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  1. -I believe the flap wells were also painted with the airframe aluminum colour. -All Greek T-6G's after 1960 appear to to have their L/G doors removed. best regards, Pameinos
  2. This is a screenshot from a 1965 movie it appears (to me) that wheel wells are painted the same aluminum colour as the airframe
  3. The Spitfire wings had no provision for fuel tanks. These were actually US 75 galon drop tanks field modified to napalm incendiary bombs. Used against the communists during the 1946-1949 Greek civil war.
  4. The small fairing under the nose mounted the F.46 camera for recording torpedo drops.
  5. Received my parcel today, one kit + one overtree. Looks like an excellent kit
  6. Don't spray a thick wet coat but multiple very light coats ensuring that each coat is dry before the next one (they dry within seconds.) See this video:
  7. According to the USAAF propellers manual I have: Martin Baltimore all versions (R2600-13 and -29 engine) prop diameter: 12ft 1in, blade p/n: 23E50-473-635A-12, governor p/n: 4G8-G15G/23G exact match were props installed on OA-10 (USAAF version of the Catalina) and on RB-24A (recon version of the Liberator).
  8. Plans are not enough for accuracy unless they are accompanied by numbers: Dimensions of lg struts, wing chord, fuselage stations, control surfaces, airfoil type etc, like in Paul Matts drawings. Are this data available somewhere? Maybe in the maintenance or repair manuals?
  9. I tried this idea many years ago when none of all these modern weathering products were available. I live in Greece where sunshine conditions are very similar to California. The models did not melt but parts lost their alignment. (wing dihedral and landing gear of aircraft, canon of a tank). Colors (humbrol) faded after about 2 months, but decals were destroyed. I was not using varnishes these years, and i since most varnishes provide some UV protection perhaps a varnished model will not fade that fast.
  10. Don't use Klear. Keep it for the floors. Use a product made for scale modelling like Mr Color GX supper clear or alclad klear kote gloss. Wait at least 24 hours for the varnish to dry (or more if you live in a wet climate), and then apply the weathering medium.
  11. The Hs 123 is now available from GasPatch models: http://www.gaspatchmodels.com/henschel-hs-123/ Two versions:
  12. They should correct the Greek ones too. All roundels should be of the 1-2-3 type.
  13. Thanks for your answers. This is the Greek Anson I want to model in 1/72: NK603 was a MkI converted to ambulance with late type engine cowls and stabilizer wingtips. As it displays a red cross, the fuselage gun should have been removed. Question remains for the stretchers installation...
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