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  1. yep .on its way,will be posed as a "bolter" tail down ,arrestor hook out banking to the left to get away from the carrier.will post some piccys when its finally finished!
  2. its been so long since i last done this hope this works. the amazing airfix kit with a few bits modified ,really enjoyed this build and i will be buying the s.2b when it comes out! comments and critique welcome
  3. good job all round and like others have said ,a panel wash and a little varnish will really make it pop. hope you dont mind me pointing out ,but i think your trobles with the fit of the intakes is because you may have fitted them on upside down/wrong side? i always check with reference photos when building airfix,some of their instructions are a bit vague to say the least!
  4. if you look at pictures of the real thing ,then certainly the painting of the full scale nose cone looks a bit wonky!! this might just be a help rather than a hinderance?
  5. did heli QRF in that cabdont remeber it being that clean
  6. it's been so long since I posted something that I forgot what to do, didn't even notice the capital letters
  7. have you tried thin wire? use the decals as a guide ,trace the shape onto paper,push pins into the corner points,then simply bend your wire round the outline ,paint it and secure it in place with a little klear might take a few goes but it does work!
  8. dont forget to offset the seats,they where angled away from each other by two degrees from vertical (if i rememeber right?)and slightly off centerline.pilots seat to the left,navs to the right,giving the nav a clear view off what the pilot was doing to scare him.also to improve leg room for the nav ,his seat frame was splayed out from his knees ,thats why they are marked front and rear seat
  9. thats my knee! i can still remeber sitting in there ,thinking how cramped it was,cant imagine how it would have been in full flying kit
  10. cracking job mate,may i make an observation. the canopy at the trailing edge should hinge on the airframe ,yours appears to be floating at the moment. other than that its a spiffing tiffie
  11. Q1: With the bomb bay exposed, can I still build an S.2D and if so what can I hang in there as I have a number of bombs? four british 1000lb bombs wouldnt look amis in the bomb bay,would need confirmation if the navy used the internal bomb bay? Q2: I have been informed that the bomb bay should have some kind of 'fairing' to aid airflow when open? dont recall the buccaneer ever having a fairing open around the bomb bay look here for loading options and just about anything else buccaneer related http://www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk/
  12. right, just tried post img . org (without all the spaces) and it was easy to post a picture from my pictures folder,just upload your desired picture to postimg .org scrool down till you find Hotlink for forums: click the little copy icon(it will tell you its copied)and paste it here,hope this helps!
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