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  1. Any help would be appreciated. Just want to get reasonably close.
  2. This is great Jamie. I know its a bit off topic, but any possibility of doing the same for the colors used on Rafale B/Cs and Ms?
  3. So, not very close is what you're saying? This is fascinating information Jamie. Where can one find more info on the French paint system?
  4. I have found Dream Models set's colors closer to the real thing than most Eduard. The color on their Su-33 set is almost spot on. Unfortunately, their accuracy leaves something to be desired. The front IP was OK, but the side panels are pretty much fictitious. Beaver Models sets also seem to have closer to real colors. Its a shame the etch makers can't do closer matches to the real aircraft's colors. US jets have used Dark Gull grey interiors for years and the color is well documented but the color Eduard uses is never anywhere near it, sometimes being closer to purple .
  5. Just a note that the Mig colors used in his sets are approximate matches. French colors generally do not have FS or BS color matches. I believe the French have their own color system.
  6. Is this or will it be available through some online vendor?
  7. mstorin

    Printed models.

    What, pray tell, is THAT thing (the aircraft, not your model). Looks like something out of a Buck Rogers movie.
  8. I'm going to follow this closely. I have the same kit with the same aftermarket, though I want to do a camouflaged Russian scheme. Looking forward to your build!
  9. mstorin

    Printed models.

    Not only 3D mastered resin. Companies like KA-models are making 3D printed parts that are some of the best I've ever seen. Their exhausts are arguably the most detailed and accurate available. Kokopelli Scale Designs parts are all 3D printed. Not like many Shapeways parts that need extensive cleaning and surface prep. These are highly detailed and finished parts. I see more and more of this type of aftermarket becoming available. The costs are still high and the printing process time consuming, but as noted, the technology will only improve and costs will come down. I'm looking forward to 3D printed cockpits that model every switch and button in high fidelity detail that is difficult to reproduce consistently using cast parts (though I'm not looking forward to trying to paint such parts, not at my age ).
  10. Just came across this build. WOW! Masterful. Truly a piece of Art.
  11. The Mission Mark decals set linked by Giorgio appears to be available directly from Mission Mark. The Add to Cart button appears to be active. http://www.missionmarkdecals.com/decals.html
  12. Just beautiful! Well done Sir. I have one of these in my stash and all the aftermarket you used except the Neomega cockpit (on the to get list). I doubt my effort will come close to yours though.
  13. Amazing work. I will watch this with great expectation.
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