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  1. Very nicely done, Martijn! WOW. The Authentic Airliners kits coupled with fine liveries are in a class of their own. I would echo the compliments on your photography, and most especially the presentation. Looks really nice. Love the runway and taxiway bases...they certainly do NOT take away from the fine craftsmanship on the model build, but add to it. Congratulations on a job well done!
  2. No, definitely not drying and lifting. That could be very hazardous. I think I have been mistaken in where your problem lies. I am not sure what I am implying...I have never built this particular kit, so I really have no idea what I'm talking about. I would suggest, however, that you stick to YOUR plan and experimenting. You'll get it right, I am sure. And I certainly want to know what you've done to get it correct. I was just relaying to you the technique I have used on my models, and that this has worked for me. Going into building this kit, I will be tempted to use my own technique...but will most certainly willing to try something different if it brings accuracy to the real airplane. I have NOT built this particular kit, but hope to someday...and will, since yours is so inspirational. You're doing a bang-up job, and making things fit when they seemingly just will not. I'm learning from your journey...and happy to do so. And...by the way...I definitely wouldn't use Microset on Authentic Airliners decals. Doesn't have an effect.
  3. Looking reeeeallllly good, Mike. Not that this helps, but...I usually apply the cockpit decal first, then trim the cheat line around it, once it has dried thoroughly so as not to move it or rip it in any way. It’ll be interesting to see how you complete this important detail...I’m wanting to learn. Nice going so far!
  4. Thank you! No, I did not buff the white for the finish. I prepped the fuselage carefully, with lots and lots of sanding, including some wet sanding with a very fine grit. Then primed using Tamiya gray surface primer. Some modelers prefer the white primer when using white paint, I just prefer the gray...it allows me to see an uneven finish and tune it up properly. Next, I spray Tamiya TS-26 pure white in small applications...so that the paint has a little time to coagulate and prevent any runs. Takes patience and time to completely spray to get a good finish, then allow a long time...I allowed at least a week...for curing. After all this, no more touching the painted surfaces with bare hands. I always wash, sometimes two or three times, my hands well and dry well, then don clean cotton gloves and handle as little as possible. Damaged finishes by fingerprints or dirty hands just lead to needless huge frustration.
  5. Thank you, John! I agree...the JT3D engines scream "nostalgic!" My first ride on a DC-8 was a -61; I was too young to really appreciate it. Special place in my heart for these old grand birds. Yeah, I'll acknowledge your preference to the VC-10......a beautiful airplane for sure....among many others.
  6. Interesting theory with the brass rods, Mike. Let's see how it goes....tiny drill, tiny holes...hope your sanity and your eyes hold out.
  7. Hi Norbert.... Yes, I did have a source. Found only two photos of this particular airplane in flight; I'm pretty sure they were publicity photos taken very early on. The early DC-8s didn't have corogard, but did have several wing panels and all of the access panels painted a light gray. The over wing emergency exit/egress pathways that are common on today's airliners weren't required on US airliners until sometime after 1969.
  8. I used Alclad black surface prep/ gloss primer, then sprayed Alclad airframe aluminum over it for the finish. A light polish, and she was done. I do allwo it to cure for a day or two, then its ready for masking or applying decals.
  9. Thanks, Jeff! I can tell you that even though the Vintage Flyer cheat lines were quite nice to apply, and somewhat friendly when it came to moving and placing, they were not without their challenges. All the decals around the nose were quite a chore, and took the better part of an entire afternoon to get right. I had sanded away all references around the nose, so all I had for guides and straight lines were the angles of the plastic where the windows would be placed. In addition, once the decals were placed around the cockpit windows, the glareshield had to be trimmed carefully so as not to overlap, and that requires a ton of patience and a brand new #11 Exacto blade. When I order decals, I always order two sheets, the second serving as a stand by in case I screw it completely up. And this, Jeff, is the highest compliment anyone can bestow on a modeler. When one's work inspires another to work on his own and dig out some long neglected project and get back to work, it means the most. I'm glad it motivated you! Now...GET TO WORK!!! And let's see some of YOUR stuff!
  10. Thanks, Ian....yeah, I'm having to create a space for her since I'm out of room. Storing a few books from a shelf so she'll go alongside the MD-11. And yes, she is quite long. As for not putting my feet wrong...well...there are so many little details that were headaches, but turned out well or just OK in the end. At any rate, she's finished and I'm happy with the result. The AA windows lend quite a bit of good detail! They went on easily and were quite "friendly" to placing correctly. The sheet came with extras, with or without the silver frames, so as to accommodate a modeler's choice.
  11. Thank you for the kind words, Dave. I do appreciate your opinion and observations. I agree...the AA window decals look "the business." They worked beautifully, and the sheet included extras in case of mishaps or to add for correct window configurations for particular DC-8 models. United had different configurations from Delta, and some of the European carriers were different as well. As for the Vintage Flyer Decals...I HIGHLY recommend them. They were spot on, easy to apply, and beautifully sharp. They're laser, so the they require a white background. The windows that came with the decals were quite nice; they look more like curtain configurations, and not quite as detailed as the AA decals. I've used them on previous projects and they worked beautifully.
  12. Looking GREAT, Mike! Go! Go! Go! Really good to see the TS-23...it looks just about right. How are the gear and engines coming along? I am really interested in this particular kit. So many have said good things about it, and so many have said not-so-good things about it......passionate one way or the other, not much "meh" for the in between. Yours is looking quite fine.
  13. She’s all done! Posted in Ready for Inspection....go here to see her finished:
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