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  1. Nice work, really liking the diorama base
  2. Nice work. Looking forward too seeing some paint on her.
  3. This looks interesting. Doesn't look to out of place on top of there. You're off to a good start, will follow along to see where it ends.
  4. Looks great, nice weathering. Always liked the look of this machine
  5. Great work, it looks absolutely stunning. Makes me want to build my Takom T-55 amv. But as I'm new at modeling I'll be glad if it looks half as good as this
  6. Great work. I'm trying to get through painting Black plague. But I constantly get distracted by other projects
  7. Trenne

    Hello everyone

    Here are two of my current projects. There is a lot to learn, it's quite different from the miniature painting I usually do. _MG_4039 by trennefelt, on Flickr _MG_4036 by trennefelt, on Flickr
  8. Trenne

    Hello everyone

    Thank you for the welcome. Found one pic of my first tank I completed. It's a Italeri 1/56 scale kit for boltaction. It was brush painted. Panther Ausf. A 1/56 by trennefelt, on Flickr
  9. Hi, my name is Daniel. 36 years old from Sweden. I'm new to modeling except from a kit or two in my teens. Which mostly looked like a blob of glue in the end. About a year ago I started painting wargame minis again after a 10 year break. And that was a lot of fun. Then I bought a airbrush for priming and basecoats. That led to me buying a Bolt action starter set and two tanks for the game. They were a lot of fun to build and paint, so I thought to myself -why not try this at a larger scale? First I bought a Tamiya SDK 251/1 and some paints from ammo. Halfway through the build I was planning what other kits to get. I was hooked. Currently I'm working on 3 kits. -Tamiya Stug IV -Italeri m4a1 And a Rye field M1A2 Abrams sep Tusk II I've also managed to collect a small stash with kits from Dragon, Asuka, Takom and Fujimi. My cheap chineese airbrush was retired and a HS evolution cr+ took its place. I also have a pile of new paints and weathering products. Guess I went all in. But with two small kids and no dedicated working space it's hard to find hobby time. Time that is also shared with mountain biking and flying fpv quads. When I get some free time I'll try to get the dslr out and snap a few pics of what I'm working on. Time to finish this with a question. Is it just me that feels that keeping your stash slightly hidden from your girlfriend/wife is best for the relationship?
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