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  1. Hi JJ... What a great story! And what an amazing and unusual build! Didn’t even know this existed...anywhere. What a great kit. And the WIP page is extremely educational...a master class, for sure! Thank you for sharing this! Wowowow! Paul
  2. Hi Ian; What a beautiful build, as usual! Love the Singapore livery as well. Kind of a shame the gold discolored because of the Microsol. Actually, a surprise. I always buy 2 sheets of the livery I’m using just in case of anything that could happen unforeseen. At any rate, you’ve done a magnificent job once again...hats off to the conversion, too. Are you using a particular PE set for pitot tubes, antennae, gear parts, etc.? Paul
  3. Wow! What an amazing difference from the old to the new! You've done an amazing job with the restoration. I would agree that throwing this one in the bin would have been a shame! Glad she was saved and brought back to life! Nice job!
  4. A truly beautiful build, Moa...and I had no idea of this beautiful classic airliner beauty. Really good attention to the detail, and your dedication to the skill of patience has really paid off. Great photos, too. ALL of the photos lend for enhancing such a great subject. Nice, nice job.
  5. Nice build of a sometimes tricky and frustrating kit. And the Pan Am livery on this old bird just makes her look even better!
  6. This is going well! And so fast! Can't keep up! So good to see someone posting a WIP of a classic livery and a classic and beautiful lady airliner! Nice job so far!
  7. Hi John! LOVE this build! Wow! The Thai Air Force livery is absolutely stunning. Didn’t even know this existed! Lends to making the 737 really look beautiful, as she is. Nice, nice job on something unusual and eye catching. Thanks for sharing. And the Bird Dog...have to agree as was said previously...it almost steals the show...but not quite...a cracking build on its own.
  8. Nice job on the tiny bus, Neil! I really enjoy when modelers are straight forward with the admission of "testing" different paints, painting techniques, parts, decals, PE parts...anything...but even overjoyed when things work out as planned, or better! Looks like you got one of the better-than-planned finishes. And rightfully deserved, after a couple mishaps. Hate that you would throw something in the bin because of cement on the fingers...we've ALL had that "little" mishap. Interpreted as a major catastrophe...but...why not save the model...sleep on it, think it through, study some more, be creative...and start sanding it all off and go another route!?!?!? Easier said than done, I know... Really like this BA livery, too, on the Airbus. You've done really well here.
  9. Quite a nice build, as usual, Dave. I really love the old 727-100, and you've brought her to life here. Really classy and classic livery you chose for her, too. always questioned (without really studying closely) the Revell kit's "fat" fuselage. Seems its just a bit over fat, if I may say so..but not enough to really make an eye-popping difference. And the Brengun gear really make a difference in the realism, too. I have a couple questions, resulting from a wish that you would do a WIP thread, so I could follow what you do...learning from a master...school never stops (got that phrase from my good friend to the north)!! I am about to begin a 727-100 build of my own soon, and haven't yet decided on the Airfix or Revell kit. I know that I'll use some aftermarket stuff, like gear, struts, PE parts, AA windows.... 1. Will you go into a short instruction detail of using Milliput? I have not used it before, but suspect I will soon; I've seen some modelers use it to fill windows, as they like the "non-sinking" result as opposed to the Tamiya or solvent based putties. 2. Can and did you secure the wheels/landing gear through the Brengun web site? No one else seems to have them available. Wondering about ordering from them and shipment to the USA. 3. Having NOT built either the Airfix or the Revell kits, do you prefer one over the other? Why? Very, very nice build, as always. Look forward to seeing whatever you post here. Paul
  10. Beautiful build, John...of such a vintage kit. I remember building this one as a kid. Wasn't until much later that I realized that the kit is terribly inaccurate and requires a lot of re shaping. You’ve done a cracking job of building her up beautifully! And I love the livery...makes the old 707 look properly dressed and eye-catching. I have to agree with Dave...you really do get the best out of the Airfix oldies!
  11. Very nice, Ray! Love the old 727-100, and the livery is stunning. Wow. You built this one out of the box?? I don't remember the Airfix kit having y sized nose gear doors, or detailed nose gear wheels. Are those after market parts, or did you fabricate them yourself? Whatever the case...its a beautiful build, and you've enhanced her with the gear doors and wheels. Love the display base, too. Enhances just enough to make the model stand out. Thank you for sharing!
  12. And how beautiful she is, Ian. It is so wonderful to see an AA 747 built and displayed so well. And yours is the standard of inspiration for these beauties. Really love the BA livery...just makes the 747 somehow look even more "stately," and what's even MORE attractive is that she is a -100. Congratulations on a job very very well done. As for the base, it is just perfect...not too much so as to distract from the model itself, but you have accomplished what we all aspire to...getting the base just so as to enhance the presentation and make the model itself the subject of the photo. Very nice indeed. So she gets a WOW!
  13. I think they're amazing...I always admire the OOB builds. when kit comes complete and accurate, there's nothing more satisfying. All the extra stuff we add is, well, extra stuff. I really like the liveries of both busses...nostalgic and not "white whales" as we see so much of nowadays.
  14. Quite a nice build of the old Britannia! She looks like she's the boss on the ramp!
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