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  1. Wow. My dad made this for me when I was a kid in the 80s, I'd love to have a go at it but it appears to be a very rare kit these days Great job so far! Watching with interest.
  2. Apparently Tamiya's rattle can TS-7 Racing White is the way to go.... as suggested in the Japanese version of the instructions that are in the box!
  3. Just starting the Tamiya Mini 1275s and want to do it in Old English White. Unfortunately I can't find any info on a paint for this colour, I'm thinking mix a little yellow in with some plain white? Any tips greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  4. A less expensive alternative to EZ Line is Knitting In Elastic, couple of quid off ebay for loads of it. It's clear so you need to paint it, but it works a treat!
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