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  1. I got this kit for a decently low price for a newer Trumpeter 1/32 kit. I'm awaiting it to arrive but figured I would ask if anyone here knows this kit. I cannot find hardly anything on this model kit on-line. I do find plenty on the G-6 Early and a few of its flaws. Any help?
  2. So love the convo and the pics of the real Sherman! That is awesome. I have not shown you the model though so here are a few pics. I am still weathering. The shine is due to I am teying Alclad II gloss varnish. Smoother than Pledge Floor Care, but is difficult to get dry. I have already done a dot filter and a bit of shadowing with burnt umber and very very thinned black oil color. Needs some dirt and Burmese mud and a bit more care with a matte finish and we'll call her done. Insight and criticism welcome.
  3. So been busy of late and not much modeling happening, but past few days I have tried a bit harder to get some bench time in play. The F4F-3 is now primed and getting ready for paint. I used AMMO Mig One Shot black primer for the base after wiping down the surfaces with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I'll give a shout out to Mig for I love their one shot product. Straight from the bottle and no thinning needed. Literally one shot and you're covered. After the primer dried, i thinned 50/50 Tamiya Dark Grey (XF -24) and Tamiya acrylic thinner and covered lightly and not evenly. I prefer black b
  4. So update since I haven't for some time. I am out on the right coast with my folks for the week, but will put in pics when I get back to the bench. I put together the fuselage and true to all comments I have seen about this kit, it was a bugger. The fuselage halves were to flattened and needed to be more rounded. That entails gluing the parts in stages so as to "form" it around the internals. The firewall seating is about 2-3 millimeters off. Doesn't seem like much, but when trying to fit on the front radiator piece and engine, it makes a huge difference. Same for the cockpit. I should
  5. Well done and an amazing tribute. Great to see the hobby come alive. Thank you for sharing this story and your work. Well done and inspiring!
  6. So the fuselage is getting ready to be brought together. I decided to not do the wires from the ignition ring and will do a bit of pigments before sealing up the sides. The interior is pretty much buttoned up (I'm not using the clear cowling...not really my thing but pretty cool Trumpeter included it), so may just move on to the exterior. As always, criticism is welcome.
  7. Here is the powerhouse getting ready to be assembled. I am one to paint parts first and then assemble. Note the ignition ring wire rods...some are bent. Trumpeter did not do a good job of making it easy to get these off. If you get or have this model, go easy and slow. It's an easy fixed if they come off or bend...but sheesh. My hands and eyes ain't what they used to be. Radial engine parts were first primed black and then I used flat aluminum on my stippling/dry brush so as to leave as much shadow in the recesses.
  8. So I'm on here all the time admiring everyone else's work, insight, and good nature and humor, but never really contribute. So as I delve back into this hobby addiction, which is greatly needed, I am making myself grow and delve deeper into this art. So I will put out updates on this build of Trumpeter's 1/32 Late F4F-3 and welcome feedback, critique, criticism, or experience...jokes too. My head is thick, my hide is thicker and I like the camaraderie on this site. I'm newer and want to jump in...so thanks. I have also started a new topic asking for insight to lap belts prior to Midway/ea
  9. Help me finish the office...all OOB and on to scratch building. Insight and critique welcome. My hide is thick like my head. Thanks
  10. Good day! In the middle of Trumpeter's 1/32 Late F4F-3 build. I am scratch building lap belts, forgoing the harness belts as they came later and would like the lap belt look, and am having a devil of a time finding any pics or diagrams. The closest I have found is from another modeling site and I put the pic here (it's not theirs and is out there in the public domain). This is a great pic, but I cannot figure out the belt latching mechanism. Any help? Sincerely, Another Over-Anal Modeller But Non-Rivet Counter
  11. Good day modelling mates! Not 100% sure and would love some input. Did the late F4F-3 have shoulder harness or only lap seat belts? I'm building the Trumpeter 1/32 F4F-3 Late version. I'll work on getting a thread going with pics for I am always searching this site, but should also contribute so that I can get some good feedback/criticism as I get back into this hobby. Thanks all!! KJ
  12. Nice job Arnaud. This one is definitely on my list.
  13. Looks good! Like the warn look on the rubber. Even if not seen it adds a bit of authenticity that you know is there. Cheers, KJ
  14. Here is a link...it is easy to find in the USA and in art stores. Go to the girly jewelry making section and you'll find it...lol...man up and be proud of your hobby! LOL. Aamzon is the easiest. Ranger Embossing Powder, .56 Ounce Jar, Super Fine Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J39I2F4/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_rxbxAbC618F03
  15. Maybe on the anti-skid self-made delima...black emobssing powder and then light coats of base color via airbrush until it's slightly darker...hmmm
  16. This is the 3rd time I've seen someone use embossing powder for anti-skid and it looks good!! I've wondered how to get the anti-skid to be the darker color I've seen in pics as compared to the base color on the armor. Not a large difference, but enough for the OCD anal. Any ideas or just let it go. Lloyd and Arnaud, anyone else, have any ideas or have done so?
  17. We call Chromatic Filter by "dot filter", but I like Chromatic Filter more. I will do my best to have the Americans adopt this terminology. Great model and work!!!
  18. Great, great model. I've had my eye on the Takom product for awhile now and reading this thread about sums it up for me. Great work BlackMax! I have IDF models ready to go...along with too many others as well. Takom came out with theirs after I had my Merkava collection set, but I may sell the Tamiya Mk I and get this one instead. LOL...It's going to be 75 deg F (24 C) today, so let me know where to ship you some unfrozen dirt. Great work mate!!!!
  19. Abteilung...Thanks! AAF...lol...that's funny. Cheers!
  20. About what I figured...thanks for the information guys! Like I stated, Dragon basically kit bashed their own kits and threw in a European Theater crew. Great pics and info!!! Arm Air Force, pretty cool your friend actually owns one. The thing I learned most from you is that there is a Washington in the UK. Was not aware of that due to the history and all. Now I have to go look that up. Cheers guys! I'll try to get some pics up of the build
  21. Hey Guys, Anyone know of M4A4's being used in Europe by the USA? I know they were used as Fireflys by the Brits and the Chinese used them late in the war and I believe we used them in SE Asia. I am finalizing a CyberHobby (Dragon) M4A4 Sherman Orange box. They included a late European Theater American tank crew, but I don't think this fits. For those of you familiar with the Orange box series, they are mixed and matched Dragon kits. The instructions are challenging (just pay attention to reference photos and look ahead through the instructions to see if something needs to be p
  22. Nice work! Is your client just for models or some other line of work where you are gracing them with your handiwork?
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    Mike, quick question, and I'm sure I am just missing it, but how doea one add pics to these posts?
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