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  1. Spoilers definitely not open on the line!
  2. Unable to not see the duck now! Great work Jörgen, love the dayglo on the camouflage model
  3. Can you amend that to read you took the wife for a manicure or delete the RAF out of your tag, cos this will give the Cod-heads and grunts so much ammo to use against us! Enjoying the start of the project! Ian
  4. Yabadabadoo! Caught up at long last, taken all weekend due to the many diversions to Wikipedia to look up anything/everything, another diversion to LMS to pick up a Stringbag for the stash. I have been laughing or close to tears, at the tales as they unwind. The mention of Winkle Brown a reminder that my Grandad was a fellow survivor of the sinking of HMS Audacity. The bringing-to-life of this great ship with photos from all over the world and the research that has gone into it. The skills on display from Crisp and Foeth are amazing, well done all!
  5. Do Blue Peter still make the Advent coat-hanger thingy? They did it through my whole childhood and a bit into my kids’ too, when I could get them onto decent tv. We never ever had an empty washing up liquid bottle when I was a kid, possibly because they were used as super-soakers at the time and so parents binned them sharpish!
  6. I remember when they introduced the DH TR7, it was and to my eyes still is one of the best looking cars from the 70’s and 80’s. I was that impressed with it I went to the NEC Motor Show even though I couldn’t drive! Couldn’t get near it!
  7. I had the pleasure of working on the mighty Canberra PR9 with its Avpin starter, they gave us an asbestos glove just in case as the 10kg CO2 extinguisher was no use if it dribbled out of the starter exhaust and ignited. Same sort of thing on the Hunters and Lightning’s too. One of our Landrovers disappeared in a poof of Avpin as the watering can type dispenser fell over and may or may not have found a source of ignition. I was gobsmacked to learn that the Javelin used a cartridge starter/ Avpin hybrid system, the cartridge gases forcing the Avpin into the combustion chamber! I only had one problem with it, when a very early model Casio watch started bubbling on my wrist!
  8. Dave, the lower left-hand aux air door had steel sheeting over the rear part of the inside to protect it from the starter exhaust. Don’t ask me where that dame from as last time I saw one was in 1989!
  9. Hi Ced, on the C Mk 2 the rooves were solid, on the Mk 1 they were Perspex
  10. In the early 80’s the Devons were flown with four seats and a table for the VIP and the life raft filled a seat frame and there was a bulkhead with a door between the pax compartment and the Elsan. The carpets fitted were either blue/grey or brown, one was for the VIP fit, the other for normal people.
  11. It would be quicker to taxi to it’s destination!
  12. I don’t think the armourers would be too happy having conventional training weapons and buckets of instant sunshine in the same location, too much of a chance for Nordhorn to disappear in a fungi-shaped cloud! The USAF policemen would have frowned on it too!
  13. Not sure if anyone else has answered, but that is the 14 cylinder engine, 2x banks of 7 cylinders, if it was the 9 cylinder t would have one bank of 9.
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