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  1. Looking forward to follow this one, everything I’ve seen this far looks great!
  2. And yes, the engine works http://sendvid.com/m5iw6ui3
  3. The rest of the images of this build can be found in Ready for inspection - Honey I'm home! Thank you very much for all kind support and for watching. All the best! Thomas
  4. Here is the final images of my effort to make a kind of a what-if. What if an old F4U Corsair was found and flown home... You can read all about the background in the build log Thank you all for watching!
  5. Next step was to add decals and weather the bird. I bought someone's old car decals and added these to give it the right feeling. After that I gave almost all of the decals a rough experience to add age and feeling of a plane that had been living in a backyard for many years. I'm not sure if it will be visible. But there is oil leaks, fuel stain, faded paint and different greens from algae. Then I connected the aircraft to the base, connected all wires and here it is, the finished product.
  6. Back in town and small update from todays work. Started on the port side wall with thick cardboard. I tried to make it follow the structure and to make it stay where I wanted I glued some extra cardboard. Looking from the inside I eyeballed and drew some lines where the floor would meet the wall. And then I started to make something that would look like a structure. That’s it for now, cheers!
  7. Peter I’ve been there every once in a while. They have a store ten minutes from here, down town. You need a lot of time to be able to see everything they have. I believe they have something from all different kinds of SF.
  8. Thank you, for being my first time I like it too. Thank you, sorry for keeping you waiting. I made my vacation as disconnected as possible, but now I’m back. Next step was to make the pilot, with the base from the kit some modifications was made to him. The uniform was painted with other colors to look more like a shirt and jeans and the face was remodeled to look more like my coworker. (But my love tells me I made a copy of myself!?) Anyhow this is what we got: The right hand was chopped of because a rockabilly rebel never lands with both hands on stick. Oh no, one hand on the stick and one holds a... ...bottle of beer. (Non-alcoholic beer of course if you swedish law enforcers are following this thread ) Clear round sprue was heated and stretched as a bottle and then painted with green food coloring mixed with clear varnish.
  9. Next step in the build was making the diorama. I bought a picture frame that gave me the general size of the size of the ground to be built. The ground was made from some grout I had on the shelf and that was sprayed with water to give it an uneven surfaceand painted brown after it had dried. I made a sewer from a piece of pipe and started to give the bottom of the drain a poisonous look. Some green color was added to give the impression of algea and such. I added some brown color to resin and poured it ...and there all work was lost. The resin covered it all... well you live and learn they say. To give the diorama some direction of motion I had made the road go diagonally across. The road was made from dark pebbles from the local model train shop. (an ok product I guess, but next time I’d use plain sand and paint it black. ) Then I painted the road in different shades of black and dark grey to give the impression of an old road. I took different dried herbs from the kitchen, made smaller pieces of it and glued it with diluted PVA along the road. The grass was made from ordinary model grass. I made some deathcaps from needles + PVA and paint, I thought they suited the theme And some more detail was made on the poisonous drain water. I took. Some more herbs and put it randomly to make the grass look less even. A small bridge was made from matches glued together and weathered with different shades of grey color. And a bone from something was buried beneath it.
  10. Thank you Håkan, as I wrote this was finished a while ago so right now I’m trying to remember how I thought while building. I guess there is a lesson to be learned for me somewhere in this
  11. How about if you make a coil from metal wire and cut it open, that could be made into a hand.
  12. Thank you for those kind words it feels good that I have contributed to someone else of what little I know. First week has been spent in the Stockholm area, no larger finds of bits and pieces here. But from next week I’m up north and since all of my relatives have some sort of a collector gene there can will be trouble...
  13. To give the bird the look I wanted I started with a mottled surface Then I covered different panels with various colors to make an impression of an aircraft made up from different donors. No matching numbers here Pale blue from the sun bleached original: The pale blue was heavily weathered to give the impression of much use: After this I covered some parts with tape and started to make room for the donor parts. How about darker blue panels from the spare parts shelf? And the grey panels are most probably home made or was there grey Corsairs? Who knows, it adds detail matching my intention All finished we have something like this:
  14. One more post and than I will try to be quiet, I promise Starboard side from the front: The large black thing is a leftover from an auto shop. Looks like a pump for the windshield wipers, but I’m not sure. As you can see it’s to this where I connected one part of the headset parts. Going backwards it continues, all parts in khaki colour is from that old airfix kit I mentioned earlier. More details (more is more ) And in the pit beside the tank you’ll find some wheels I didn’t feel like throwing away. In total it look something like this, I know that the 3M-thingy isn’t level with the rest of the build. But it isn’t glued into place yet, so don’t worry Now, I’m off for the summer. No building and no updates in this thread. I will write about some other builds in other threads so if you want to read, check out my signature and you can find more of my creativity. Have a great summer you all! I will keep myself busy by sitting listening to the silence of the northern forests of Sweden, drinking coffe, feeding mosquitos and eat some surströmming
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