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  1. Very nice rescue! I normally skip right past the video presentations, but I stopped on yours and watched all the way through. I really like the tutorials and WIP you've presented. And the 777 looks quite nice indeed. Thanks for sharing. Paul
  2. Very nice build, Mark. Thank you for sharing. I am sure that you found, as all of us that have built this kit, that the Minicraft DC-8s are a great addition to the fleet of 1/144 airliners...a very good kit that is clear and concise, with good fit and accurate detail. And here, you have done her well! Nice job! Paul
  3. Beautiful build, Alex. I don’t recall a nicer build out of the box of this RV 747. You’ve done the proud queen great justice. I bought one of the original issues in its original box in TWA twin globe livery at a collectibles show a few years ago, before this particular kit was marketed as the re issue. Pretty sure the guy selling it didn’t know what he had, because I got for it for a steal! Thanks for sharing this build...really really nice job.
  4. Nice, Dan...really nice. Particularly like the ATR airliners, and you’ve done a cracking job on this one!
  5. Hi Robot.... i am very partial to Tamiya sprays...primers and colors, too...but in particular the TS-26 white just can not be beat. With a properly prepared surface, the spray applied in small thin sprays, I always achieve a superior finish that requires nothing....not even a final acrylic clear coat of Future, though I do apply the clear coat for decal protection. I suppose the only advantage to airbrushing a white finish would be saving paint, as an airbrush is way more precise in application than a spray can, which tends to blow more paint “by” than “on.” A matter of taste and p
  6. Beautiful build...AND presentation, Dave...as usual. Did you accent the rudder lines on the tail? Sure looks like you did...makes the tail stand out just a little bit...just enough to catch my eye and say...wow...and the sealing lines around the wing root...how is that done? Decal? Small pencil? Patience and a huge magnifying glass??? Thanks for sharing, Dave...really is beautiful. And I LOVE the last pic with Air France standing tall. You’ve got a large journey ahead building hour way through European national carriers! Enjoy! Paul
  7. Very nice build, Julian. A very “different” livery on a beautiful bird. Well done.
  8. Hi Ian; As usual...just FANTASTIC work. A beautiful build of a beautiful bird. Love the detail, too. The weathering is really really good, too. I’m not huge on weathering because it’s so often applied way too heavily. Not here. She looks almost real! As always, love the presentation, too. The runway/taxiway base you use for the pics are just right. Thanks so much for sharing this. Really inspiring. Like Dave, I’d like to know where to cut and how much, to transform that beautiful kit into a -400.
  9. I’m wondering...with doubt...if anyone truly knows “why” there isn’t a quality tooled larger scale than 1/72 for the beautiful Connie. Certainly would be welcomed. And I have to agree with the statement above, regarding “if a 1/32 scale B-17 could be tooled, then so could a Connie.” I’d buy one! Meanwhile...take a look here..... Paul
  10. paul, i think my next WIP here will be something more popular, i can clearly see that people are not so much into Airbuses of shabby turkish operators Apart from a 757 demonstrator on the bench, i thought of an aero america 720, Delta DC9, ValuJet DC9, Air Austral 787, Etihad 773, Air Canada DC9 - suggestions? Haha! Always remember...build for yourself...people like what they like; what’s most important is YOUR standard, which is very high, inspiring, and indicative of a master. Build away...Airbusses or whatever you like. We are ALL learning from your exquisite work.
  11. Hi Steve; Very nice build of a very nice kit in a very nice livery! Really like the display for the photos, too.
  12. Hi Alistair; Quite nice work, as one has come to expect from your workbench! Really like this Airbus kit from Zvezda...they got it right! But more importantly...so did you! The display base is really impressive, too. The work you’ve done to make the bases so realistic is eye catching in just the correct way...enhancing the model, not dominating the photos. Thanks for sharing! Nice work indeed! Paul
  13. Wow this is amazing. Love the diorama backdrop in the photos. The model is stunning. Very very nice work indeed!
  14. Most excellent build! Really love the work you’ve done. I followed your build of the 763 on Instagram and enjoyed watching the Se photos are really nice, too. Very nice work On the weathering...not too much and not too little...just right to make her look as if she is well utilized between cleanings. Outstanding work on the details, too. Like Dave, I would recommend the Authentic Airliners windows that add Great realism to the model. Not a complaint, because your work here is very very good...just a suggestion that might be eye catching and that you might like. Thanks for sharing here...quite
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