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  1. Hi, Jon.

    I've just seen your message with kits for sale, and I'm intereted about two of them:

    -Revell T6G Texan, 1/48 sale.

    -Monogram AV8B harrier, 1/48 scale.

    Please, note that I'm from Tenerife, so if you're willing to post them here, please tell me the total ampount for them plus shipping to 38320, La Laguna.


    Best regards


  2. Hi all. Is a mint condition Frog 1:72 Supermarine S.6 Trail Blazers kit worth anything to collectors? Jon
  3. The issues as AMB has pointed out have now been sorted and the printers are making the changes, thankyou. The brightness of the sheet here on BM (resulting in the very bright blue) is usually the result of posting up a CYMK image instead of converting it to RGB (which the web displays correctly) albeit I did post the image up as RGB so no idea whats going wrong your end. The decal and inst sheets are definitely correct with the colour shades. On my Mac monitor the colour is exactly as it should be, anyone else got this problem? Yours Jon
  4. Hi All. Another new sheet close to the printers X72306 Hunting Percival Provost Collection. This may be scaled up to 1:48 but with obviously less subjects. Jon
  5. 1:48 DSG/DG/LAG RAF Phantom Stencils. Due to be printed Jon
  6. Hi All. Nearing completion for the Mikr Mir kits. https://ibb.co/e3O37T https://ibb.co/mO3WYd https://ibb.co/cja0Ry https://ibb.co/msp26y Jon
  7. Hi all. Has anyone got any scale plans for the Blackburn Beverley at all that they may be willing to share? TIA Jon
  8. Am I correct in thinking the underwing codes were 24" high? Thanks Jon
  9. Hi All. Has anyone got any scale drawings of the Lynx AH.9 and or Super Lynx Mk.100 at all? I'm really needing the upper and lower views really, there again a high res picture of both top and bottom in flight would be sufficient too I think! TIA Jon
  10. These Cockerills have now been corrected on the sheets which have 43 Sqn birds on from decal sheet Pt2 onwards thanks to XV571. Nice talking to you last night Jon
  11. Here is the artwork to go with the above. Jon
  12. Hi there John


    Another member of the BRITMODELLER forum suggested that I contact you and ask if you could produce some aircraft profiles.

    These are what the late David Howley did for me and I kinda like the style.




    Are you in a position to do such ??


    yours sincerely



  13. Hi all would anyone be so kind to PM me any info on the RIAT Greenham Common Phantom XT597? A hi-rez scan of Modeldecal sheet No.72 would suffice. Xtradecal are willing to offer a free sheet for your services. That'll take care of copyright issues. Thanks Jon
  14. Vitor. Combat Decals "CD72-003 Libyan Spring Revolution 2011" has ZA542 from 31 Sqn during the Libyan Crisis 2011. Jon
  15. Hi Pete. Yes that'll be great! As long as it has the Hemp airframes on that'll be perfect. Thanks Jon
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