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  1. Fuselage being glued together: Some filler needed for the headrest: Cockpit shots: Some sink marks were in main landing gear legs. Putty to the rescue! Messed up on the oil coolers. More filling to be done: Wheel well shots. Some areas need touching up with paint. Superglued some copper wire for ignition leads: The wires have been cut to size & shape:
  2. I have read the instructions & looked at the parts of the landing gear doors. There doesn't seem to be a way to build it gear up OOB without modifying the parts (at least for the tail gear doors). Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Excellent build of my favourite WW2 aircraft (probably my all time favourite)!
  4. Now visible. Swapped from photobucket to imgur
  5. Hi everyone! I'm currently building a 1/72 Corsair by Tamiya & applying all paint with the hairy stick. Will be doing my -1D in the tri colour scheme like above. Tailplanes joined onto both halves Interior painted interior green (Vallejo 'Flat Yellow' & 'Flat Green' in a 2:1 ratio) & sidewall detail painted black. Seat & rear bulkhead painted Rudder pedals have been drybrushed with aluminium paint to simulate chipping. Cockpit side & instrument panels have been glued togethe
  6. I'm asking for model color, not model air.
  7. I have a Tamiya 1/72 F4U-1d & I need to convert the colours from Tamiya to Vallejo Model Color. Here are the paints listed in the instructions: AS-8 X-3 X-4 X-5 X-6 X-7 X-10 X-11 X-18 XF-1 XF-3 XF-5 XF-16 XF-19 XF-58 What colours do these correspond to in Vallejo Model Colour paints? Which paints re neccesary & which arent?
  8. Man, I'm really stuck between chosing these two kits for one of my next builds. I would like to build the AMK Kfir (cause I'm a huge Mirage fan), but I'm not so sure as to whether it's a good choice because I'm a beginner & haven't completed the kit I'm currently working on. OTOH, the Academy F-4J is more beginner friendly, but also costs more (22 AUD for the AMK vs 32 AUD (sale price) for the Academy). I also would be building an Eduard MK.VIII Spitfire for christmas & it should mean that I wouldn't really need to buy much paint for it if I select the Kfir (due to similar camo schemes
  9. AFAIK, the difference is that the polyurethane varnish is more durable & dries quicker. But can the polyurethane varnish be thinned with water or acrylic thinners? Does it yellow or brush well?
  10. Any hobby stored within my access don't carry Xtracrylix varnish or paint.
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