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  1. You are right! Thanks for finding such great photos, really does seem obviously grey now! I shall tr6 and paint the engines like I did the wings- mixing revell light grey and normal gray. Thanks a million BetaSingh
  2. The supplied decals were just unusable, so I contacted Welsh Models who kindly have sent me a spare Hapag Lloyd set of decals, but I was wondering what colour the engines were, as on airliners(dot)net, the colour varies from a dark grey to just plain white, so I was wondering whether anyone could shed any light on this. Regards BetaSingh
  3. Ha ha, I shall fix that, standby for the hash browns (why am I still carrying on with this!)
  4. The Boeing 767 has been the workhorse of many an American airline for numerous years now, but I was intrigued at the prospect of an Aeroflot 767, and thus on a recent holiday to the Netherlands, I just had to go to AviationMegastore and pick up a Zvezda kit! The kit itself, in comparison to other reviews of Zvezda kits I have seen on Britmodeller, is no different. The kit was masterfully created, all the parts beautifully join together and it is a delight to build. This kit was brush painted using a number of different paints - the Aluminium colour of the fuselage being Humbrol 56
  5. I've always loved the look of the Egg Plane kits that Hasegawa makes - fun and interesting but still looking (just) like the object in real life. The kit was a cracker to build, apart from the landing gear, which I somehow glued in the wrong way round. "That's why the plane can't sit down on its front wheels" I sadly pondered after constructing it. So, to fix the problem, and to try and make it less of a gaping error (although you guys will DEFINITELY pick up on it), I decided to make it similar to a taking-off diorama. I got a chocolate box, sprayed it grey and brush painted the runway markin
  6. Oh dear, fingers crossed they get sold!
  7. By the looks of Revell (US)' website, it seems we will get neither A320 or A321 this year, as one can see in the link below. Why Revell? Why do we have to wait till 2019? https://www.hobbyshipper.com/cgi-bin/wsr600p?V=RMX&I=RVLS3942
  8. Thanks ALL for the help, but, just to clarify, when sanding, I just rub the fuselage against some sandpaper? Also, as when cutting the fuselage, I accidentally cut into the plastic a bit meaning that the underside of the fuselage is not straight, is there any way I can fix this? Again, thank you SO much for the help BetaSingh
  9. Thanks SO much guys for the help, really cleared it up. I would love to buy a DACO 737 kit, but unfortunately, my tight budget restricts me But seriously, thank you so much, all help appreciated. Regards BetaSingh
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply May I ask, which bits require sanding, as the small sticky out things on the model were deliberately put as strips to help join the fuselages together. I have since removed these as upon dry fitting the fuselage, it is evident they hamper the fit more than they aid it. Thus, I was wondering whether it is these you are talking about, or the fuselage in general, and in particular, which bits of the fuselage? I have also sanded the edges of the fuselage quite a lot, but I don't know whether this is enough. And furthermore, which of the metal parts wou
  11. Hi all Please feel free to move this wherever you want as I have no clue where to put it! I was building a Welsh Models Boeing 737-4Q8 in Alaskan colours when my progress ground to a halt as I did not have a clue what the instructions meant. The instructions said to 'superglue the metal undercarriage bays into place and glue the nosewheel bays to one half of the fuselage'. From the metal parts I have (picture will be given below), I have no clue which bits I am meant to glue onto the kit. Furthermore, as can possibly be seen from the pictures, when cutting out the fuselage and trimmi
  12. Thanks for the link, I can’t really add panel lines since I do not have a scriber, but I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Regards BetaSingh
  13. One other thing - I saw Hannants giving a good deal on two kits, the E190 in Air Canada colours and the F100 in Austrian, both by Welsh models. May anyone shed any light on either kit as I don't really have any experience with vac-form, but I want to know which one would (in one's humble opinion) be the better kit. Regards BetaSingh
  14. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check him out!
  15. Dear all, does anyone have any experience with the Heller DC10 kit, and would be willing to comment on the kit. Furthermore, does anyone know any aftermarket decals for this kit, or do you just have to buy a 1 144 decal set and hope for the best? All replies appreciated BetaSingh
  16. Many thanks for taking the time to post the links, they are much appreciated! If I do build the kit, I’ll be sure to post a WIP thread of it Kind Regards BetaSingh
  17. Hello all Has anyone had any experience with this kit as I am looking to buy it, but there is very little information on the internet. All information, including build quality and what is inside would be greatly aporeciated BetaSingh
  18. Dear all I have got a bottle of Humbrol White Enamel Wash, and I would much appreciate it if anyone could answer these two questions: 1) What can you actually do with white wash 2) Can I use it in any way on an airport runway diorama which I am doing? All replies much appreciated. BetaSingh
  19. Dear All I am not sure whether this is in the appropriate selection so feel free to move if it is in the wrong section. As my Hasegawa F/A-18 Blue Angels Hornet (Egg Plane) just cannot sit on its gear, I felt it needed a runway base so that I could create some sort of 'taking-off' diorama (first time I have ever even thought of doing this). I had an old cardboard 15*0.5*10 box which I stuck the ends together. My question is, from here, what do I need to do to make this into some sort of runway display base upon which I can put my Egg Plane. All replies and advice is greatly apprecia
  20. Yeah, you are spot on, I’ll just build the Alaskan 734 as is, thanks!
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