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  1. Well I'm so so so so so sorry that this issue has caused so much alarm and distress to so many people, may god strike me down for my sins. This issue is now resolved, everyone can move on with the lockdown-esque trauma as the decal sheet will look like what Troy has outlined. Such a shame for some of you that this sheet has not been sent to print yet so the ball you saw slowly trickling over the line and into the net was kicked away at the last millisecond. Ah well there's probably an Airfix kit coming soon that needs pulling to bits in the tried and tested British modeller way. No wonder I don't frequent these websites. Unreal! Oh and BTW I didn't copy any profile as my original art was drawn over 15yrs ago.
  2. Ive added a LN F-35A option to the three new 1:72 Xtradecal Sheets covering the F-35 Family. I've achieved around 95% coverage of all squadrons from foreign to USN USMC and USAF. As for 48th you'll have to ask hannants whether they'll get me to upscale them. Jon
  3. Hi. although I periodically post on here I cannot help as I am only hired/work freelance for Hannants and have no say on their working policies. Just a heads up and I hope you get your situation resolved soon. Jon
  4. Hi Tony. I must admit this is a faux pas on my behalf and entirely my fault. I shall explain to Tony at Hannants and endeavour to have an addendum sheet printed for these upperwing roundels. I simply have no idea why I'd put that size of roundel on the sheet, I must have had my mind on other things. My apologies, Jon
  5. Sent screenshots of Lasermonkey's, Stephen's, Edge's and Mr saunders ideas to Hannants Jon
  6. I’ll pass this message onto Hannants to see if it’s a viable project. thanks Jon
  7. Hi Julien. Had to come away from the site due to certain individuals who couldn't keep their council, did my head in! I'll regularly check up on this forum for new content questions and relay them back to Hannants. As I'm not on Hannants books per say I cannot have final say on certain things but I'll endeavour to help if I can. Jon PS If Troy can get in touch with me I need to clear a matter up with him also.
  8. Hi Tony. Guess what? A sheet has been done along with the plain Black stripe markings for the modern fleet on the same sheet. I have based the set on the Italeri kit but there are spare sections if there's any discrepancies. It will be sent to the printers shortly and should be available around Feb time. Yours Jon
  9. Hi Andre. Sorry to hear of your issue. I'm just the freelance decal designer for Xtradecal so I personally can't act on this for you but I can/will notify Hannants direct in order for them to contact you via this message board to hopefully resolve this issue. Yours Jon
  10. Hi, Jon.

    I've just seen your message with kits for sale, and I'm intereted about two of them:

    -Revell T6G Texan, 1/48 sale.

    -Monogram AV8B harrier, 1/48 scale.

    Please, note that I'm from Tenerife, so if you're willing to post them here, please tell me the total ampount for them plus shipping to 38320, La Laguna.


    Best regards


  11. Hi all. Is a mint condition Frog 1:72 Supermarine S.6 Trail Blazers kit worth anything to collectors? Jon
  12. The issues as AMB has pointed out have now been sorted and the printers are making the changes, thankyou. The brightness of the sheet here on BM (resulting in the very bright blue) is usually the result of posting up a CYMK image instead of converting it to RGB (which the web displays correctly) albeit I did post the image up as RGB so no idea whats going wrong your end. The decal and inst sheets are definitely correct with the colour shades. On my Mac monitor the colour is exactly as it should be, anyone else got this problem? Yours Jon
  13. Hi All. Another new sheet close to the printers X72306 Hunting Percival Provost Collection. This may be scaled up to 1:48 but with obviously less subjects. Jon
  14. 1:48 DSG/DG/LAG RAF Phantom Stencils. Due to be printed Jon
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