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  1. Revell lights action sound Huey. Straight out of the box just some headaches with the wiring.
  2. Finished at last the wiring did cause me some headaches but I got there in the end. And a youtube link as well.
  3. After a fruitless search for my LEDs I gone back and had another go this time it's worked and I have the twin pilots painted . The so called soft tips are not that soft as they distinguished before my eyes so I have just filled in the ends so the rotors will be a little shorter.
  4. I am going to renew the wiring as I found the stuff in the kit is a bit brittle and not user friendly.
  5. Let the build commence and I will be doing a page by page build so here's the first two pages at the moment no glueing witch make's it that little bit easier.
  6. I found this classic lurking at the back of the stash a few bits started but I have been given the ok to start. I will be building straight out of the box with no alterations just I would have done years ago. First of all the bits and pieces time.
  7. I don't know if this one can be included as I found it lurking in a dark corner there are parts put together but most of it will be unpicked and restarted here's what I found. It could be bordering on the 25% rule but I thought I safer to ask.
  8. I built this one for a group build elsewhere and one I enjoyed even though the choice of colour was somewhat dubious hence why it's red.
  9. I don't think I posted this one so just in case I Will pop this one in a nice little kit but getting a bit hard to find. One that I enjoyed building.
  10. Bell 206 Bell Jet ranger Austrian Police. Straight out of the box build and no build issues.
  11. That's another finished and far better than the first just straight out of the box.
  12. I got it for this one but I thought it would look better in red.
  13. Heller 1\50 Gazelle. Kit not bad but the decals are bl***y awful and I will leave it at that.
  14. Despite the decal issues I hit upon an idea I have laid the decals on wet varnish and put more on top while still wet it seems to have done the Trick.
  15. Almost there just windows and decals to go I will leave it for a few days to let the paint settle
  16. Here's the next update. I have the interior sorted the tail is fitted as is the tail rotor and the front engine cover.
  17. Next update here's the work I have been doing The cockpit is almost finished and finally some paint and without realising I brought some blue paint for a car project but I didn't need it but it matches the colour I need perfectly.
  18. Made a start on the engine and engine bay and given it a bit of weathering and also I have drilled out the exhaust pipes as well.
  19. I hope this goes better than my first attempt I do have a couple pieces missing but I do have a victim to candle for spares.
  20. Airfix 1\24 Mkla. Straight out of the box build a little bit of weathering.
  21. Finished at last despite losing most of my pictures
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