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  1. The Zvezda has everything for this version, including geometry
  2. In terms of assembly, the model is quite pleasant. There are questions in terms of working through it. But if desired, this issue is solved with a quinta, wheels and hands
  3. I have a generally positive impression of the model. The problem was only in the positioning of the parts the main landing gear My personal advice on assembly - is not to follow the instructions, but to think for yourself how best and in what order to assemble. I always do this with all models. - fuselage - first assemble the half of the fuselage, and already integrate the interior into them, so you can avoid inconsistencies between the front part of the fuselage and the main one - glue the engine hoods in advance, if you do a closed version - glue the wing at the very end - canopy - carefully, very carefully glue with super-liquid glue tamiya or similar and then putty the seam there is a photo in the process of work - before painting - before repainting - after repainting
  4. I want to present a model of the Mi-24V Czech Air Force 1/48 Zvezda The set is widely known, thanks to heated disputes over the details and the lack of riveting. The model was built in three months as part of the "Fifth Battle Royale" competition in the Arma Models group. According to the details - due to the compressed (for me personally, they may seem like an eternity to someone) deadlines, I did quite a bit. Improvements - I deepened the stitching on the model, although I started to deal with this issue after I smoked the fuselage, as a result, in some places I had to suffer a little with the restoration of the splice - riveting from arma. Here, through my own fault, I caught problems with the peeling rivet, some of which remained until the end - fans in the cabin, but during subsequent work, one of them was still lost from the navigator's cabin - equipment of the navigator's cabin. A semblance of instrument equipment was made on the starboard side - the pilot's footrest on the starboard side - the absence of FCP on the prototype. Interestingly, this option of the pylon itself is provided, but the top of the console does not provide such an option, as a result, you need to carefully putty and change the embroidery in this place - antenna extensions on the belly - if there are masts for them from above, there is no hint from below - the most noticeable cables have been added to the rotor - pilot's footrest on the right side Extensions - wheels from arma - a pretty nice add-on, quite similar to itself and well-developed - a machine gun and LDPE from the Master is a great thing - blocks B8-B20 from arma models - the cabin from the Quinta-studio der the Czech repainted in black (there is a set for NATO, but judging by the photo, this board was not finalized), otherwise no questions - excellent decals The model came out imperfect, with a lot of jambs, but given the limited time, I still like the result. Sorry for my english
  5. Arma, russian model shop https://arma-models.ru/catalog/dekali/am4843_dekal_obemnaya_dlya_imitatsii_zaklepok_mi_24_ot_zvezdy/
  6. Not recomended. The length of the ship in the drawing corresponds to the Kongo BEFORE the modernization, that is, 213m. And the version of the ship for 1944, that is, it should be 222m. As a result, the drawing is suitable only for lighting the stove But the model from Aoshima corresponds to the prototype and in terms of just 222m. The difference is clearly visible in the photo
  7. Tamiya it has no significant shortcomings, which is in 72, which is in 48 72 - just a reduced 48 in everything but partitioning comparison in two parts http://scalemodels.ru/articles/12042-obzor-1-48-Bf109G-6---TAMIYA-protiv-zvezda---chast-1.html http://scalemodels.ru/articles/12043-obzor-1-48-Bf109G-6---TAMIYA-protiv-zvezda---chast-2.html
  8. a scary copy of the scary Trump. It looks like 109 only from a distance
  9. Nice model. Congratulations. But. the First two axes on the real MAZ-543M, can only turn together! That is, the first two wheels must be turned synchronously either to the left or to the right. Unfortunately the model does not implement the connection between the first two axes
  10. It's simple. The Zvezda in the color options/configuration is correct
  11. Single seater On this there is a resolution of the State defense Committee of September 9, 1942. In which there is Point 2. To produce, starting from September 15, 1942 at plants No. 18 and 381 Il-2 aircraft with a wooden wing console, on the model of Il-2 aircraft produced by plant No. 1. Signed: Chairman of the GKO I. Stalin https://postimg.cc/Yhf7z80n Is it worth further analyzing your theses that there were no guns, but the planes were produced somehow?
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