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  1. Scotttomo

    Vallejo Model Air Metallics

    I'm having issues with vallejo model colour metallics. I'm using the vallejo thinning solution but having problems after a couple of minutes spraying. Anyone have any ideas other than me buying the model air metallics? Thanks in advance, Scott
  2. Scotttomo

    You guys should check out No Mans Sky

    Well. Fly. Mine. Log plants and creatures. Rinse repeat. Meh.
  3. Scotttomo

    My first Gundam!

    Love this kit. Hope you're enjoying the build. Also love how much knowledge some of you guys have about the Gundam series, awesome. Scott Edit: I've just realised this thread is a little old now. How did the OP get on with the build?
  4. Scotttomo

    Well hello

    Cheers Mike. I'm normally quite good with the grammar, although my phone decided to test me with its auto correct nonsense. Need to invest in a new laptop or commandeer the ipad from the missus ha ha.
  5. Scotttomo

    Well hello

    Evening everyone, my name's Scott, I'm a 34 yo security installation engineer from the Wirral. I've been interested in modelling since I was a young boy, making the odd airfix plane or helicopter mostly with my old man. I often visited a friends house and we would build the odd vinyl kit of which the T1000 from Terminator 2 sticks firmly in my mind. I also have fond memories of building the Halycon APC from the aliens movie. This all stopped when I discovered girls and beer though and I'd not built any models until a few years ago when I discovered gundam/gunpla. Although now with a missus, a house and two kids to contend with, the other half is quite tolerant of the time it takes for me to build stuff. So I'm on here to learn from fellow modellers, pick up the odd trick or two and maybe make some Internet friends along the way. Thanks for reading my babble. Scott