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  1. Seversky, thank you for your reply look forward to your next build!
  2. I must ask what brand of matt did you use and mixing ratio to thinner? also all the little scratches on the green how did you do that and what colour did you use? again amazing work!
  3. Please consider doing a video!!! you could posted it to YouTube or Facebook truly amazing! Please think about I would even pay money to watch you paint a model to this level!
  4. Amazing! work! I am building this kit too. Mathy do you have step by step of this build please? I very much want to use it as a guide? Just wow!!
  5. Nicely done again. Thank you for the reply. what sandpaper grit did you start with and then sand the whole model to before painting? the finish is amazing.
  6. Just amazing work!! Well done! I must ask what tools did you use to scribe your panel lines? did you sand the raised panel lines down first?
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