiya clear coat. OOB 'wif' based on about 5 different Hellcat pictures I printed for guidance
  7. Hmm that sounds reasonable. Thank you.
  8. Hi Folks, Eduard supplies both an 'open' and 'closed' canopy in the Hellcat kit. I am thinking about using the 'open' canopy because I have extra masks for it. However, I notice a few differences between the two, and I don't think it is a mistake. Why the differences? For example, why would the 'open' canopy clear glass have more squared off corners and a larger clear glass roof? Were they trying to reproduce an effect when the canopy is open?
  9. I've been working too much, but I have this week off. This is probably the last update before going into the completed section. A setback cost me some time when I discovered tons of 'dust'?? inside the canopy after pulling off the mask. I had to open it up and clean everything out. At that point, I realized the F3 canopy fit much better, so I went with it.
  10. Looks like a part is missing between the prop and the cowling?
  11. once again, not the color I wanted but I might test a new technique if I can summon the courage....
  12. Smashing! No really, excellent build!
  13. Good work! I have a Spitfire with orange peel also, and it was airbrushed. I think I over-sprayed the clear coat. I'm thinking about using the Tamiya polishing compounds on it. I will report on effectiveness, but it probably won't be for some time. As for the canopy, on my last build I cleaned the jeebus out of the canopy before closing it and when I peeled the mask off, the inside of the canopy was covered with white dust(?). My guess is static is to blame. Anyway, I don't glue the canopy down anymore until the very end, and only use elmers glue in case I have to open the canopy 'one last time'. And my best advice is - enjoy the build. I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in.
  14. I'm worked a weekend and more than a few 12 hours days, so progress has been slow. But in the mean time, I ordered some new tools to help with this build. This weekend I finally had a fair amount of time to do some work. The kit includes 2 types of instrument panels. One with circular depressions for painting, and one with a flat surface for decals. I painted both, but decided to go with the one with decals. They are a little big, so I cut them down. I wish I knew that before putting them in water! If you are going to build this kit - the seat belt decals go from the seat to the rear wall, so I glued those parts in place before adding the decal. Also, the directions for the decals are not great. Review them first. I tried to create a glass sight with the clear parts glue. To avoid filling and sanding, and because I have seen F5Ns with rocket mounts, I took some time to devise a plan to add the mounts. I cut the mounts from the rockets and installed them from inside the wing. I thought this Eduard kit would go a lot smoother than the Academy kits, but is a challenge. More details require more attention, and no kit is trouble free.
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