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  1. Haha! Thank you, Alex! I always appreciate your fine work...to be noticed by you, even if you’re “scratching your head,” is quite a welcomed compliment! She was fun to build, especially converting the -71 kit to the -61, which gave a large challenge throughout the process. Cheers!
  2. Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, both of the Minicraft kits I have, including this one, have warped wings. Next build, at least I’ll be a little ahead in knowing what will need to be done to straighten them. Glad hours weren’t warped. Happy modeling!
  3. Two beautifully done classics! Really nice builds, indeed! Love the old BOAC livery, too...this one is very stately. Very nice job with the AA 707; refreshing to see one of those! Quite nice! I see your bio shows you as a "newbie?" Welcome to BM! You'll find this is a fine place to learn, practice, participate in really good and constructive conversation, take part in complimentary forums, and peruse enjoyable posts. Looking very forward to seeing more of YOUR work here. Cheers! Paul
  4. Just beautiful, Ian...as usual. I have to agree with Dave, as I usually do...the best word here is "inspirational." The 757 is such a beautiful bird, and you have once again captured the beauty by your choice in livery. The Caledonian colors and lines just lend the airplane a classic look that is really unmatched. I'm so glad you made some remarks about the paints used for the BA Landor colors, as I am possibly finishing an AA 777 soon in that livery. Can you elaborate a little on the Humbrol Metalcote Polished aluminum? I really like your bright work on this particular model...just wondering
  5. WOW! Yep...she gets a WOW! Twice! Very very nice indeed, Ian. saw the posted pics on your standard base in the RFI, but this really grabs my attention. I love the tug...its beautiful. You've even included the line man's long headset cord! What did you use for that?? Just fantastic, Ian.
  6. Thank you, Eric! I appreciate your kind words. Really glad you like it! I truly enjoyed this one...took a while to gather everything needed to do a -61, but patience paid off! Hope you were able to take a look at the work in progress as well...there's some detail there that isn't included here. Regards! Paul
  7. Thanks, Mike! Looks like you indeed did NOT miss it! Glad you got to see the post. It was a fun build. Hope you saw the work in progress, too...there's a link at the beginning of this post. Thank you for your kind words! Paul
  8. Thank you, Phil. This one was a joy to build...the Minicraft kit is truly a welcome addition to the DC-8 model builders' bench. Everything fits so well, and with the exception of just a small handful of misfits, the kit is quite good. Be very aware...and you can see this in the work in progress post I made here...the wings tend to be warped badly, but not so bad as to evade correction. With some patience, they can turn out quite nice. Check out the WIP...the link is at the very beginning of this post. Cheers! Paul
  9. Hi Diogo! Very nice work indeed! Looks like she's been worked very hard without a bath in quite sometime. The BA Landor livery on the 747, and pretty much all other aircraft, is so stately and royal looking. You've done a fine job with this difficult kit. In spite of the challenges with the Revell kit you've done a cracking job of presenting her well. good work! Paul
  10. Hi Alex; I have to say this one is probably my favorite of what you've posted...and you are a prolific builder! I love this livery...it just fits the baby bus beautifully. You've done a fine job as usual. Thank for sharing. Paul
  11. Oh my.... Now these are just WAY WAY cool. Love them ALL. Nice builds, Paul. Very nice finishes too. Wow. Paul
  12. Nice build as usual, Neil! Really like the BA livery on the A380. And you built it for your parents?!?!?!? That automatically gets a "WOW!!!" My mom used to complain of sorts of all the models in my room whilst growing up. My room was only about 8 feet by 10 feet, in the middle of the house, with shelves on one wall that was full of model airplanes. I think the most I had at one time was around 50...all built and displayed. I suppose the complaining was because they were all dust magnets. Really glad you still have your parents to share such a great work with. Really like the finish, too. I've
  13. Hi Paul; This is a nice little beauty. Very little but, big on nice. Cockpit windows are clear? can one actually see inside to get a glimpse?? Interesting! Nice build. Thanks for sharing. Paul
  14. Very nice work, Neil. Love the old classic A300s...especially in the old Lufthansa livery that lends a beauty to her and just seems to accentuate how beautiful that airplane really is. I am pleasantly surprised that you had no issues with warping. I have one of these in my stash, and she has some fuselage warping. Haven’t even begun to decide when or in what livery shell be finished, or how to tackle the warping. But yours here is most assuredly inspiring. Not surprised you had some trouble finding corogard...those old sheets are as rare as hen’s teeth! Thanks for sharing! Really a nice build,
  15. Quite nice, Chris...add these to your album of outstanding builds! Love the Trident...and your corrections for accuracy are greatly appreciated and admired. Well done!
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