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  1. yes the windshield , and the headlight glass was vacuformed , i also have a 3d printer for pla and i print every scale , it depends on the drawing , and your settings , i print from 1/24 to 1/3 scale
  2. the body was printed by someone i know , the printer was that big that it could print the body in 1 go , but with removing it from the buildplate it was damaged , and after that in shipping even more , as resin is very brittle , and can not stand any heat than it will deform so it took me a fair bit of time to repair it and straighten it out , but it came out good if i say so myself
  3. it's 1/8 scale , mostly 3d printed , body was resin printed , but in a very bad way , compleetly deformed , broken in pieces , so i had to rework the whole body , strengthen it , and shape it back to the correct shape the wheels and tires where printed in pla material, and a lot of small bits as well , the compleet rear end , including gearbox , exhaust , rear tube frame , and so on are all scratchbuild from styreen card and tube , interiour is mostly handmade , all flocked in the correct color , , some parts , like the hearlights and brakedisks, and axles are aluminium and brass ,
  4. hahah , yes i was fighting with the pictures , but sorted now
  5. after about half a year ( maybe more ) i finaly finished my 1/8 scale ( 60 cm long ) porsche 917 k hippie car
  6. the files are all free found online , and easy to print yourself if you have a 3d printer , i am not printing them for others , because i have seen what happened , and it's never good enough , because 3d printing is never 100% perfect but i made a youtube page , with video's of where to find the files , and how to modify them to print them yourself , or have them printed at shapeways if you do not have a printer yourself https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmsrYOH-Li86xGv5W-YYxA
  7. like i said , i have over 2000 models that i can print , from the 1930's to the futuristic prototype / concept cars , and the good thing is , i can print them in any scale i did these real quick in 1/24 scale
  8. i had the wheels specialy drawn up for me , ( before i got the hang of 3d drawing ) from the "original" wheel measurements that i had from trigo btw these are 1/4 scale for i 1/4 scale daytona i have
  9. yes i am a shelby NUT trying to stick to the original as much as i can , working on a 1/8 scale daytona coupe now , based on the original chassis drawings , and loads of detailed pictures of the 6 original ones
  10. that is one amazing car Codger wish i had a real one , my all time favorite car
  11. thanks for the response so quickly you can check out my youtube page i made a month or 2 ago , it shows everything you would like to know , https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmsrYOH-Li86xGv5W-YYxA i print in pla , the cheapest way to print at home , and in my opinion resin is not worth the money , maybe a bit smoother , but it deforms even quicker than pla and breaks very easely and you still need to sand , sand , sand
  12. hello everyone , it's been a while since i have been here finished my 1/3 jaguar xj13 , and my 1/8 cobra ( 2x ) after that i did a 1/12 gt40 by trumpeter , and than .... nothing for a while , as we moved house , and i had to stuff everything in boxes after the move i got myself a 3d printer , and i have been figuring out how to work with that , drawing in 3d , modifying 3d models so i can print them , and collecting car models in 3d , i have over 2000 car models right now that i can modify and print , and i plan on printing lots of them to build in 1/8 scale
  13. Roy , the jaguar xjr-9 was not a kit , they where the actual windtunnel models from twr ,, the molds where owned by lesley thurston for a long time and he build a few to sell and for the jdht , a few years ago he sold all the molds and bits and pieces the current owner does not want to sell anything , sadly , i know because i asked him ,
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