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  1. Further to my recent request ref. interior colours etc., I typed into Google search "Neptune MR1 of 210 Sqn." and a colour side view of a grey example was there! It showed that the underwing serial numbers were white, so that's answered my second question. This does lead on to yet another question though - what shade of grey? is the rear fuselage?
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for your prompt replies to my questions, and thank you James for your computer tutorial - me being a learner "silver surfer"! I have in stock the required interior colours, so once this Saturday's (local) IPMS Abingdon model show is done and dusted, the airbrush will be in use. I will attempt at some stage to post some photos in WIP, but don't hold your breath! Once again, many thanks, Mike.
  3. I am currently converting the Hasegawa/Frog/Revell Neptune to a long nose with MAD boom MR1 example, using the Blackbird Models offering. Two questions: 1. What colour were the cockpit, wheel wells and engine nacelle interiors? 2. I would like to model the Dark Sea Grey finish, but what colour/ size were the underwing serial numbers? The Wayne Mutza publication doesn't cover these questions.
  4. Thanks again Scimitar - even with my luddite computer knowledge I viewed 71Challey's build - a font of information!
  5. Thanks Scimitar and 71Chally for your input ref. my request. Just need to sort out the wingstripes location now.
  6. I've recently ordered the Alley Cat conversion set for use with the Airfix kit. Two questions: 1. any pitfalls/hints/tips? 2. I intend to model the MOTU example VP259/Q with black/white stripes. The Richard Franks publication only shows a side view. The only information I have on the mainplane stripe position is Xtradecal 72237, but that is for an MR2. Is there a website I can visit showing said stripe position?
  7. Having just ordered the BPK Boeing T-43A, and read the reviews on Hyperscale and Britmodeller, I'm after the Draw Decal sheet 72-737-100. The only online outlet I can find is Draw Decals themselves, but at a special order price of US$45! Does anyone know of a cheaper outlet?
  8. Having just ordered the BPK Boeing T-43A kit, and taking note of the reviews on both
  9. Thanks to all those who replied to my query. It would appear that the dark green/dark earth 615 Sqn example is an urban myth. A point to consider - what info. did the late Mike Keep use to create his SAM line drawings?
  10. mike ingham

    Meteor F8

    A past issue of SAM (Mike Keep drawings) included 615 Sqn Meteor F8 WK810/E in Dark Green/Dark Earth camouflage. Model Art sheet no. 72/020 also featured this aircraft in the same scheme. Does anyone have documentary/photographic proof to confirm this?
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