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  1. peterairfix

    What have you purchased / been given

    Had a little windfall and I found this one in my not so local model shop and it has the full Eduard pe set
  2. Built using a Airfix 1\48 red arrows hawk and altered to predict a earlier machine by using extra decals. But using a later machine it may not be entirely accurate but I am pleased with the result. And unusually for me I did both pilots.
  3. peterairfix

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    And a picture of contentment.
  4. peterairfix

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    This is my second one and my last for the moment and quite a friendly kit with no major dramas the only real was the bent b pillars but the cured itself when the windows went in. The colours are a mix of tamiya and for the main body copy is hycoat car paint.
  5. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    And here's the final pics before the final put together so far it's not given me many problems
  6. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Thanks for the tip I was going down that route but I felt that the detail was so shallow that I wouldn't have really worked.
  7. peterairfix


    Been waiting for this to turn up so will be watching with interest
  8. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Started on the chassis today and had some cleaning up of the suspension and transmission components to do and the started to install them.
  9. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Finally got some colour on the body and I didn't want to go with the silver so I have gone with the nearest green to one of the original colours witch is a metallic green. the pics go from under coat,top coat and then gloss coat
  10. peterairfix

    Trooping The Colour 9th June 2018

    For the third year in a row I am working so I will have to catch the highlights later. Oh well maybe next year.
  11. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Some more work done this time it's the mould seems on the body it mainly on the front wings and just near the rear windows and a bit of body work straighting to do as well
  12. peterairfix

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Time for a start it's only the wheels for the moment I can't get the proper wire wheels look as it's beyond my skills so it will have to remain as they are. Starting with the untouched wheel with all the flash. And then the cleaned up and finally the painted and finished. Only another three to go
  13. peterairfix

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Time I put my now long departed three cats from years back. This pic was taken when they were all over 10 years old. The black one is sonic, the tabby one is buggs and the ginger was called bramble.
  14. peterairfix

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    I have just found out that cat food now contains real cats just imagine my surprise when I opened the box and this popped ou
  15. As there is a classic airfix group build on at the moment I thought I would drag this out long lost Escort and give it a dust off. If I remember correctly it was a straight out of the box build before the old airbrush came along.