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  1. Hi all, Thanks for all the information, it has proved very helpful. I am going to get the minichamps model and try my hand at some scratch-building mods! JB
  2. Thanks John, it was through Scalemates that I found the Aero Modell kit. I didn't find it particularly helpful when it came to finding where kits were available from retailers though - although that could be a failing on my part! I have got in touch with Minicraft and it looks as though they are willing to offer Intl shipping (I'm in the UK) even though it's not an option on their website. So hopefully I'll be able to use their 1:48 kit and try my hand at a bit of scratch building!
  3. Thanks Jessica! That does look great and 1:48 scale would be perfect. My only problem is the wheel fairings. Has anyone any experience with this kit or similar and how feasible it would be to build without the wheel fairings
  4. I had hoped to post this in the ‘wanted’ section, but I don’t meet the 100-post criteria yet! Since really getting back into modelling over the last month or two, I’ve had the idea to build my favourite aircraft I trained for my CPL in - specifically the one I did my first flight, first solo, several progress tests and my qualifying cross-country in. It treat me very well. It’s a PA-28 Cadet, reg. G-CEEU. Does anyone have any suggestions for good PA-28 models, and whether or not the u/c of the Arrow/Cherokee varients would easily lend themselves to Cadet-fication (I.e f
  5. I'm new here too, but welcome!
  6. jb2_86_uk


    Thanks Mike & Allyby (great taste by the way!)
  7. jb2_86_uk


    Aha, I have done my time down south too, most recently a 4 year tour of Berkshire & Wiltshire ending last year. Nice to be back "Up North" now though
  8. jb2_86_uk


    Thanks D! I am just east of Sheffield. Funny, I had noticed a few other folk here from Yorkshire, must be something in the air... or the pubs! Cheers JB
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    Morning all, I’m John from South Yorkshire. I used to always have an airfix model on the go during my childhood, I remember my first, a Red Arrows Hawk in 1:72, purchased from the Finningly Airshow sometime in the early 90’s. It remained unpainted, vast streams of cement weeping from every join and a smothering of sticky finger prints all over the canopy (helping to mask the red plastic cockpit & pilot!). If I remember rightly, the decals went as far as a couple of wonky stripes, the tail plane design and a couple of roundels. I did plenty more models during my childhood, mainl
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