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  1. Really good job Libor! Superb camouflage, I love how you handle 1/72 scale generally. I have looked around for your book which seems to be very interesting, but could not find it at all. Do you know if there is going to be a reprint soon? Cheers, Alex
  2. Thank you! Oops! It seems that I've missed that one..! Efxaristo!
  3. Thank you! Torpedo was easy! Acrylic black gloss, then Alclad aluminium. After that I sprayed acrylic matte Black for the "stripes". Finally I rubbed the black "stripes" with Uschi Van der Rosten Steel powder and Voila!! The trick is in the variation of the stripes. Thank you! Actually it is grey mottles over green, just like the real thing. With a Badger Renegade Velocity, patience and practice. Trial and error. And good reference. Thank you! Yes Patrick, Grigio azzuro chiaro over Verde oliva scuro. Thank you! Yes I have used surfacer 500 and then sanded down the fusel
  4. Thank you! Yes Tony, it is Verde Oliva scuro with grigio azzuro chiaro(?) mottling
  5. Hello, this is one from some 4 years ago, won a gold at the 35th IPMS Hellas annuals. Italeri kit, Gunze and Alclad paints, Eduard Bid Ed photo etched parts, Pavla resin set (partial) and some scratch building (specifically the bomb rack and interior framework). Thanks for watching. Regards, Alex
  6. Hello Melchie, it helps very much thanks! I have sent you my e-mail address. The interior looks even better! Bravo! Best, Alex
  7. Hello General! I really like your model, good stuff! As I am currently gathering information to start building mine, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some information about the turret interiors specifically. Since you mentioned upgrading them. I will try vacforming the glazing, so it would be a shame to leave all that space empty. Thank you in advance. Alex
  8. Amazing!!! The very essence of modelling in my opinion....take a rough kit and make a gem out of it! Bravo sir!
  9. Ciao Silvano, very nice work indeed, superb detail, well-made. Davvero un capolavoro! What material do you use for your vac canopies? I'm starting to experiment myself and I have discovered that the correct material is crucial! mille grazie! Alex
  10. Really nice!!! When will we see the military version? Cheers. Alex
  11. Thanks again! The earth is MIG pigments "Europe Earth". Alex
  12. Thank you! You tell the judges..!!! The oleo struts are covered with a thin strip of Bare Metal Foil, carefully stuck and nicely buffed! Always does the trick! Alex.
  13. Hello, this is a model from three years back, took part at the 35th IPMS Greece Nationals and won a Silver in Masters Category. I have used Eduard's BIG ED and resin wheels, Aires's beautiful resin Junkers Jumo 213 engine, Quickboost's resin propellers & resin MG151 barrels and Master's excellent turned brass antennas. Other than that, I have scratch built some detail inside the main and tail wheel wells, cut open the cockpit windows, opened the access hatch, cut open the ejector chutes for the underside MG151s and opened and scratch built the port side engine access panels. Colou
  14. That's a pretty beast! Good job! What did you use for rigging (did you paint it)? Cheers Alex
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