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  1. Lovely model. I guess the original must have been aerodynamically sound, or at least OK-ish, but this (and the Caproni) look, to me, like the sort of thing that only someone heroically brave or utterly moonstruck would consider flying.
  2. I can't see any manufacturer anywhere making a kit for that one. Did it ever fly?
  3. For bulk operations. Select the Organize option. You can then drag images into a batch, select the Edit/Delete option. Confirm deletion. Twice! To delete all files. Click the Select All option above the thumbnail image roll. All images are highlighted with a red border. Drag one of the images into the batch area. Popup telling you all images selected, displaying 48 (or whatever) of n (n is total). Select Edit/Delete as above. The drag for all selected can be bit flaky. You may need to try a couple or three times.
  4. Whereas I wiped my uploaded images and video clips (600+ altogether) and deleted my account. Need to find an alternative (non-Google/Facebook) now. Hey ho it was nice while it lasted.
  5. Hi there Rui, The one I have my eye on is the "standard" size 50" ( 1.25m give or take) span rather than any of the larger variations that are out there. Details here: https://www.vintagemodelcompany.com/kk-minimoa.html VMC also have a 100" (2.5m) kit of their own devising : https://www.vintagemodelcompany.com/v1-s-minimoa-100.html Apologies to Paul J for the thread hijack.
  6. Ahh. Minimoa1. One of my favourite airfames. Nice. It's been really nice to see your glider models as the breed seems woefully under-represented in "Airfix" world certainly when compared to "Stick and Tissue" world. 1 - Stick and tissue types might be interested to know that VMC sell a laser cut version2 of the old KK Minimoa kit which is a bit of a classic as these things go. 2 - Yes. It is on my χmas list.
  7. I've known of the Flivver for a long time, courtesy of Capt. W.E. Johns & Biggles, but I'd never seen a picture, or model of one, so thanks very much for completing my education. BTW the ANT-25 is a cracker.
  8. There's also the odd (very odd, according to the Missus) stick and tissue Free Flighter lurking as well. Nice build and a rattling good write up too.
  9. Good for them. I'm expect you know about the schemes listed below already, but if there are any kids that would like single colour schemes that were used in real life then may I suggest the following? I remember being very disappointed with many almost all of my attempts at camouflage schemes when I was about that age. - King's Cup Racer 1950(?) MK IIc PZ865 - Blue overall. Gold serials. - Radar dev/test unit target aircraft - Red (ish) overall. 527 Calibration Squadron, Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire 1943. Probably end of life MK Is, but don't know for certain. - LF363 (MKIIc stripped of cannon) 1946 to mid 1950s - Silver overall. Was AVM Sir Stanley Vincent's personal machine for a while. And if you can get your hands on any of the A02067 MKI kits that may be left floating around they can always do an approximation to K5083 - silver overall. And then there's always the all black nightfighter / intruder scheme.
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