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  1. I've been wondering how they would do the wheel spokes. I'd be interested to see how this comes together.
  2. Scalemates also host photos on their own server, but they are funded (at least in part) by advertising.
  3. Thanks everyone for the continuing comments and 'likes'. She certainly did. She came home from the shops with a bottle of whisky. Obviously that must be what you meant. I'm glad you enjoyed it – the build log probably takes me longer than the plastic bashing, and I probably enjoy it more. In fact I've started my next build log before I've even started the next build. Hopefully get it posted in the next week or two.
  4. Britmodeller by post might take up a little too much time in the day. To be honest, Village Photos is one of the few that I didn't read the T&C for, so thanks for pointing that out. There are a few others that reserve the right to use your photos as well, but they often try to hide the fact by using virtually impenetrable legalese. You offerin? Perhaps you could do a 'Britmodeller Pro' membership which includes photo-hosting. I'd be very tempted.
  5. Gorby

    Grumping into the 20s

    I don't have to move at all for bits to fall off.
  6. Gorby

    Grumping into the 20s

    I take it you've never driven a Suzuki Wagon R. Many years ago that was my infinitely more disappointing loan car for two days. Anything above 40mph and bits fall off.
  7. Eeerm? That'll require some remarkable feat of memory that will….. eeerrrmmm. I've just checked my original WIP and I started it Jan 6th, but it's spent at least a couple of weeks of that sitting alone and unloved in it's tupperware of dooooom, with me pretending that it was just a bad dream. So yes, quite a quick build for me at least. Tupperware of dooooooom: Just remember to have plenty of alcohol on stand by.
  8. It very nearly took to the air on more than one occasion. Fortunately I have a short memory and can now look at it on its stand and think 'Where the hell did that come from?'. What was the question?
  9. Thanks very much Gary. Goes without saying – you're more likely to need to remind me to breath. Probably won't be in celebration though. I had to Googleisify that. I hate to prove a huge disappointment to you, but I'm one of those freaky vegi weirdos. Just thank god that chocolate is vegi.
  10. Perhaps we should set up a 'Bungling Modellers Support Group'? Cack-handed modellers of the world unite! As my mum always used to say, “There’s always someone worse off than yourself”. You have my deepest sympathies. Should I send flowers? Are you sitting to close to the fire again? It's bloody freezing just down the road. Eduards let me down with this one. I normally love their kits – even the P-39. I was going to say 'It's just a bloody toy', but I thought I'd get lynched. Thanks all for you comments - really made me smile.
  11. Thanks @Farmerboy @mackem01 @keith in the uk @Tony Oliver @Pete in Lincs @Booty003 @dogsbody @RMCS @CedB @Vince1159 @SleeperService @Timmas @Marklo for all the comments and 'likes', you've made my day. I didn't think this one would get so much attention. I just goes to show that size isn't important (I keep trying to make myself believe that anyway). I'm going back to scratch-building for my next one – at least then if the parts are duff I've only got myself to Berate.
  12. Thanks mate. That's one of the reasons it got chosen. I've not noticed anyone else mention it being a pig of a kit, so maybe I got a duff one or I'm just a duff modeller. Which is entirely possible.
  13. As a bit of light relief I decided to do a nice easy kit. I chose wrong. As I wanted to build something quite quickly, I picked a small fighter, which was a mistake, the bloody thing fought me all the way. The only reasons it didn't end up on the shelf of doom is because I don't have a shelf of doom and because I'm a stubborn git. No heap of plastics going to get the better of me. I love the I-16 because of its dumpy beauty. When I explained that the Mrs Gorby She gave me one of those withering looks that women learn at a very young age. Apparently the word is 'petite'. As you know, I really, really admire the zealots that attempt to enforce strict adherence to historical accuracy, * But just this once, I decided to rewriting history - because I felt like it. When I saw how dull the Eduard schemes were, I found one that actually does have a modicum of truth to it. Then I discovered that it was for a type 10 not type 24. Damn! And then I remembered “I don't care. I really, really don't care”, so in the alternate reality that I inhabit.… * This week we've learned to spot sarcasm ……….. next time we'll learn to spot dialectical materialism in Peruvian parrots. If you're determined to waste what's left of your life, the build report is here: Thanks for havin a look.
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