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  1. Very nice build, Alex. You make the 1/200s look smashing!
  2. Really a good build, Alex. Love the baby Boeings!
  3. Challenger350Pilot

    Douglas DC-2

    Its just beautiful. Complicated?? You have made it look like a breeze! Beautiful job indeed.
  4. Very nice Viscount! Its always nice to see a beautiful classic AND a great diorama!
  5. Beautiful A350, Dave...yeah, the looks might be a bit “quirky,” but they are most certainly eye-catching beauty! Nice job on a fine model. Inspires us all to add the Revell 350 to the stash.
  6. Challenger350Pilot

    AA 1/144 Scale MD-11

    REALLY!!???? Funny.....And is there someone "mooning" in 29F?? Those photo realistic deals are really nice, for sure.
  7. Challenger350Pilot

    AA 1/144 Scale MD-11

    I agree, Alex...I think this livery suits the MD-11 perfectly. I remember your build...studied it carefully, as a matter of fact. The stripe on the #2 engine was something that caught my eye during research; when I saw it, I knew that it was THE one to build. To my knowledge there was only one MD-11 at Delta that carried that stripe...it was N801DE.
  8. Challenger350Pilot

    1/72 L-1049H Super Constellation

    These are the kindest words...I really appreciate this. This one was challenging to build, for sure. took a very long time, and I nearly ripped out all of my hair. Through dropping the whole thing onto the floor once, making parts to fit, re sculpting one of the engine mounts, disintegrating decals, and some disappointing paint lines...she turned out OK. She sits proudly upstairs across from my workbench, where I see her every time I go there to hack out another model. Thanks to EVERYone for your kind words.
  9. Challenger350Pilot

    Boeing 727-100 Revell reworked 1/144

    Great restoration, Alex! WOW! That's the perfect way to keep an old maid living on!
  10. Beautiful as usual, Alex! Love the old L-1011, and this one is especially welcomed. Thanks, too, for the tips and observations from the EE kit...wondering if I should acquire one or two. Nice job!
  11. Bravo Alex!!! This is absolutely beautiful! Job well done. I remember the old Revell DC-8-61 well...I had two or three of them; even converted on into a -71 using the after market crude resin engines from someplace I don't remember...way before Braz or any of the superior resin providers we have now. And the windows...recessed...crying to be filled. I remember the Revell model as being relatively easy to assemble, parts fitting well, and being a good rendition. I wish Revell would re tool the kit and reproduce it again as they have the 747s. I am very partial to the DC-8-61, for some unknown reason...I think its just a beautiful airplane. To my amazement, I opened up the RFI section this morning and THERE at the top was your beautiful 8. I am about to begin a Minicraft DC-8 which I will finish as a -61. Still doing some research and gathering materials to finish her well. Still am bewildered to see your fine model here as I begin mine. Inspirational!
  12. Challenger350Pilot

    Iberia A321 in 1/144

    Quite nice, Dave! And you are right, the livery suits the A321 just perfectly. I really like the detail on the wings...did you paint the coroguard, or are the wings decaled?
  13. Challenger350Pilot

    AA 1/144 Scale MD-11

    Thank you! In regards to painting the chrome/grey belly...I primed the entire fuselage first with Tamiya surface grey primer from a rattle can, then masked off the fuselage fairings and airbrushed them grey with an enamel household paint that was mixed for me at the local big box home store. The color was matched from a photo taken of the real airplane, then scanned into a computer for color matching. Next, I masked the over the bottom and painted the top with Tamiya TS-26 white, also from a rattle can. Then, I masked the top and fuselage fairings, and airbrushed Alclad gloss black surface primer on the belly, followed by thick coats of Alclad chrome. The sheen on the Alclad bright finishes can be damaged depending on the type masking tape is used. If I am to mask over the bright finishes, I allow it to completely cure for a couple days, then wipe off the excess dust, then carefully mask with Tamiya tapes...they tend to not damage the finish. Important is to allow all of the applied paint, including primer, to cure properly before masking and painting anything else on or around it. Patience is always worth the reward.
  14. Challenger350Pilot

    PANAGRA DC-6B 'Mainliner' (Minicraft 1/144)

    She's absolutely beautiful! Its a rare thing indeed to see a really good rendition of the Minicraft propliners, and you have NAILED it! Nice going. And I love the livery from 8A Decs...heard of them, but have never used them. Thanks for the assurance in your experience. Really really nice. And she stayed buried in a file for years??? I'm glad she did! She can come out NOW for all our pleasure!
  15. Challenger350Pilot

    Building IranAir A300-605R

    Well worth the wait! Looking forward to the final pics. So far this is amazing! Really like the engines! Glad to see the AA models getting some attention, too. Thanks for sharing.