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  1. hatchet

    Anytime, Mate!

    Thank you! You did notice, that the original post is 9½ years old right?
  2. Dan, you need to look here for Israeli stuff. There's a lot of decals for modern Israeli aircraft, as well as some stuff for the older types. They've also made a Meteor sheet with markings for Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian planes, as well as a sheet with various Middle-Eastern F-5s. The books available there are some of the best references for Israeli stuff that there is. I currently have about 15 of the listed titles, with hopes of acquiring more. So far, their books about the Ayit and Netz have eluded me though and there's others I haven't gotten around to ordering yet. The references they us
  3. Not sure, but I think the wings are different too, not just the nose. Sorry I can't help more'n that
  4. Platz do/did some I think.
  5. You can find them cheaper'n Hannants if you shop around a bit
  6. Here. Oh, GBU-12s here
  7. I don't know the colours, but I do know the aircraft I'm glad I got to see a Harrier display before you retired them
  8. AMRAAM is FS36375 with white nose and natural metal (!) dark titanium fins. ASRAAM is (almost certainly) BS627 Light Aircraft Grey
  9. The C-130J came long after the C-130K tho'
  10. From reading a book about the Tornado, only one. I've seen a couple of pictures too.
  11. Yup, I remember it well. I'll do an E tho', same colour
  12. Ok, I'll see if I can get something done this time. RDAF Phantom maybe Deutsche Post C-17?
  13. In 72nd there isn't a proper Longbow available. Those that are available are either As with a radar or the prototype. Both need a lot of work to become a D. For A-models, Hasegawa is probably best, but Academy isn't far behind - and Acad's Hellfire-launchers look better'n Hase's
  14. From Airliners.net From left to right, Cerberus, tank, empty, captive HARM, no pylon, empty, captive AIM-9, tank, BOZ
  15. hatchet

    Tamiya 1/72

    Many (more than half, I think) of Tamiyas 1/72 kits are reboxed Italeris. If you look here, the only jet/helo kits that are Tamiyas own are AFAIK the F-84G and F4D-1. I don't know about WWII kits.
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