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  1. Very nice build indeed! Love the BAC 111, and you have captured it beautifully!
  2. She looks stunning...even as dirty as she is...she must be a "working" girl. I'm sure you know this, so please forgive the redundancy...but...on the MD-11, the center bogey rotates/rolls fore and aft in the extended position, depending on weight, which is why it is never chocked while parked. You must have known this evidenced by first attaching the main gear to the wings and leveling them properly. The center bogey would be attached after the mains and allowed to "fall" naturally, depending on how you depict the model, fully loaded or empty. Very nice job on the gear. Very nice work on the whole model. This is so inspiring, and I am always thankful to peruse through this thread. Looks like I'll be ordering one for myself.
  3. Such a better technique than what I have done in the past. I really like the idea of using Mr. Surfacer; its thicker than what I have used and makes more sense. I have blended a small amount of paint from the surface with thin cement, then slowly and sparingly injected it into the gap. The liquid blends to both surfaces and closes the gap completely...takes two or more applications, but as it dries is quite effective. But....if I inject too much, a disaster ensues that really makes cleanup and correction very difficult...if I inject just enough, it goes quite well. I would think Mr. Surfacer, being thicker, wouldn’t run, and thereby would avert that disaster. Thanks for this lesson...brilliant!
  4. Love the landing gear! The Tamiya Accent color used as a wash is brilliant, and works so well. How about the hydraulic and brake lines on the gear struts...what did you use to do those? They look like they might be rigid...how would you make them rigid?
  5. Wow, what a great build! Always good to see an Authentic Airliners kit nicely done, and the KLM livery makes her very classy.
  6. Nice build, Norbert. The backgrounds add justice, too. Really like those...almost diorama-like. Haven’t built the Minicraft 737 though I have a couple in the stash...interesting about the right engine tilt. Could that be corrected?
  7. Very nice build, Robin. She looks quite sharp. I suppose I’m one of the last yet to build the Zvezda 737...I appreciate everyone’s perspective on them...every one! Yours is nicely done! By the way......what mistakes? Can’t see any.......
  8. Taking on her own life. She's beautiful. The livery decals are looking really nice. And the cockpit windows are gorgeous. Wow. Now....how to fix the nose gear.......just another challenge to surmount. No worries.......
  9. WOWOWOWOWOW! She looks gorgeous! When she's RFI, would you take close ups of the details...especially the gear? Can hardly wait to see her!
  10. Very nice as usual, Alistair...and especially photographed with the retro fleet...just looks great. I love this livery on the -400, and like everyone else, I lament too over her retirement. You've discovered now that the AA windows lend a bit of realism and detail to the finished model...glad you are using them...makes your build look really nice. I've built the Revell 747-400, and like you, had some fit issues with the wing box to fuselage. I also struggled with the wings being too "droopy," causing the BraZ P&W engines I used to nearly touch the tarmac. After a lot of trimming and sanding on the pylons, and curing after joining the wings to the fuselage at the proper dihedral, everything turned out alright. Takes a great deal of patience...and persistence for this bird. So after my own experience with this particular model, I more deeply appreciate YOUR work. Practice, practice, practice, makes for better modelling over time. And you are definitely showing and proving that to all of us who are following your builds.
  11. Nice work, John! A beautiful livery on a beautiful DC-8 kit that leads the pack! I really am drawn to your attention to detail on the wings, too. This brings out the fine work that Minicraft does on thee models. Thank for sharing...and the 737 looks great too!
  12. Sini...I realize this is a late question...what did you use for priming the model before you applied the white? I'm in process of changing over to the MRP paints, and so far am very satisfied, but need to learn some more about surface prep...and priming is paramount!
  13. Nice A319, Alistair. I love this livery...one of the retros that really fit the airplane. Glad you saved another one from the bin.
  14. These look great. Coming right along. What did you use to detail the intakes? Specifically, what is the reddish area under the fan blades? Not being familiar with the EE kit, are the louvres on the top of the pylon molded into the plastic, did you use a detail decal, or carve them in? The details mean everything...and you’re knocking this out of the park!!!
  15. LOVE it!!! Making my blood boil up to do one of these. So many builders are writing about its difficulty and challenges, but it seems everyone's processes and final presentations are outstanding and inspiring.
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