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  1. I reiterate the earlier (and later) comments. The work (both model and photography) is of a very high quality. Very interesting subject and wonderfully portrayed. The comment about the transverse engine layout made me wonder if the engine was not pre stressed and thus there is a load bearing structure between the car chassis and gearbox. Hence the engine needed to be supported within this structure and hence its transverse orientation for convenience and weight distribution.
  2. Roy et al Firstly a Hi. I’m glad you are still in the MP4/6 game. I’m not sure if this will help but this Youtube video does show the silver trumpets. However this car my well be a composite of an actual race car configuration. Regards and and best wishes.
  3. To the Eagle T1G build team and supporters Great to read the latest instalment. It is looking a fabulous model and worthy of all the hard work (and frustrations). A great credit to everyone and I hope your efforts will be recognised by a wider audience of the power of collective humankind and consideration. Best wishes and thoughts. Quentin (Leicester UK) PS I have always found Robert and the RB Motion parts to be exceptional as well.
  4. To the whole of the outstanding Eagle T1G team There are times when there is a confluence of modelling, engineering and art and some of the latest work for me definitely inhabits that exaulted territory. It is a fabulous effort and great example (and we need these at this time) of the best of humankind. Wonderful work by everyone. Best wishes Quentin
  5. Of all the things that have occurred in 2018, the 1:20 Eagle T1G WIP has reminded me that humankind has a good side and that good side is very good and worth supporting and holding on to. I am purely a bystander but every post reminds me that whatever the trials of the day that may have befallen me, there is always the strength of humankind that overcomes and provides that important perspective. This work is shining a very bright light on the goodness humankind and should be applauded to the rafters for that. I would like offer my best wishes to everyone, either directly involved (Paul's family, Sam & Codger), or support this project (too many to call out but you know who you are) a Merry Christmas and every best wish for 2019. Regards Quentin
  6. I have come very late to this thread, however I’m glad I have. It is a great credit to everyone involved and restores faith in humanity especial in these times of dubious religious and political extremes. I hope everyone involved and following will take the time to reflect on this fabulous selfless endeavour. While the final model will be extremely important to Paul’s family it would be nice to have the opportunity to see it at a model show especially if presented with the back story. It offers a great message to everyone. Best wishes Quentin
  7. Tim Have you tried Thunder Valley F1 (http://thundervalleyf1.com/) who have a wide range of upgrade parts? Their brake sets are works of art in their own right. It is worth checking with Paul Raterink (owner - see web site for contact details) first as while he is very well meaning parts can be slow in arriving. The quality is never in doubt though. Hope this helps.
  8. Kevin A very nice start. I still have a version built in the 80's and still like looking at it. The design (not my build alas) of the car/model shows what great engineering can do. I hope you continue to enjoy the build and I'll follow it if that is ok. Regards Quentin
  9. Paul The model looks fantastic. A very interesting subject. Thank you for allowing us to follow your progress. Best wishes
  10. Roy Many thanks for your reply. I am glad you are still very active as your MP4/6 posts just seem to stop late last year and I feared the worse. I agree that the TV castings are interesting rather than exceptional but I fear that if you use them all the weight of the finished model would be considerable. You are undoubted a highly skilled modeller and your lathe work seems to be in the same vain. I hope this new passion will serve you well and I will keep an eye out for when you return to the Mac. As you say it is a great model but a mighty project. Best wishes and I will look out for your posts. Regards
  11. Roy I trust you are well. I am new to the Britmodeller forum but I have been bowled over by the general support for everyone who posts their work. I, like some of the other contributors to your very comprehensive updates of your progress, have the MP4/6 on the 'to do list'. Your dedication and detail bring to mind Andy Mathews's work but I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and observations and will await the developments with considerable interest. On the AM front, do you have any views on the Thunder Valley (from Paul and his team) offerings? I have the brake and suspension set which are of very high quality. Many thanks and best wishes.
  12. Many thanks for your comments. I will try the cross hatching technique next time. Shame about the dog and figures but I await the next instalment with considerable interest. Best wishes.
  13. Thank you for the update. The speed and quality of your work is very impressive. I'm interested in your comment about the use of the rattle can (Hycote Rover Flame Red) as I have never found these easy to use to give a consistent finish with the exception of the Matt or satin blacks. Your coat seems of air brush standard. Is there any special technique you have? The running gear (chassis?) looks very nice and clean. Very nice build. Just an idle thought, was the dog included? Regards
  14. It is a very nice piece of work. I'll be very interested in seeing the running gear when it's finished.
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