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  1. Nice job Pat. Bet that paint job was a bugger to spray LOL. Masking tape would have cost more than kit.
  2. Superb build. & photography. Love there are so many different view points. Definitely a keeper.
  3. Thank you .For me the price of the bikes is OTT but then again when I had a bike it cost about £75. When the son who is a biker told me how much he paid for his it brought it into perspective. It was many many times my £75 He played bass guitar too are they connected LOL
  4. Thank you Steve it is a bit unusual . Had 5 weeks in Kelmscott WA quite a few years ago.
  5. That is very nice indeed. Great paint job.The high roof & decals are a winner. Got one, but it will be OOTB when I get round to it as it was the box art that attracted me 1st.
  6. Love it Jeroen. That's the way trucks should look imo. Nice paint job & great weathering. So realistic I'm sure I passed it while out this morning.
  7. Hi PhilX Thank you for info. There is very little information on the web re this car & only one photo. So this is solely how I fancied it. Thought the coat of arms livened up the coach . I make no claim to it's authenticity,or for any other part of the build for that matter. Maybe Edoardo had one for himself,which is quite possible as so few were made I gather.
  8. Thank you Noel glad you liked it . Many of these old 1 16th kits had multiple release company's over the years,mine was a Bandai as you thought..
  9. Hi Thank you. The duck egg greenish colour is ok & I thought about it but I have a truck of similar hue already in the display cabinet where this one goes.So that was the reason for rejecting it. Have you seen the price of their bikes Wow !!!"!!! They should be gold plated .
  10. Thank you PhilX. Edoardo Bianchi Founder? I think . Harry P even had difficulty finding the year,which was verified as 1906. The only photo of this car on internet is a very grainy B&W, plus little information. So very much do as you please. Admit I am never a slave to colour authenticity at any time.
  11. Thank you . The Drivers floor & instrument panel are real wood . The trunk which I scratch built (the kit one was tiny) is Lego blocks glued together & veneered.Cab is just a paint job with self made decal. I gather very few were made & the only example left was totally lost in a museum fire. Its a 1906 vehicle. I must mention the late great Harry P of Model Car magazine who was a master at old cars,I have learnt so much from his WIPs A small aside Bianchi are the worlds oldest bicycle manufacture & their bikes cost a arm & a leg. Sorry the trunk was Lego covered with plastic & painted The reason being I was using the kit curved top. False info we can't have that LOL.
  12. One you don't see often.Bought on E bay as part started.Stripped down & removed paint that had been applied. Was a decent kit to work on.
  13. I like it very nice indeed. Curvier than the cars I do .Have I seen this on Hobby Host site?
  14. Looking good, the weathering is great, & another trick (Micropore). to add to skill set.Thank you.
  15. Great looking build. Well done. Shows how good they turn out if you have the talent. I found the multi material kit a bit of a pain.Did finish it,but not one of my best efforts.
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