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  1. Some progress on the front uprights and building up the rotors and hats.... The rotors are pe and I filed the hats from white metal detailed with rbmotion bolts.. Nexi is the radiator. P1076 ran in '69 with a brass and cooper one in place of the usual ally one. A small oil rad was laid on top of it... ref. pic of P1076 after restoration.. That is all for now. Thanks for looking in ! Randy
  2. Hi Folks, Nick, Thank you for the kind words ! The steering rack is next. I want to be able to 'pose' the front wheels so I need the rack to function. I used shrink tubing in place of knuckle joints for this ... Added the hard lines for the brakes... Next are the spare tire hold down brackets..... I'll post this and start a new one....
  3. Yes, it is my store. Thank you for pointing that out !!! Have just opened last month and I'm sorting thru the gremlins Randy
  4. That weathering on the underside of the chassis looks terrific Ian !!!! Randy
  5. This is a great build thread sir !!! I love the double build of these two cars. Randy
  6. Beautiful work Thierry!!!!!!!! Spent this evening going thru this build thread and really enjoyed it Sir. Randy
  7. Hello Roy, Really appreciate the time you took to give us an in-depth look at the process, Thank you Sir ! Randy
  8. Hello Ian, Since I rarely finish anything I do not get the body paint stage often so I look forward to following this! Randy
  9. Checking the body fit.... The front clip framework just dangles off the front of the tub.... That is all for now, Thank you for looking in ! Randy
  10. This is where we are trying to get to.. The shocks are from RBMotion and they are functional.. Rather crude beginnings of the front uprights and the sway bar built up more...
  11. Hi Folks, Codger, Maybe just a little but no more than others here Dan, Thank you Sir !!! Crazy Crank, Appreciate the comment ! Thank you Roy, will watch your plating close as I will plate a lot of this one. Parryj, Thank you ! Hi Alan, thank you and just the body with some mods. After separating the front clip and the doors I might have to make the 'spyder' out of metal for strength. Thank you Shaun ! Hopefully the PB gods will let me post a bunch today as I try to get this caught up... Work on the engine bulkhead and seat back... Work on the door hinges... Back to front end... will post this before I screw it up, more coming.................
  12. Very interesting and informative build Mark !! The body paint an decal work look superb. Randy
  13. Thanks Codger ! I'm not that neat ! Cleaned up with sandpaper and a moto tool with abrasive wheel. Shifter is next.... A mockup with the kit seats which I won't be using. The shifter will remain loose until later... Photobucket is acting up, I will post a bunch more pics when it settles down. Thanks for looking in! Randy
  14. This car was fitted with a 'crass over' fuel tube connecting the two fuel cells... more...
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