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  1. I was looking at Pheon decals site and noted that they had decals for 1/48 Hawker Demons. I would love to purchase a Hawker Demon in that scale but I don't know where I could buy one. Any leads on where to purchase one? I can't imagine they produced decals for scratch builds. Thanks. Also sorry if this is a really stupid question.
  2. Meant to say - I am late to this build but it looks great. I have the kit in the stash and hope to do it justice. With this build on the site - no excuses possible. Should have read more carefully before posting.
  3. I am lat eto this buid ut it looks great. I have the kit in the stash hope to do it justice. With this build on the site - no excuses possible.
  4. Bleech White tire cleaner can also work
  5. Instructions what are these instructions of which you speak.
  6. Wasn't there a recess in the fuselage that the hook fit into. That was my impression. My kit (New Airfix) is packed up but I seem to remember a three bladed prop. I believe that Blackbird models made a dinghy and arrestor hook.
  7. Thanks I will try that.
  8. This kit holds up well. You did a great job on it.
  9. this is one of those kits I have never seen actually built. it looks great. thanks for posting.
  10. Looks great. So neatly done. I have this kit in the stash. Hope to get to it soon.
  11. Just an incredible result. This is among the few of these kits I have ever seen completed.
  12. It's always inspiring to see such beatiful work on vacs. Thanks for posting.
  13. I will be in Prague at the end of a cruise. Hotel is in downtown , Wont have a car any ideas for best two or three shops or sites would be appreciated. Time frame is October. Thanks
  14. I am not an expert on this topic but am interested. It seems that a claim that aircraft would be repainted in the same scheme but with different paint would require extraordinary evidence. I do not doubt the sincerity of anyone's belief but the evidence is all based on low contrast between tones in black and white photos that doesn't seem to fit the definition of extraordinary evidence, so I must agree with the two previous postings.
  15. I meant the Japanese Aircraft Interiors book by Robert Mikesh. Still listed at 299. I haven't figured out how to grab the listing
  16. Thanks for rubbing it in Seriously I almost never regret buying good references
  17. I kick myself for not buying the Mikesh book when it was new, now it's on Amazon at $300.
  18. I built the Smer kit and never noticed the exhaust problem. That would be frustrating.
  19. I would love to get a Hawker Demon in 1/48 as well. Again an aircraft that wouldn't be as popular as a 109, but a neglected airplane. I know that Aeroclub did one but have never been able to find one.at less than $100
  20. I know its pretty good. I built it this year. It needs some work in the cockpit and a few other odds and ends. If they put out a set of decals with 4 or 5 options of 30's aircraft I would buy several
  21. I have used Tamiya for dark earth straight and it is just too red in my opinion. I am going to try the Gunze and may try the custom mixing option.
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