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  1. Unbelievable! Your work is beyond just about anything I have seen before. I am awestruck.
  2. Excellent build. Wonderful paint job. May I ask what paints you used? I am planning to build a German F-84F too and wonder what would be accurate colors.
  3. I guess we see different things. I stand by my earlier observations of this area of the kit. AMK has not shown new build up of the kit showing this area, so if they did manage to correct it, then I have not been able to tell.
  4. Actually, looking at the photos and comparing them to actual pics of the aircraft, they still haven't corrected the placement of the IFR probe. The panel lines around the IFR probe are wrong in their shape. Don't know whether that is because of the placement of the probe or if the placement of the probe is wrong because of the problem with the panel lines. The parts themselves appear to be test parts. You can see that in the clear parts which are frosted plastic. As far as I am aware, these parts look the same as those shown the last time they displayed them. Here's a nice pic showing the IFR probe. You can compare it the photos shown in the links provided by Homebee.
  5. OK, thanks. Yours really looks great. Beautiful finish.
  6. Really? I didn't know they released an F-89 with recessed panel lines. All the ones I have read about have raised panel lines. Can you point me to the specific version kit you got? I'd love to do an F-89, just didn't want to deal with raised panel lines.
  7. I believe that is a Revell 1/72 scale kit, not the 1/48, unless you removed the raised detail and rescribed all the panel lines. The 1/48 version has raised panel lines.
  8. mstorin

    Phantom FG1

    This link will take you to a site, courtesy of Modelling Madness, that lists every Hasegawa F-4 Phantom II kit and all the British Phantom kits, including the Revell repops, (as of February 2015). The list includes which sprues each kit contains. The British Phantom list can be found below the list of the different sprues in the kis. That sprue list contains a description of what each sprue contains. The page also has lists of the Hasegawa F-15, F-16, F-22, F-14, F/A-18 legacy Hornets and F/A-18 Super Hornet kits. http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48d.htm If you want to know what is included in one of these Hasegawa kits, this site will tell you. Enjoy!
  9. They have been available on e-Bay. I got a set there. I contacted Kitty Hawk through e-Bay to find out when they would be available again as the current batch is sold out. Sophia, a very nice lady that I have been dealing with there, said the earliest was May. These parts evidently take quite some time and effort to produce.
  10. Mike only needs the tracert data from those users unable to access Britmodeller. Since you appear to be able to do that, I don't think he needs your data
  11. Yep, that will work just fine, though one can highlight the text without using the Mark function by just clicking and holding down the left mouse button like you would do in any editor. Then click in the Title bar at the top of the window, select Edit and then select Copy. Or one can highlight the test and then use CTRL+C to copy the text. That's Windows for you. There is always three of four ways to do anything.
  12. One quick hint. Windows users will not be able to use the right-click to select "Copy" in the command window unless they click in the Title bar at the top of the window and then select "Edit". Alternately, once they have highlighted the text they want to copy, they can hold down the CTRL key and press the "C" key. This will copy the highlighted text too. Then it can be pasted into a PM or email. P.S. Mike you should post your request over on ARC and Hyperscale. Those effected won't be able to read this post.
  13. It's beginning to sound like AT&T may be the culprit. Too early to say definitively. Anyone else using AT&T services and not able to connect?
  14. I knew that "blacklisting" rumor didn't sound right. It is usually the other way around when ISP block IP address suspected of being spammers or the like. Ilias over at The48ers has had problems with Earthlink, the provider of my e-mail. Earthlink would block all of the e-mails coming from Ilias's servers. Usually would take Ilias contacting Earthlink to get their servers unblocked. Sounds like something like this is what is happening with Britmodeler and some US ISPs. At least, that's my guess.
  15. Some people on the other forums state that Britmodeller has "blacklisted" ISP like Verizon in the past. This doesn't seem to make sense to me, but could one of the admins please confirm or deny that this is occurring?
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