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  1. Just some things to note. The schemes available from D&N Models are for early preproduction airframes with the early tail "stinger" that has the flare and chaff dispensers mounted on top. Production Su-35s have the dispensers mounted on the bottom of the stinger. J's Work does have a mask for the current camo scheme, but remember that the camo scheme used on Su-25s has soft edges and, typically, mask sets leave hard edges.
  2. I have the sets for F-15s and the F-35. They are be far the most detailed and accurate nozzle sets you will find. The F-15 sets are works of art with scale thickness parts (actually part, it is 3D printed all as one part).
  3. Zactoman's drawings of Bort 80 are virtually 100% correct. I don't have a photo of the whole top of Bort 80 but here's the walkaround I mentioned. You will find photos of almost every part of the aircraft: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat_cid_104.html P.S. You are right in that Zvezda's drawing don't seem to be accurate.
  4. This would be great to do if one didn't feel like painting and detailing the cockpit. Just make up a facsimile of the curtains and covers and then call it a day
  5. As you can see from photos and drawings like Zactoman's, the camo pattern on each airframe is different. Your best bet is to find photos of the particular airframe you are building and use those as your guide. Some Su-33's have been photographed extensively. For instance Bort Red 80 has a complete walkaround and many more photos, making it one of the more documented camo schemes. Its the one I am doing in 1/48 with the Kinetic kit.
  6. There is no lack of aftermarket for the Trumpeter Mig-23 series. Aires cockpits, wheel wells, exhaust. Eduard cockpit, wheel wells, exhausts, and various PE sets. Beautiful Yahu Models colored PE cockpit instrument panels for the Mig-23MF. As I mentioned in the previous post, Metallic Details parts, Cold War Studio. As Des states, its up to you what you want to get out of the build, Trumpeter makes a number of Mig-23 versions (and Mig-27 variants, but those are a whole other story). You can get parts to improve the accuracy of some of the versions made. Despite the issues with the accuracy, y
  7. Cold War Studio is going to release an updated version of their Mig-23BN Nose Correction set. The original set has been discontinued, unfortunately. It is a pretty extensive correction set. Here's a link to the original: http://coldwarstudio.com/MiG-23 BN nose correction set for the Trumpeter kit in 1/48 scale product/ They are also working on corrected air intakes for Mig-23s in general and a corrected nose set for the Mig-23ML/MLD. Aires and Eduard make resin air intakes but I don't know how much they correct any shape issues there. I am assuming that the 1/48 Mig-23 inherited
  8. I just thought I'd mention that KASL makes a slat conversion set for the Hasegawa F-86F-40. The48ers has it: https://the48ers.com/f-86f-40-slat-set.html
  9. Here's something else to consider. If you do an early version with the lighter RAM tape, those areas do not have the metallic sheen of the Have Glass areas. One reason to do an airframe with the newer all one color scheme, though there are still panels that are a lighter grey color. You can see them at the nose, near the intakes and on the tails of the pic above.
  10. I think at least a year. Since Autumn of 2018.
  11. Just as an FYI. Phase Hanger does make a seamless intake set for the Revell Tornado kits... https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48046-bae-tornado-ids-gr-1-4-adv-seamless-intakes-revell
  12. Any help would be appreciated. Just want to get reasonably close.
  13. This is great Jamie. I know its a bit off topic, but any possibility of doing the same for the colors used on Rafale B/Cs and Ms?
  14. So, not very close is what you're saying? This is fascinating information Jamie. Where can one find more info on the French paint system?
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