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  1. hatchet

    Anytime, Mate!

    Thank you! You did notice, that the original post is 9½ years old right?
  2. hatchet

    Arab-Israeli Wars

    Dan, you need to look here for Israeli stuff. There's a lot of decals for modern Israeli aircraft, as well as some stuff for the older types. They've also made a Meteor sheet with markings for Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian planes, as well as a sheet with various Middle-Eastern F-5s. The books available there are some of the best references for Israeli stuff that there is. I currently have about 15 of the listed titles, with hopes of acquiring more. So far, their books about the Ayit and Netz have eluded me though and there's others I haven't gotten around to ordering yet. The references they use for some of the modern decals can't be faulted either, the owner of IsraDecal designed a lot of the real-life tailart on the Israeli planes. Their resin stuff do tend to need a bit of help though and there's been grumbles about the adhesive capability of the newer (Czech produced) decals.
  3. hatchet

    Calling all Mig 25 experts

    Not sure, but I think the wings are different too, not just the nose. Sorry I can't help more'n that
  4. hatchet

    Mitsubishi F-1/ T-2

    Platz do/did some I think.
  5. hatchet

    F-15E launch rail

    You can find them cheaper'n Hannants if you shop around a bit
  6. hatchet

    F-15E launch rail

    Here. Oh, GBU-12s here
  7. hatchet

    sorry another harrier ques

    I don't know the colours, but I do know the aircraft I'm glad I got to see a Harrier display before you retired them
  8. hatchet

    More typhoon question

    AMRAAM is FS36375 with white nose and natural metal (!) dark titanium fins. ASRAAM is (almost certainly) BS627 Light Aircraft Grey
  9. hatchet

    K designation for British F-111, F-4 and C-130

    The C-130J came long after the C-130K tho'
  10. hatchet

    Phimat fit on Tornado F3?

    From reading a book about the Tornado, only one. I've seen a couple of pictures too.
  11. hatchet

    What If II GB

    Yup, I remember it well. I'll do an E tho', same colour
  12. hatchet

    What If II GB

    Ok, I'll see if I can get something done this time. RDAF Phantom maybe Deutsche Post C-17?
  13. hatchet

    Good AH-64 kits?

    In 72nd there isn't a proper Longbow available. Those that are available are either As with a radar or the prototype. Both need a lot of work to become a D. For A-models, Hasegawa is probably best, but Academy isn't far behind - and Acad's Hellfire-launchers look better'n Hase's
  14. hatchet

    Typical Tornado ECR load

    From Airliners.net From left to right, Cerberus, tank, empty, captive HARM, no pylon, empty, captive AIM-9, tank, BOZ
  15. hatchet

    Tamiya 1/72

    Many (more than half, I think) of Tamiyas 1/72 kits are reboxed Italeris. If you look here, the only jet/helo kits that are Tamiyas own are AFAIK the F-84G and F4D-1. I don't know about WWII kits.