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  1. You paintjob comes out pretty fine especially I’m a fan of black basing. You could try to work with a more blueish grey tone instead of beige? Anyhow I think Vallejo concrete does a pretty good looking job for details. Like in Andy’s TIE Striker.
  2. Thanks for your kind words @AndyRM101, it’s a honor to get them from you. Because your works inspired me a lot. @BrotherMole Thanks for your compliments, I agree with you that the PE parts gives the cockpit the special flavour. Unfortunately you are right, you can't see that much into the cockpit after it’s completed. But it was pure fun to build it. You can buy the parts from Greenstrawberry. They are very cool guys with a great support. I wrote a review about the parts here: http://www.theguardant.com/review-greenstrawberry-tie-advanced-x1-detail-set/ To answer your question: You don’t have to prime your metal parts if you are using a primer. Especially small parts like hooks or something that kind of. But I like to be secure and give the parts first a coat of Mr. Metal Primer. @Hunter Rose Thanks to you. Will update it soon!
  3. Finally I’ve managed to find some time on the last weekend to proceed with my build. In general I’ve painted, weathered and finished the cockpit. At first I figured out what colors I want to use and decided to give it a more dark grey tone with details in medium grey and black. The cockpit was painted with Tamiya XF-24 with a ratio of 70% Tamiya lacquer thinner. The black primer should still be visible and works as some sort of pre shading. Details where painted with Citadel Abanddon Black and Mechanicus Standard Grey. And sealed with two thin coats of Tamiya X-22 Clear. At least a wash with Citadel Nuln Oil helped to bring every detail to life and enriched to overall look. Finally I used Vallejo Matt Varnish. I hope you like the result. Next thing is to give the outer hull a well primed surface. Cheers!
  4. Thanks Keith I will proceed with my build soon.
  5. Hello there! had the time on sunday to proceed with my build and primed the cockpit. My primer of choice is Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 in black. The finish is smooth and the adhesion is perfect. Will try to proceed within the next days. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching!
  6. Exactly @Madmonk this kit is a lovely little one. I also got the Greenstrawberry parts. They’re awesome. So, my process so far. I’ve starte with the cockpit and used the Greenstrawberry parts to give it more detail. Especially the seat profits from the detail set. As you can see there is a new backset and the flight instruments are fully rebuild. I like the result. Just in case you wonder about the small drilling hole, it’s for my the internal lighting. Next step is priming the parts with Mr. Metal Primer Cheers!
  7. Wow, what a beautiful paint job. You build inspire me everytime I see them.
  8. Hello there and welcome to my little build log. Last week I received this small but beauty Bandai model kit of Darth Vader’s personal TIE Advanced x1. At first, let’s have a look into the box. The boxart is as usual a stunner. I like this very classic yet elegant style of the box. The typographic mix of japanese and the serif font make it pretty interesting. Yay! This looks great, several sprues well packed. I’m pretty sure this will be fun. Sprue A1 Mainly parts for the outer hull like the cockpit and the rear wings. Sprue A2 Parts for the cockpit, canopy, and machine. Sprue B The wings in so called “multicolor molded” technique. Bandai invented it to create parts with up to four different colors in one single sprue. Also there are some transparent parts of the canopy and window. Sprue C Vader himself in .72 scale. Good details and it’s cool that Bandai provides us with a seated and a standing dark lord of the sith. Sprue SWB2 The base with a deathstar looking surface. Compared to the newer kits, this surface looks a little bit simple. Sprue SWE1 To laser beams in a neon transparent look. Coold idea if you want to simulate a TIE fighter in full action. Decals Bandai provides us with two different kinds of decals. Classis water applied ones with pretty good details and for beginner there a stickers. I like the idea to satisfy both type of modellers. Skilled ones and those who are start building their first kits. Instructions Last but not least – the instruction. They’re completely in japanes but don’t worry the illustrations are pretty exactly so no words needed at all. It seems that Bandai remarked that the kits are more and more sold in Europe and the States so newer kits are in english and japanese. All in all everything looks great to me. Very fine molded parts, a well structured instructions booklet and a pair of very nice Darth Vader figures. Just to let you know: I ordered this kit through Tokyo Model Detective. It was the first time I ordered a kit over there. Darren is a very nice guy and provides a good service but as Andy already told in his TIE Striker build log (beautifully build by the way) you get two invoices. The first is about the model kit itself and a second one for the shipping costs. I have do pay approx. 13 Euro for the kit and 16 for shipping. I didn’t expect that shipping will cost that much. But to be honest, the delivery time was super fast. It took 8 days from order to delivery. Usual I buy the kits via amazon and it takes up to three weeks but in overall it is much cheaper. So I you want to receive you kit very fast and money is not that important for you I recommend you TMD otherwise if you are more patient you better go with amazon. I’m already building this little beauty and provide you with new pictures this weekend. May the force be with you!
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