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  1. Really nice, Neil. I love the BA liveries...they just make a beautiful bird seem classic and more beautiful. You're a real master with the Revell builds...the 747s are tricky and challenging. You've done a great job with yours...and...they look great in formation! What blues did you use on the lower fuselages on the Landor and the Negus liveries? Thanks for sharing!
  2. Beautiful work as always, Einar! The baby -9 catches my eye especially. Really like the detail of that little bird, and displayed next to big brother is really effective. The MD-82 is very very nice indeed. I do like the Minicraft kit quite a bit, but it certainly isn't without its unique challenges and inaccuracies. I started one last year, but put it away when I discovered the Eastern Express Md-80 was a better kit, and had greater and more accurate detailing. Nice work with both of these beauties. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Nice job, Einar! And cudos for pushing on through and NOT throwing in the old towel. Thank you for sharing such a great rendition of a fine old classic. She looks really really good. Love this old airliner and the Olympic livery really makes her stand out. And you actually flew on one of these? Wow. Now that is a story to tell. Very nice build, indeed.
  4. Hi Julien; Very Very nice build. This is your first AA build? I have built only one as well, an MD-11...and it was a fun and challenging adventure that certainly is nothing like building a plastic kit. And Kurt is most kind; always accommodating and easily accessible for questions or help. I'm about to begin an new AA build, and am excited to once again be on the workbench taking a different direction for a summer project. Your 757 is really beautiful, and unusual. The newer United livery has grown on me, and tends to really make the airplane stand out beautifully. You've done a fine job here. Always impressive to see what others have done with scratch building details...nicely done! Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more AA builds from you soon! Paul
  5. Nice work as usual, Neil. Your “production line” has become prolific with great builds!
  6. Beautiful, Einar! You have demonstrated MASTER craftsmanship here. I love this build...of course, I am a bit prejudiced towards the older classic liveries on the classic birds such as the 727s, especially TWA and Pan Am. Your paint is spot on, and your detailing is very very good. Almost everyone would overlook the inclusion of the pitot tubes on the nose, but you didn't! Thank you! And they look quite good. The Minicraft kit is a bear to work through with its inaccuracies and downright incorrectness on a few items, but with some careful planning and patient care, this kit can and does turn out very nicely. Good job!
  7. Wow, Alex…another fine build. You are most definitely a master surgeon! Nice work. paul
  8. Once again a beautiful build of a beautiful classic Convair! Thanks for sharing, Einar.
  9. Quite nice, Einar! I’m very partial to the classic airliners…and like you, the DC-9 series is among my favorites. Really like the shades in detail you made on the engines. I’ve used the AK Extreme metal paint once, and liked it…but I am a solid Alclad fan and user. Did you find the AK likeable and easy? Did it produce the finish you wanted? Love the old KLM livery, too…very nice work, indeed.
  10. Hi Neil; I must agree with Phil…the best plane and the beat livery. Very good work indeed! I am quite familiar with the Revell 747-400…it brings some pretty challenging hurdles to the workbench. Some of those are surmounted with perseverance, patience, and a lot of sanding…and some we just have to live with. And your learning process from a previous build seems to have really paid off…in modeling airliners…school never stops! Really appreciate your particulars using Revell paint. One of my local hobby shops has just begun to carry the Revell paint line, and I am anxious to try them. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow, Einar….the L-1011 is stunning! Like you, I’m a huge fan of the old Delta widget livery, but most especially as the L-1011 wears It. You’ve picked three of the most excellent ideas in airliner model building…an Authentic Airliner kit, use of 26Decals, and the old Delta widget livery! On a personal note; one of my most admired mentors in aviation retired from Delta after 33 years there. He flew nearly all of Delta’s airplanes from 1965 until he retired in 1998. The last airplane he flew was the L-1011…he enjoyed that airplane more than any other he had ever flown, even after having served as program manager at Delta for the L-1011 program. It was a wonderful way to end a distinguished career. Well done, sir! Thank you for sharing a beautiful old bird dressed most excellently!
  12. Nice to see this one finished “pre paint.” Looks like she’s being taxiied oit for her first test flight. Very interesting, eye catching, and unusual. Nice job on the detail work.
  13. Very nice work, Matt. A beautiful completion of a beautiful Queen in a beautiful livery.
  14. Very nice build! Once again…the A321 is well done here. The BA livery is so stately and makes this airplane look royal. Love the windows…and grat attention to detail. It’s always the little things that count the most! Nice job indeed!
  15. Great build of a beautiful classic airplane with a very smart classic livery! Nice job!
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