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  1. I think the major bit you could improve on is the demarcation between the two colours as that is at the moment the most obvious flaw to me, the rest of the paint job is actually pretty good, seems pretty smooth and you got the metallic part of the propeller looking nice and shiny. Also I would paint the inside of the engine cowling as it's quite visible. Decals look good as well, no silvering that I can see. As for the colours I haven't built any USN aircraft so I really don't know. I'm sure that as long as you have fun building them they will continue to get better and better, and don't worry everybody has to start somewhere, here's my first.
  2. Finished this one as a birthday gift for a friend who is really into Mosquitoes, this is the second plane that I finished and it certainly won't be the last. The kit is typical Tamiya which means that it basically falls together, I built it mostly OOB except for some wiring in the cockpit (which is nigh invisible now). Painted with Vallejo acrylics.
  3. Holy crap Stix that is just epic, love how the whitewash turned, love your paint job, just phenomenal on all fronts.
  4. The external fuel tanks were pretty much permanent unless they lost them somehow. The smaller drums are also external fuel tanks, note that until the IS-3 none of the external fuel tanks on soviet tanks were actually connected to the internal fuel supply, when the internal supply was gone they would have had to manually siphon the fuel to the internal tanks.
  5. Lloyd as far as I know the T-10 did not see any combat however it's predecessor the IS-3 did see combat during the six day war while in Egyptian service, it did not end well for them.
  6. Love the unusual look of these soviet heavy tanks with their pike nose and low pancaked turrets.
  7. Very nice work. I like the contrast between the hard edge ambush camouflage and the white wash and the 'patchy' look of the white wash which makes it look like it was applied by hand using whatever tools available. Also modelling show in Friesland? Where and when? I went to the Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven last Saturday and had a lot of fun but it was 4 and a half hour with public transportation from Surhuisterveen so it would be nice if there was one a bit closer to home
  8. Just a heads up stix, on my kit those six tabs on the lower hull severely interfered with putting on the fenders and the other upper hull assemblies, in the end I had to cut them of. Of course it's entirely possible that I made a mistake so yours might work with the tabs in place.
  9. I am kind of hoping that Meng or Takom will come out with a Jagdtiger in 1/35 scale with full interior in the next year or so, if they don't I might do a Ryefield mid production Tiger or a King Tiger with the Porsche turret.
  10. I'm in, lots of different vehicles to choose from, Ausf A, B, C, D, E, F1, F2, G, H, J, Jpanzer IV (V, A), Wirbelwind, Nashorn, Stug IV, Hummel, Ostwind, Brummbär
  11. Great work, the ISU-152 is a beast of a vehicle and in your scene it looks just about ready to blast a building (or two) back into the stone age.
  12. Awesome work as usual stix. I just picked up their Panzer III ausf J (tropical) and yes there are a lot of parts but I'm confident that in your hands the result will be nothing less than spectacular
  13. Well it was a bit of work but I managed to get it done before the deadline Overall I'm quite pleased with the results, I played around with some oils and pigments to try and give it a dusty faded look and I think I've achieved my goals although there's always room for improvement. I accidentally dropped the tank and managed to break 3 axles and lose 2 road wheel hubs, I managed to find one of the hubs but the other is sadly lost forever you can see this on the second road wheel on the left side. I left the roof of the turret and the upper hull loose so I did not have to hide the interior. Although gluing the top of the hull to the bottom would have resulted in a neater rear of the tank this would hide most of the interior detail and with the way I have displayed it the gap is not very obvious but I can still take it apart to see the interior. Overall I like the kit, I think it builds up into a good representation of the tank interior included but I did have some issues: - Gluing small parts such as grab handles on to the clear hull and turret was a nightmare since they just wouldn't stay on the tank. - Supposedly some weld seams are missing because of the hull and turret being clear but the weld seam around the bow machine gun mount is present so it's weird that some are there but others not. - The suspension is designed to be workable and as a result is quite a complex assembly with springs, in my opinion this is a bit gimmicky as the only time you'll see this is if you place it on a diorama of some sort also I couldn't get the front road wheels to work and with the broken axles means that the suspension on my kit is now static. - The idler wheel has two positions however for the amount of track links I used (72 as on the original) the tracks were either way too tight or way to loose, this meant that I had to cut of the locating tabs and manually set the position of the idler wheel, however this might not necessarily be AFC club's fault since it's possible that Friul got the length of the track links wrong. Overall I recommend this kit if you want a T-34 with interior however if I had to choose between the clear edition or the regular one I would pick the regular one, however since I got this one second hand I didn't really have a choice.
  14. AFV Club T-34/85 Friul metal tracks WIP: here
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