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  1. Tamiya it has no significant shortcomings, which is in 72, which is in 48 72 - just a reduced 48 in everything but partitioning comparison in two parts http://scalemodels.ru/articles/12042-obzor-1-48-Bf109G-6---TAMIYA-protiv-zvezda---chast-1.html http://scalemodels.ru/articles/12043-obzor-1-48-Bf109G-6---TAMIYA-protiv-zvezda---chast-2.html
  2. a scary copy of the scary Trump. It looks like 109 only from a distance
  3. Nice model. Congratulations. But. the First two axes on the real MAZ-543M, can only turn together! That is, the first two wheels must be turned synchronously either to the left or to the right. Unfortunately the model does not implement the connection between the first two axes
  4. It's simple. The Zvezda in the color options/configuration is correct
  5. Single seater On this there is a resolution of the State defense Committee of September 9, 1942. In which there is Point 2. To produce, starting from September 15, 1942 at plants No. 18 and 381 Il-2 aircraft with a wooden wing console, on the model of Il-2 aircraft produced by plant No. 1. Signed: Chairman of the GKO I. Stalin https://postimg.cc/Yhf7z80n Is it worth further analyzing your theses that there were no guns, but the planes were produced somehow?
  6. Here you can clearly see the balancers (metal wing) and short barrels (ShVAK), the car dates back to the fall of 1941. Just a box version of painting/marking. Until the summer of 1943, there was a shortage of VYA guns, so the Shvaks were put in parallel. https://postimg.cc/ppzrnww3
  7. No. From this model you can make a car for 1941 with a metal wing and 20mm guns
  8. But P-51 Bronco it has a very similar breakdown into details as P-51 Meng
  9. First build https://karopka.ru/community/user/13058/?MODEL=582656
  10. One moment. ARMA sells its add-ons only to those who have pre-ordered them
  11. Problem with geometry
  12. Hello. The seam on top and bottom of the fuselage should be...
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