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  1. Thanks, Sini! I really appreciate that. Not quite the masterclass that you present...and I have learned quite a bit from watching your posts! Looking for more...soon!!!
  2. Hi Chris.... The old Stearman is superb! Just beautiful. I really really like this. Outstanding work on the rigging, too! Wow.
  3. Hi Mike! Absolutely beautiful! Love this kit! You have presented her quite well. I have to agree that messing up the painting of cockpit windows moving to use the photo real ones was a master move! I would love to have one of these kits, and you're inspiring me to procure one. I can imagine that the parts are quite small in 1/144, but hopefully, as you say, enough detail to keep me sharp and make the build worthwhile. Very very nice touch to add the VC-10 in the mix...she's gorgeous too! Thank for sharing....
  4. Hi Dave! Really good to see you back...and most importantly...in good health. From the looks of these beauties, your eyes are absolutely spot on!! Really love the 111. Most of the time, they don't catch the eye; but you have done a cracking job on this one...and it catches and HOLDS my eye! Really love the detail around the nose...and the cable antennae are quite a nice addition as well. I have but one complaint...the pictures seem to have been made in the shade, or possibly an overcast day. The sunlight would have made these builds so bright and even more beautiful! The display of
  5. Hi Sini! Stunning job! Really fine finish. I, too, followed the WIP and we have corresponded much throughout your build; with such a masterclass I am not suprised this one turned out so well. Love the pictures, too...even hurried, they are quite nice and bode well for a fine finish. Paul
  6. Hi Sam! Well this beauty gets a WOW!! Has to be one of the finer 777s I’ve seen posted anywhere. How on earth did I miss the WIP??? Dave says it so accurately, that your WIP is indeed a masterclass. Loved perusing through, reading the story, and studying your techniques for completing such a beautiful build. Thank you for sharing. I have a Revell and Zvezda 777-300 in my stash, wanting to reserve one of them for an American Airlines livery. I am most certain that I’ll return to your example to lead me through the process. WOW!!
  7. Looking really nice, Hayden. Coming along beautifully...looks like you can almost see the finish line! I am really enjoying not just your descriptions and accounts of your experience thus far, but the issues your facing and working through. That is what makes for a nice class on making models better and better. To answer a couple of early questions...the Tamiya Surface Primer is indeed NOT Boeing Gray. If are looking to find a pre mixed version, then I would highly recommend this: http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_product=8261&controller=product Keep in mind that this is
  8. Hi Berk! Very nice work indeed. I really like this model; the detail seems to be quite good, and the decals are top notch. I am certain no one would have known of the issues you faced before the final posting. Never heard of using oven cleaner to remove paint. If I had not seen your post, I would have thought that oven cleaner would be way too harsh for model/styrene plastic use. I've always used lacquer thinner soaked into a course cotton cloth and pressure to remove paint, with no dripping, and good control on where it is applied. I am with you...I don't really like the "new" Lufthansa liver
  9. Nice build, Neil. Looks really really good. Looks as if you have captured the old bird quite well, in spite of the struggles and misfits of this newly presented, yet old mold. I remember building one of these when I was a youngster, many years ago, when they first came out. I remember the engines were a bit strange in their assembly, but nothing that couldn't be surmounted with some patience, putty, and sanding. Looks like you've done quite well indeed!I have one of these in my stash, an original with the old TWA "Globe" livery...bought it for $20 at an airline collectibles show a couple years
  10. Thanks for the replies. I suppose one could wish...or build a "what if" model of the 777-300ER in the early natural metal finish. And I would agree...she IS a great looking jet! Paul
  11. Does anyone know for sure, or have proof of, the very first B777-300ER delivered to American Airlines dressed in the earlier all natural metal livery with the red, white, and blue stripes and "AA" tail? Seems it may have been delivered in the early livery, then quickly painted in the new mica finish before it actually went into service. GeminiJets manufactured N717AN in 1/400 scale in all natural metal, but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of the real airplane anywhere.......thanks for your responses! Paul
  12. Nice work, Mark! Love the old Monogram kit. Its a wonderful representation and fairly detailed too. Did you complete the interior, too? Very nice livery of Buffalo Airways. was enjoying "Ice Pilots" just last night...the DC-3 is Buffalo Joe's favorite airplane! Very good work, indeed.
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