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  1. Well done, Pat, and thanks to @Enzo the Magnificent. My summer holiday is due to start about then so good timing for me and hopefully a big help to all the other runners.
  2. Dave and @JOCKNEY, some of us snails would appreciate an extension to the GB - are you able to open negotiations?
  3. Lovely work, Charlie. You made helicopters a fascinating subject for me - realised I knew nowt about it! The whole sequence on the rotor blades build and technicalities was an epic in itself (did they get a mention in the gallery post?) Well done! Regards, Mike.
  4. The Hotspur is coming along nicely, Richard. When I built one of these, I remember seeing a very slight dihedral on reference photos - it maybe depends on the angle you are viewing. https://www.alamy.com/a-general-aircraft-gal48-hotspur-glider-on-display-at-the-army-flying-museum-a-military-aviation-museum-in-stockbridge-hampshire-uk-image397211079.html I found some plans which showed a slight dihedral but later someone told me I was looking at plans for a flying scale model! Although it says of dihedral, 'This design helps to increase stability and prevent the aircraft from rolling, especially during turns' which may be relevant for a glider full of troops (8, I think). Good luck with the black and yellow stripes if you go for that colour scheme! All the best, Mike.
  5. Adrian, that test pilot has a lovely head of hair but you’re going to have to put a helmet on him as well! Unless it was a badge of honour to fly without, of course!
  6. Steve, the Aquilon is looking svelte now with the blue going on (brushed?) Keep it up and I'm looking forward to seeing it with transfers on, as no doubt you are too! All the best, Mike.
  7. Of course it will get finished, Pat, just so any of those collectors out there who are drooling over an unbuilt Frog VC10 kit can also feel the pain of knowing what an expensive clunker it really is! There, I feel better after a good moan! The rest of the gang can now put the pressure on you for the kilt pics - just make sure you don't frighten the Leprechauns with your Sgian Dubh! Regards, Mike.
  8. Yes, Pat , and it 's been a dis-aaauuuuster! Those old cheatline transfers plus varnish coating did not stand up to the handling, squeezing, clamping and general pressure required to close up so no pics until I restore a bit of order to the whole thing - it would definitely traumatise seasoned modellers as well as the children. The fuselage seams are filled and being sanded down at the moment. The 'bulb carrier' piece is needing some fettling before it will clip in and I suspect it is thicker plastic than the fuselage so I might need to get the rough file out! I have cleaned up and painted all the wing parts and undercarriage assemblies in prep for assembly to the fuselage and the engine pods are getting last bit of filling / shaping before paint so it's not at a complete stop! Regards from the deepest recesses of the old kit swamp! Mike.
  9. I've got a good excuse for bumping this excellent build back up to the top of page 1! I was at the Scottish National Scale Model Show last Saturday and this caught my eye on the Whif table - looks like an Attacker on floats (didn't they do this to a Spifire for real?) Must be using the kit canopy though as it appears to be sat on top of the fuselage rather than be blended in like wot you are about to do, Dave!
  10. Yes, good call, Adrian. I had fixated on plastic and forgotten about paper as a modelling material! A quick plan is to roll it around a suitable sized felt tip marker, lather with PVA, let it dry, trim to size, slice longways to let it slide around the lower beacon part and then paint as appropriate! Thanks! Now may also be the time to put a bit of weight in the nose as insurance. Hopefully the stand can take it!
  11. Jeff, thanks for staying with it! Thanks Adrian and I think I may prefer the modern kits with the fibre optic harnesses! This must surely be the last picture of the internals that I'll need to post - not sure if it is clear from the pic but the @Rabbit Leader 'packing' has been squeezed in across the width of the fuselage between the bulkheads and below the window line. On top of that is the @PeterB foil to maximise on reflection of light where needed and I have extended the foil over the lower red beacon area to try to keep all that flashing light away from the windows - I really need some sort of preformed plastic tube to butt right up to the provided shield over the flashing bulb, so I am hunting round the house for something suitable - @AdrianMF must have some suggestions here! There is a piece of bubblewrap glued across the front section of windows both sides of the fuselage to try to cut down the brightness from the steady bulb directly behind. Up in the forward area, there is a slice of packing to separate the black cockpit area from the two home made 'light tubes' below which are to channel light down to the nose landing lights, again some foil lining underneath to assist. Also, I have glued a couple of layers of blue celllophane across the opening in the bulkhead that lets the steady light into the cockpit area. Also, I have tried to form up a sort of coaming at the front of the cockpit which will be visible from outside. I'm tempted to put in a couple of 1/144 heads.... When closing up the fuselage, I just need to position in the front undercarriage leg and the rudder which are currently painted white and drying, not forgetting the port side nose landing light tube which will be a b****r to fiddle into place.
  12. This looks like a really interesting build, Adrian. Look at those massive deep radiators on the thin Tempest wing! No wonder they moved them to a chin on the front! I came across a reference to the Hawker Tornado in a copy of the Feb 1941 issue of 'Flight' I got as a Christmas pressie - no mention of Typhoons/Tempests at that time. Maybe a follow on project for some modeller somewhere.....
  13. Lovely work, Adrian, (Past and Current!) That was a lot of additional detail put into the cockpit 'chunk'. I've always fancied doing the Frog Baltimore although I didn't imagine it needed all these corrections as well as improvements. This is an enjoyable build - for us spectators, anyway! Regards, Mike.
  14. Th three bulkheads are in and the flashing beacon and window/tail light tubes fitted. They needed anchoring in the tail space with a daub of Clearfix to keep them in place and I've dry fitted the stabiliser unit to check there is enough of the lights showing. The flashing red beacon on the tail is a perfect length but the steady clear tail light looks a tad long so will get a bit of a trim. I've also strung in the starboard wing light tube (and the port one will follow during close up of the fuselage as it's going to be too restrictive to do afterwards. The starboard nose light 'scratch' tube is in, again anchored with a blob of clearfix - I'm hoping that fills the hole in the nose and brings the light through so it's visible. The flashing red beacon under the fuselage is in and I'm wrapping a piece of plastic round that area to help concentrate / keep the light in. I've been colouring the ends of the light tubes with felt tip pens - needs building up in several coats. Additional light 'insulation will be going in next.
  15. Jeff, this kit has (been) built up beautifully -lovely work! The decals came out really well and set off that aluminium finish. And we now have a new standard set for Frog stands - we'll all need to adopt this method. Well done. Regards, Mike.
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